5 Easy Ways to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Here are five easy ways to make a small bedroom look bigger.  These five steps are quick, easy and make a huge impact in your room.

Our guest bedroom is a nice size but I wanted to make it look and feel larger than it is.  

Step 1 High Contrast

Creating contrast with paint.  Adding light paint with dark adds depth giving the appearance of a larger space.  


We achieved this in our guest bedroom by painting the grid accent wall a darker color then the other 3 walls.  Not only does the grid add texture the two different paint colors add depth and intrigue to the room.  Adding the high contrast needed to make the room appear larger.  

Step 2 Paint the Trim and Walls the Same Color

The accent wall and and other three walls are different color but the trim was painted the same color as the wall paint.

This gives the room a monochromatic look which makes the space look larger.

paint a wall

The grid accent wall was trim was painted the same color as the wall.  This keeps it from breaking up the space.

The remaining three walls were painted the same color as the trim.  A seamless flow to the guest bedroom.  Paint is one of the easiest ways to create the look you are after. 

Step 3 Use Large Decor Items

If you fill a smaller room with tons of small decor pieces it will make the room feel smaller than it is.

I love the look of this beautiful piece from Amazon (affiliated link). Not only is it large but it would be very versatile.  You can grab this beauty Here


Find larger decor pieces that fill the space.  Having large items as decor fills the space beautifully and makes decorating easier.  You can use beautiful artwork or decor.  The options are endless giving you the flexibility to make and create a room you will love.  

Step 4 Declutter

The 4th step to make a small bedroom look bigger is too declutter.  This is the easiest way to make a room look larger.  Remember less is more.  Take some time and trash or donate unnecessary items.  This is something you can do in just a few minutes.

Walk into the room, look around and grab anything that isn’t necessary.  When guests come to stay having a room so full of stuff makes their stay less enjoyable because they don’t have anywhere to place their belongings.  Dressers with space for them to place their personal items, or closets with room to hang their clothing will make their stay feel more welcoming and warm.

Making and creating a charming space begins with decluttering.  I’m not going to lie, I love a clean organized space with minimal amounts of stuff.

Step 5 Wall Mount your Lamps

Wall mounting your lamps also makes the room feel larger and not cramped.  It also gives your guest more space for their books, reading glasses, wallets and water cups.

Here are a some of my favorite wall mount lamps from Amazon (affiliated link).  Check them out here, here and here.  

hanging lamps

Bonus Tips

There are a lot of additional ways you can make you guest bedroom appear larger but these are the ones I have incorporated in my guest bedroom.Here are a couple more options that you can use. 

Bonus Tip 1:  Adding an area rug to the room will help draw the eyes to the middle of the room.  Working as an anchor.  Having wall to wall carpet makes your furniture feel like it’s floating.  With an area rug you will anchor the pieces and create a more intentional space. 

Bonus Tip 2:  Adding mirrors will enlarge the room.  The variety of mirrors are endless.  You can find beautiful ornate mirrors or something more rustic and traditional.  It is always nice to add a mirror to a guest room especially if they are using a shared bathroom.  I love this grid mirror as a beautiful decor piece to add depth to your space.  You can find it on Amazon (affiliated link) 

Shop Amazon

Bonus Tip 3:  Use multi functional furniture.  This eliminates the need to fill up the room with stuff.  Something like a storage bench at the end of your bed.  Giving your storage plus seating.  Check out this beautiful storage bench from Amazon. (affiliated link)

Beautiful Decor at Decor to the Door

There are beautiful decor pieces at Decor to the Door that would look amazing in your guest bedroom.  Beautiful pieces that are neutral and would look amazing in so many spaces in your home.


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