Laundry Room Organization and Shelf

When I made the decision to update our laundry room I was wanting to make and create a pretty space. A space that is organized, functional and beautiful. At the moment the cupboards were a bit of a mess. I had plenty of room to store products but I wasn’t using it very wisely. They are tall and I can’t reach the top shelf. I tried throwing the mop cloth up and missed. That’s why it ended up hanging down until I got around to getting a stool and fixing it.

Laundry room Organization

Monte and I … well mostly Monte got the shiplap installed on a Saturday. I had and idea about the shelf and decor I wanted. It’s always a little tricky when I have an idea in my head because getting it out can be difficult. Mostly because I am trying to be practical and budget conscious and I struggle explaining myself.

Building the Shelf

When we were at Home Depot I walked around to see what the shelf options were. My cupboards are an espresso (ish) color and the shiplap is white. I knew I wanted to add a sturdy wood shelf that had size and substance. I wanted to use Finishing Wax in brown for a beautiful finish enhancing the look of the wood.

laundry room shelf

This beautiful pine board I found is so pretty and would work perfectly. I like how thick the board is and the width would be exactly what I wanted above the washer and dryer. Monte began the task of digging through the wood trying to find one that was dry, straight and most importantly pretty.

laundry room shelf

He pulled out this one with a pretty knot. I was about to ask if the knot would fall out when the knot fell out. We decided it would glue back in place and look stunning with the wood wax. I put the knot in my purse and we headed to check out.

laundry room shelf

When we got home we used wood glue to reattach the knot then Monte clamped it in place. When I saw this I burst out laughing. It was a little excessive but did the job. We left it to dry overnight.

Sanding and Waxing

The next morning I pulled out my mouse sander and gave all four sides a good sanding. It took a little time but it sanded beautifully.

laundry room shelf

It looks so pretty. I love all the pretty imperfections that wood has to offer.

laundry room shelf

Here’s another look at the pretty knot after it was glued and sanded. It is going to wax beautifully.

annie sloan wax laundry shelf

This finishing wax is so amazing. I previously used the Annie Sloan wax but the store where I would purchase it is now selling this finishing wax. It works just as well as Annie Sloan. I wouldn’t be afraid of using either product. I love the look and feel it gives to raw wood. Using this stiff brush and blue shop clothes work best for me. I work in sections. Applying the wax then wiping off.

annie sloan wax laundry shelf
annie sloan wax laundry shelf

The finishing wax really highlights all the natural beauty in the wood. I have never used the dark wax on a piece of wood that didn’t look amazing after it was done.

Finished and looking good

laundry room shelf

It ended up looking so pretty. The wax always looks so rich and beautiful. The knot looks even better with the wax then it did raw.

laundry room shelf


To hang the shelf I wanted to use industrial pipe. I have used industrial pipe in a couple places in our home. Adding the touch of industrial is something I like. It adds such a pretty element to the space. We purchased the pipe, brackets and end caps at Home Depot.

They had precut sizes that worked perfectly. The thing about pipe work is they are greasy. To get the grease off we use lacquer thinner. I put on some latex gloves and used blue shop clothes to wipe all the pipe hardware off.

hanging the laundry room shelf

Hanging the Shelf

We held the shelf up so I could decide on the best height. Then Monte got busy leveling and figuring.

To hang the shelf Monte installed the plates to wall. The trick was getting them perfectly level so the shelf sits level.

hanging a laundry room shelf
hanging the laundry room shelf

I decided to use three plates and pipes for the shelf. We hung the first one in the center then spaced out the other two evenly which happened to be where the studs were running.

After the plates were hung we twisted in the pipe then end cap. A pretty quick and easy way to hang a fairly heavy shelf.

laundry room shelf

I love the shelf and the way it turned out. It was a quick inexpensive way to add so much beauty to the space. Now the fun part. Adding some cute functional decor that will make the space look perfect.

The purpose of the shelf was strictly looks. I didn’t want to fill it with laundry products unless they were in beautiful jars. I took some time to organize the cabinets so they were more functional and pretty as well.

The shelf wasn’t too expensive. The wood was only $16. Pipe can be a little more expensive. It cost $50 for the 3 pipes, caps and plates.


I had a few ideas for decor the trick was now finding what I pictured. The finding isn’t always hard but finding for the right price can be a little tricky.

laundry room shelf and decor

I already had a cute glass container that I stored oxiclean in that looked perfect. Previously I had purchased dryer balls but hadn’t used them yet. I wanted to get another cute glass container for them. Luckily I found the perfect one at At Home. I wanted a plant and a couple cute laundry signs to finish the room. I picked up a cute plant and container at TJ Maxx then found the signs at Rod Works.

laundry room shelf
laundry room shelf

Before the makeover my laundry room served its purpose but was so uninspiring. I’m so glad I decided to give it a little make over. Now when I walk into the space it makes me so happy. I love projects that are quick, inexpensive but really create something beautiful.

laundry room organization
laundry room shelf organization

The final piece to the laundry room puzzle was getting the cupboards organized and stocked up with items I use.

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