Update a Half Bath with a New Vanity and Light

Update a Half Bath with a New Vanity and Light

Update a half bath with a new vanity and light. I’m excited to show you the changes we made in our half bath.  The small uninspiring space was lacking in charm.  It is now a space that I’m proud to have guests use.  

Updating the Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks have a purpose but we had space for something nicer.  Adding a vanity would improve the looks of the space and increase storage.  And who doesn’t need more storage.  

Functional but boring half bath

I wanted to make the space a little more elegant and modern. Updating the half bath with a new vanity and light was going to make a big difference.

I had a vision but finding what I want for the right price was a challenge.  It’s always a balancing act.  Finding the piece that would fit the space, look good, good quality and a great price.

Finding the Perfect Vanity

I did a lot of looking for our new vanity.  I found one at Lowe’s but I wanted to look at Home Depot and online before I made a final decision.  

They didn’t have the size I needed in store but I was able to see the larger one on display.  I was able to check the quality and see the counter top.  I wasn’t sure if 30″ was too large for the space.  Would it be too close to the toilet and feel tight.  I decided 24″ would look too small.  

Now I needed to decided if I was willing to pay what they were asking. It was a little more then I wanted to spend.  I needed to check the measurements again ad was pleasantly surprised to see it was $100 off.  The quality and style were exactly what I wanted and now the price worked too.   HERE is the new vanity I purchased from Lowes.  

I love the design and the counter top is stunning with the under mounted sink.

Out With the Old and In With the New

I am ready to create a more modern look in this half bath.    

I wonder why it takes me so long to make some changes.  DIY can get overwhelming if you try to do it all at one time.  This was a project that took awhile to get too. Everything was falling into place and I was ready to update the half bathroom with a new vanity and light.

Taking Out the Pedestal Sink

Removing the pedestal sink wasn’t too tricky.  Monte has done a lot of plumbing and knows what he is doing.  To undo the plumbing he placed an old towel behind the sink because you’re bound to get water out of the disconnected lines. 

Removing the pedestal sink

disconnecting the plumbing on the pedestal sink

The sink was screwed into the wall with two large screws then siliconed around the back and sides that attached to the wall.  It was also siliconed around the base on the floor.  Using a sharp utility knife he cut threw the silicone so he could pull it off the wall.  It took a little muscle but he was able to get it off.

Cutting the silicone on the pedestal sink

Because the new vanity will cover where the pedestal sink is I wasn’t too worried about wall damage. 

wall damage after pedestal sink is removed

I was pleasantly surprised by how little damage there was.  

We used some mud patch to fill the big holes where the sink was screwed to the wall.  We also sanded and mudded the outline of the sink from where I painted around it.  Creating a smooth surface.  

mudding the wall behind the pedestal sink

Removing the Light and Ready to Paint

I wanted to change the light in the space as well.  Taking the light down was a quick and easy task.  Installing a light fixture would be a great beginner project to learn on.  Be sure to get some help your first time.

Removing the Light

I don’t worry about hiring an electrician or plumber for these smaller jobs.  Monte has done a lot and knows what needs to be done.  

Painting wasn’t something I originally planned to do but I realized if I was going to paint this half bath it would be easier with the sink and light out.

update a half bath with a new vanity, light and paint

The space is so small it didn’t take much time.  But was more of a pain to paint in the small space then a larger space because my painting pole kept hitting the wall behind me.  But I managed to get it done quickly. 

Modern New Light

The new light found at Lowe’s will be perfect in this half bath.  It was a great price and looks modern and pretty.  It is from the Allen and Roth collection called Meredith

Update a half bathroom with a new light

The installation for this light was quick and super easy. 

wiring the new half bath light

 It took him less then 10 minutes to get it wired.  I stood there and handed him the globes and bulbs after he was finished.  Such a nice change to what usually happens with DIY projects.

half bathroom light installation

Vanity Installation

The vanity came nicely packaged and assembled.  We reused the faucet from the pedestal sink.  It looked pretty with the grains in the counter top.

To make things easy Monte switched the faucet in the garage before trying to install the vanity.  The half bathroom is small so getting as much done before you get into the tight space is super helpful.  

new half bath vanity with faucet

Monte hoped the existing plumbing would work without having to cut the vanity.  Unfortunately the drain location was a little high so he had to saw the back piece a little.  He removed the drawer so he had access to the piece.  The back was mostly open but the piece used for support and to keep the vanity square need to be cut down just a little.  He used his jig saw to create the opening.

adjusting the new vanity for the plumbing

adjusting the vanity so the plumbing will work

After getting opening the back we discovered the a piece of baseboard needed to be removed because the vanity couldn’t be pushed tight against the wall  We marked where it needed to be cut off then he used his reciprocating saw to cut the baseboard for easy removal.  

Needing to remove a piece of baseboard

The vanity then slid beautifully into place.

Connecting the Plumbing

This was the part Monte was dreading the most but it went together so easy.  Everything connected perfectly.  He didn’t need to buy or cut anything off.  It literally fit like it was plumbed for this vanity.

plumbing the new vanity

I love it when a project is easier then expected.  If you’ve done much DIY you know it doesn’t happen that way very often.  Most projects are us trying to figure out how to make something work.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get done with DIY projects.  Just when I think I am I come up with something else I’d like to change and make better.  Or I’ve got tired of something and want to update the update.   

Update a Half Bath with a New Vanity and Light

Update a half bath with new vanity and light

update a half bath with a new vanity and light

I am so happy.   Adding a new vanity and light are the perfect update for this half bath.  

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