Elegant Outdoor Christmas Decor

There are so many ways to decorate outside for the holidays.  Let me show you how to create elegant outdoor Christmas Decor.  With a little planning you will have a beautifully decorated home.  Creating a warm welcome for your holiday visitors.  

Theme and Color

I do try to get my outside decor to coordinate with my interior decorating but it doesn’t have to be an exact match.  This year my color scheme inside was whites and gold.  I wanted to carry that to the outside.  Creating a winter wonderland experience on the outside of my home while living in the Arizona desert.  You can check out the winter wonderland theme of my Christmas tree here.

When we first moved to Arizona the last thing I wanted was a winter theme but we’ve been here awhile so I am ready to try and create winter magic when there is no winter outside.

Do not be afraid to paint decor if you want something different.  You can always keep pieces you’ve used in the past or donate them but I like to repurpose if possible.  This usually means spray painting large balls or bells.  Changing out ribbons to coordinate.  Doing things that are quick, inexpensive and easy.

Assessing What You’ve Got

Before you begin take a minute to asses what you have and think about what you may need to purchase.  I am always surprised when I pull out stored decorations.  There are always pieces I’ve forgotten about.  Sometimes I realize it’s a piece I no long need or want so I donate it or I don’t think it will work with this years theme so it goes back to storage.  I only do this with decor that I really love.  There are times it needs just a little updating with paint or ribbon.  

After I check out what I have I decide if there is anything I am missing.  Pulling everything out also gives me additional ideas.  Sometimes indoor decor gets moved to the outside decorating if I am going a slightly different way.  One of my favorite things about the holidays is being creative and coming up with something new without having to purchase new decor.  

Create Vignettes

I love creating vignettes.  My home has a small courtyard so that is what gets decorated for the holidays.  We add white lights along the roof line then I get busy creating beautiful vignettes.  I have three in the courtyard this year.  

The first one in the entryway.  Here I hang flocked garland, balls and lots of lights.  Because I am wanting a winter wonderland theme, I have painted all the big balls white with added sparkles.  We also flocked the garland which was a super fun and inexpensive. You can get the SnoFlock here.  (affiliate link)

Christmas Decor

The big balls are the perfect size for the area.  I found these sparkling lighted balls at Costco. They created a beautiful sparkling entry.

outdoor decor

The Second Vignette

The second vignette has a bistro table, two chairs and an old door.  This is such a fun area to decorate.  I have a large lantern that opens and is a perfect way to change up the decorations.  Adding snow covered balls adds elegance and sticks with the theme.  There are so many options for the table, a snowman, sled or my choice this year a pair of ice skates that I found at Goodwill. 

outdoor holiday decor

Because the old door stays in our courtyard I love adding wreaths and other decor for the seasons.  This year I added a wreath that I made then added additional white balls that represent snowballs.

home decorating

The Third and Final Vignette

We had a blank wall that I added an old window pane to and love to decorate.  It is close to the front door. They work together and create a beautiful vignette.  This year with the window pane I decided to add gold bells in a variety of shapes and sizes.  The bells were used on my Christmas tree on other years.  This year I wanted to create a bell wall.  The old window frame was the perfect vessel for the bells.  I love the variety of shapes, styles and sizes.  They are all the same color so they work together.  I also love the bells here. (affiliate link)

outdoor decor

At the base of the window pane I have a wooden box filled with flocked garland, white balls and a white sled.  Paying homage to the song sleigh bells ring.   

seasonal decorating

To complete the look I added a beautiful holiday wreath to the front door.  It is a great size for the door. I love the size and the flocking.  Bringing the winter wonderland theme together.  

seasonal decorating, winter wreath

outdoor decor

Elegant Outdoor Christmas Decor

The overall look of my outdoor decor is so pretty and elegant.  A space I will enjoy for the next several weeks.  Beautiful lights and lots of winter wonderland vibes. 

holiday decor, outdoor decor, seasonal decorating 

I love having the beautiful lights in the courtyard.  It makes my home feel so warm and welcoming.  I’m always sad when the time goes so fast.  Before I know it, it is time to take it all down.  I am going to enjoy will the holiday lasts.

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