Modern Holiday Mantel Decorating Ideas

A mantel is one of the most beautiful spaces to decorate for the holidays.  Whether is it small or large it becomes a beautiful focal point to create something special.  Here are some modern holiday mantel decorating ideas to get the look and feel of the space you love, creating a beautiful statement in your home.  

Start with a Clean Slate

To get the look you are after you will want to start with a clean slate.  Modern decorating is more minimalistic, simple and clean.

You will want to remove everything from your mantel. Store any decor you wont be using in plastic storage bins, so things stay clean and nice until you want to use them at a later date.

It’s also a great time to wipe off the mantel.  If you’re anything like me it can get pretty dusty behind or around decor pieces.  

Have a Look in Mind

To get the desired modern look you will want to start with a plan.  Even though you are keeping it simple you still need to have an idea about what you want to create.  My mantel is very large with a TV above.  It also has dimension so I do have beginning and ending points if I didn’t want to go the full length. 

Do I want to run the garland along the top of the mantel or along the face? To achieve the modern holiday mantel I am dreaming of I want to run my garland along the face of the mantel this year.  Going the full length of the mantel and dropping down one end.


For the modern mantel I need to find a way to hang the garland on the face.  Thankfully there are command hooks.  These little gems make decorating so much easier.  You no longer need to hammer nails into wood to get things to stay. Or using tap and wire trying to get things hang properly. Command hooks come in a variety of styles and sizes depending on the project you are doing. 

Command Hooks

I really liked these command hooks for hanging the garland.  Affiliate Link Here.  The hooks are the right size.  The only problem was the strips weren’t quite heavy duty enough.  So I added stronger strips to the hooks and was so happy with the results.  Get the larger strips here.  My garland is 6′ each and I used 3-4 hooks per 6′ length.  

Have a variety on hand because you never know what you are going to need at the time.

Garland and Command Strips

Modern Garland

Beautiful garland makes the decorating so fun.  For the modern holiday mantel lets keep it simple and clean.  Not layering a variety of styles and pieces.  Letting the simplistic beauty of the garland shine through.

I have overlapped it a little to make it look like one continual piece.   But I wont be adding layers and layers for a heavy look.  Remember we are creating a modern look, very clean and elegant.  

christmas Garland

Make sure you purchase more garland than just the length of your mantel.  You will want to overlap each individual piece so you can’t see a beginning or an end. 

My garland is no long available but here are a couple beautiful pieces that will give you a modern elegant mantle. 

Modern Garland 

modern garland

Check out the affiliate links here and here.  

Hanging Down on One End

I wanted one end of my garland to hang down the fireplace.  Giving an asymmetrical look.  Very elegant and modern.  I also wanted to add just a little decor with my garland.  Beautiful gold bells that will coordinate with my Christmas tree.  You can check out the theme and style of my Christmas tree here.  

Modern Garland

These vintage inspired gold bells add just a little color and holiday cheer to the modern mantle.  

Here are some beautiful bell options that would look amazing with your modern holiday mantle.

modern bellsholiday bells

These large ones are so pretty and would make your mantle a show stopper.  Grab them here with the affiliate link.

Candle and Candle Holder for the Mantle

To finish off my modern holiday mantel I added gorgeous black iron candlestick holders and black candles.  For a very clean, elegant and timeless addition.  

These ones are very similar to the ones I found.  


You can find them Here with the affiliate link.  

To get the modern classic design I decided on black candles.  These flameless ones that have a real wax finish are so pretty and add the perfect elegance I was after for my mantle.  You can use the affiliate link and get them here.  

Shop Amazon

Christmas Mantle

Because we have 10 foot ceilings adding tall candlesticks and candles was a great addition.  It adds the right amount of height to the elegant modern design.  


A Final Look 

The end results for this simple to achieve elegant modern mantle are exactly what I was after.  It is one of the easiest mantles I’ve ever created.  It didn’t take long once I used the larger command strips so it would hold. 

Modern Garland

Because it is a clean modern look it is a mantel I will enjoy for several weeks without getting tired or feeling like it’s looking too cluttered.  

Modern Garland

To see this years Christmas tree check out the blog post Here.  

Beautiful TV Artwork

We don’t have one of those fancy tv’s which comes with artwork screen savers but I recently found out that you can get artwork from youtube.  Why didn’t I know this earlier.  Go to youtube on your tv and search for vintage artwork.  There are so many options.  I found this perfect for the season winter scene.  Making my mantel look even more amazing.  

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