Meet Sherylee

How I went from overwhelm and chaos and created more calm and peace in my home and life.  

I used to struggle just like you ...

I was tired and overwhelmed feeling more chaos than peace. Not realizing I was in charge of my life by being in control of my thoughts that were creating my feelings and results I was getting.   

I was tired of being tired.  I was frustrated that I was frustrated.  I desired and wanted something different.  A change for the better.  Something I could make happen. 









I found coaching and realized creating systems wasn’t as hard as I thought.  

It wasn’t the big things that brought change it was small steps adding up over time.

Here is the secret to cultivating home and life.  

The magic happens in the middle.  Perfection isn’t possible, it is mentally and physically exhausting. 

Aim for the middle and move from chaos to calm. 

You can achieve great things when you have a desire, create systems and have a mind firmly aligned. 

There is no need to do it all at once.  Small steps and changes bring big results. 

Cultivating home has become my superpower

A cultivated home and life bring calm and peace.  I love to share what I have learned after many years of cultivating a home with my husband, our four sons, DILs, grandbabies, family, and friends. 

Cultivating home has become my superpower, a gift, plus a lot of trial and error.  I’ve spent many years learning to manage my mind, taking responsibility for the results in my life.  Creating a life, that I dreamed about.   

Whether you like DIY, design, decor or organization I want to help you cultivate the best home for you.  One space and step at a time.  Did you know that the small steps bring big changes. If you want to make small easy to maintain efforts that result in big changes let’s do it.  


Are you ready to achieve the same results?

I am passionate about cultivating home and life.  You don’t need anyone else to be on board to get results.  

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