How to Hang Curtains Properly

There is a right and wrong way to hang curtains.  Here is everything you need to know so you will hang your curtains properly. 

It isn’t like the ‘good old days’ where they barely covered the size of the window.  

Whether curtains are installed to function or are decorative they still need to be hung properly so they are appealing and add to the aesthetics of the room.  

How to Hang Curtains for Privacy

If you need privacy then you definitely want curtains that function and can cover the window.  It doesn’t matter if you need black out curtains so you can sleep in a dark room or more sheer curtains for privacy.  They can function and still look amazing.  That means hang them above and wider than the window.   

Privacy curtains still need to be hung wider and above the window they are covering.  Making them a beautiful statement piece in your home and functional.  Here is a great Do and Don’t post for hanging curtains.  

A key for functioning curtains is the rod and rings.  It is very frustrating to try and open and close your curtains and not be a smooth process.  Here are some gorgeous curtain rings that will slid easily across the rod for proficient opening and closing.  Back when we hung curtains the size of the window you could easily reach the rod for ease of opening and closing.  Now they should be almost to the ceiling so you need the smooth sliding curtain rings. 

Beautiful Curtain Rods 

Not only do you need to get the right size curtains but you also need to make sure the curtain rods are the appropriate size for the windows.  I love beautiful curtain rods.  Ones that are statement pieces but simple in design are what I am loving.  You can grab a few of my favorite here and here on Amazon.  

Make sure the rods extend well past the width of the window.  If you have a large window make sure the rod isn’t too narrow making it look too small for the window. 

Curtains for Style Only

The curtains I have in my home are decorative only.  I have shutters on the windows that require privacy but the rest of them are decorative.  I love the texture a beautiful curtain adds to your home.  I’ll be honest I’m not the best at textiles, I struggle putting it all together.  The idea of spending thousands on custom curtains scares me.  I want the look of something pretty but not the expense.  Nor do I want there to be layers and layers of fabric. 

Decorative curtains are a quick and easy way to update a space and add more details and texture.

I have found curtains at Ikea that I love.  The fabric is so nice and you can’t beat the price.  They are heavy enough to hang nicely and the design in the fabric makes them beautiful.  Check out the Ritva Ikea curtains here.  


This guest room has a small window that does require privacy and darkening for guests.  This window isn’t very large and is the only one in the room.  Adding the plantation shutter filled the privacy and darkness needs but the space was a little boring.  We added a single panel curtain for added aesthetics.  The window is not in the middle of the wall so adding two curtains would have looked funny.  But with one we were able to enlarge the look of the window and make the space look more complete and finished. The rod was hung a lot higher than the window.  This room has 10′ ceilings.  Taking the curtain right to the ceiling was a little much but almost to the ceiling was perfect. 

I also pulled the curtain all the way to the wall making the small window look wider.  Getting the rod to the wall was easy by removing the finial on the rod.  If I left the finial on the rod there would be a  4″ gap between the wall and curtain edge.  Leaving a funny little gap.    

Curtains for Large Windows

Our living / family room is an open space with two large windows.  The windows are under a patio so I didn’t need curtains to keep the sun out, nor for privacy.  But I wanted to update the look of the room so I was back at Ikea looking for my favorite curtains.  

window curtains

It took a while trying to figure out what would work for the space.  Treating the windows as two different units would make the windows feel smaller and not larger.  

I figured out an easy way to tie both windows together.  One continuous rod with a single panel in the middle.   I extended the outer curtains past the window and used the single panel in the middle to fin the space between the two windows.  Treating them as one unit instead of two windows that are close together. 


See how the rod is near the ceiling and the curtains are wider than the windows.  This room has a tray ceiling with crown molding on the ceiling and in the tray.  I didn’t want the curtain rod to take away from the beautiful crown so the rod was hung just below it.  Before we decided the exact height I had my husband hold up the rod so I could see what worked the best.  By hanging them above and wider than the windows they still look nice and large but just a little more exciting. Not distracting from the beautiful window trim.  

Curtains for the Main Bedroom

Our bedroom has a large beautiful window that lets in so much natural light.  I don’t mind the sun shining in early in the morning.  Once again we didn’t need privacy but I wanted to add design to the wall and window.

These Ritva Ikea curtains are perfect in every space in your home.  They are a beautiful weight.  They hang so nicely.  I’ve installed them in our main bedroom, guest bedroom and main living area.  These gorgeous curtains look amazing with the beautiful desk and bench I built.  Check out the fun DIY bench and desk here and here.  


Decor to the Door

To add to your beautiful home check out all the fun and unique decor pieces available at Decor to the Door.  You will love the style and on-point color of what is available.  Decor to the Door offers collections and individual pieces you will love in your home.  Check it out Here.  

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