Wood Plank Accent Wall Inspired by Anthropology

Take a look at how I created a wood plank accent wall that was inspired by an Anthropology store.

My husband and I created this wall a few years ago but I was wanting to freshen it up and make it brighter and a little more modern. 

I wasn’t sure what I wanted but when I happened to see an Anthropology store in Salt Lake City Utah I knew I’d found my inspiration.

Accent Wall Inspiration

When I created the barn wood wall I was really happy with it.  But like all good things they run their course and I am ready for a change. 

For me it’s all about the inspiration and turning that inspiration into something amazing.  Once I had my inspiration I was ready to tackle the project.

Where it all Started

Being a boy mom I usually have things a little more rustic in their rooms.  I wanted to do a barn wood wall a few years ago so I created one with cedar fencing planks and paint.  The wood was sanded, painted and stained in a variety of browns, blue and natural tones to give the weathered wood look.  We then created a beautiful accent wall that was perfect until I got tired of it and wanted to give it an update.

wood plank wall

I was really ready to lighten up this room and create something new and exciting.

You can check out the steps I took to create this rustic barn wood accent wall Here.  It was substantially cheaper then purchasing faux barn wood at stores like Home Depot.

Finding the Inspiration

I knew I wanted to change up the look and lighten up the space.  I just wasn’t sure how I was going to make that happen.  The struggle was trying to decide how I wanted it too look.

My husband and I happened to be in Salt Lake City in July.  We were wandering around a unique mall in the downtown area when I saw the wall at the Anthropology store.  It was rustic, bright and unique.  Exactly what I wanted to create.  I took a picture of the wall and knew I’d tackle the project when I got home.


Wood plank wall

I also knew I wouldn’t get the exact wall but it gave me the inspiration and encouragement to try something new.  

Removing the Annie Sloan Wax

To create the barn wood wall I had used Annie Sloan Dark Wax to give the weathered and worn appearance.  I wasn’t sure if you could paint over it or if I needed to try and sand it off.  I was worried that the sanding would warm up the wax and make a gummy mess.  After doing a little research and talking to someone who sold the wax I was assured I could get a lot of it off with Mineral Spirits and then sanding.  

I started with the mineral spirits and blue shop cloths.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how much wax came off with the mineral spirits.  Next up was a little light sanding just to rough up the surface just a bit in preparation for paint.

Painting the Accent Wall

My hopes for this room was a rustic but elegant space.  I didn’t want the wall to be a stark white but brighter and lighter then it was before.  With just a touch of the weathered and worn look.

After applying a light coat of paint I wasn’t loving it.  It was too smooth looking.  It was looking like a ugly poorly installed wood wall.  I only panicked for a minute while the paint dried.

To achieve the look I was after I also painted the room the same color as the door and trim for a monochromatic look with the texture of a wood plank wall. 

wood accent wall

wood plank wall

I liked that it was brighter but it wasn’t the look I was wanting.

I really hope you are ignoring the ugly dated water bed.  It would have been removed to do the project but my son was coming into town and I wanted to give him one more chance to sleep on the water bed before it was gone for good.  Something that should have happened years ago but I’m a little sentimental and knew it was loved by my son. 

Getting the Wood Plank Look 

After the paint dried I decided to do a light sanding to get a less then perfect look.  I originally started with a piece of sand paper and realized it would take forever so I got out my mouse sander.  My mouse sander is one of my favorite tools.  You can pick them up at Home Depot.  Check it out Here.  I didn’t start with it because I was wanting to save the mess but it was worth it in the end.  I put down a tarp to catch a majority of the dust.  The light sanding created a perfect for the space look.  It is similar to the inspiration from Anthropology just a little whiter which is what I was after.  To achieve more of the Anthropology wood plank wall inspiration look I would have need to sand it even more.

wood plank wall

It’s not exactly like the Anthropology Inspiration but it’s something I love.  Inspiration usually gets you going in a direction but it’s ok if you don’t end up with exactly what inspired you.  You want it to reflect you and your personality not an exact match to someone else’s work.   

 The Wood Plank Accent Wall

wood plank wall

This wood plank accent wall that was inspired by Anthropology is now a wall I am loving.  It no longer looks dark and dated.  The room is now bright and modern.  This update to the wall was so easy and quick to accomplish and just a little mess.

wood plank wall

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