Hot Chocolate Tiered Tray Ideas

Let’s create a hot chocolate tiered tray idea you will love.  Creating a fun holiday island tray is such a great addition to your holiday decorating.  I like to keep my home decorating more elegant but I do like to add some fun and I do that with my island tiered tray.  Creating an amazing hot chocolate inspired tiered tray.  

Finding the Tray

Because I wanted to create a winter theme with my hot chocolate tiered tray I decided to use a three tiered galvanized tray.  Reminding me of winter and sledding.  You can get the three tiered galvanized tray here.  (affiliate link)

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There are so many tray options. You could create a hot chocolate large flat tray or use a white wood tray.  Take a minute to think about what you’ve got and how you want it to look.  Because I wanted a winter theme I was really excited to create an amazing display with my galvanized three tiered tray. 

Coming soon, a hot chocolate charcuterie using a flat tray and a white sled perfect for the holiday theme.  That will be coming soon. 

Santa Mugs and Pitcher

One of my favorite Christmas decorations is a ceramic Santa pitcher with five Santa mugs.  These are family treasures that my grandmother painted 40 years ago.  They are loosing a lot of their paint but I still love them with their chippy paint.  The start of my hot chocolate tiered tray.  

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Their faces are so cute.  I love their eyelashes and beards and cute button noses.  My children always loved having hot chocolate out of the Santa mugs and pitcher.  The tradition is now being passed down to our grandchildren.  I hope these cute mugs show up at Christmas for many more years.

New Santas For the Hot Chocolate Tiered Tray

Over time I have found additional pieces to make my display more complete. 

To get a fun filled tray I have collected more cute Santa mugs.  Two of them are smaller than my set but I thought they’d be fun for the grandbabies.  I’ve also found some cute ones that are in the same color family, with cute expressions and unique shapes.  This makes the display a fun interactive piece.  Something filled with intrigue and excitement.  

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Santa mugs are all over the stores during the holidays.  I absolutely love this Santa mug.  (affiliate link) Those cute glasses are what make it so adorable. 

So when you find one you love grab it.  There is always room on your tiered tray for another cute mug. 

A fun Hot Cocoa sign, a candy stripped canister, additional Santa mugs and a milk for Santa jug.  These are pieces I pull out every year to create my hot chocolate tiered tray.

I purchase peppermint candy and white chocolate with peppermint to tie into the theme of my Hot Chocolate tray.  I love these peppermint sticks.  (affiliate link). They’re a little softer then traditional candy canes so they dissolve in the cup of hot chocolate creating a delicious combination.  

Another fun addition is chocolate spoons.  Creating a fun and yummy cup of hot chocolate plus they are really cute in the display.  Chocolate stirring spoons are also a fun addition.  You can find them in speciality and big box stores. 

These ones are really cute and yummy.  (affiliate link)

Putting the Hot Chocolate Tiered Tray Together

Having a few key pieces to make the display come together is important. I like to have wood risers or coasters to raise pieces for more esthetics.  Because my tray has sides if I don’t raise the Santa mugs you will only see the eyes of the cute cups.

Having pieces that are a variety of heights makes the decorating easier.  You can try things out and be able to have a variety of heights to make things more pleasing to the eye.  

Apothecary Jars for Fun Treats

One of my favorite decor pieces is my hot chocolate tiered tray is these adorable apothecary jars.  They can be found in my shop and make beautiful display pieces.  They are so pretty and versatile.  Not only are they perfect for your holiday decorating they are great decor pieces all through the year.  

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You can get your apothecary jars in my shop Decor to the Door.   They can be filled with hot chocolate, peppermint pieces, mini marshmellows.  The options are endless with these adorable jars.  

Candy and Treats to Make it Complete

To add height and dimension to your display fill it up with fun treats.  Be sure to find candy and treats that fit the theme of your display.  Having the right colors and flavors makes your display cohesive.  

When I’m out shopping and I come across something that will work I make sure to grab it.  Things sell out so quickly this time of year.  Peppermint sticks come in so many sizes.  I love the small ones for the Santa mugs but we also enjoy the bigger peppermint candy poles for my hot chocolate charcuterie board that will coming soon.  This display is just that a display that is fun to have.  But I also love to create a charcuterie hot chocolate board so my grandbabies can enjoy a fun night of hot chocolate and treats.

This year I stuck with a white and peppermint red theme.  Everything I purchased worked with this two colors including the light pink peppermint mini marshmellows.  

White Balls for Filler

I have used pine stems for filler between the mugs before but I wanted to stick with a white and red theme so I used white balls instead.  They are a great filler and fit the theme creating a cute wintery scene.  

I have a variety of white balls, rattan balls and white bell pods.  I grouped some, stacked others and placed a few individual white balls.  

A great way to fill space and make your tray look complete.  You wont need to go out and purchase everything new.  Shop your home, you’ll be surprised by what you find.  I knew I wanted something different that pine picks and pine cones.  I did a little looking and found the perfect white balls to finish the tray.

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This is such a fun time of year.  One of my favorite places to decorate besides my island is my mantle.  You can see what holiday goodness I created on my mantle this year Here, a more elegant and simple look but one that anyone can create.

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