What are the Best Window Treatments for Bedrooms?

Have you ever wondered what are the best window treatments for bedrooms? Do you want function or style? What is the most important to you?

A huge part of the decision would play into what the bedroom is used for. If it’s a babies or toddlers room fun curtains are great but they also need to block out the light. Especially in the summer months when the sun in up so early.

If it’s for a teenager you want something that fits their personality can also cover the window for privacy and manage the natural light. Maybe not too dark of curtains so you can get them up in the morning.

Plantation Shutters

In our home I have a guest bedroom that doesn’t get a lot of guests but it is used often because our grand babies nap in that room.

It does have a smaller window for the space so the room doesn’t get a lot of natural light. But when you are trying to put babies down for naps it is too bright.

I love plantation shutters and dreamed of owning a home with beautiful shutters. I didn’t want them on every window in our home but I did have a few rooms that they are perfect for. Not only do they look so pretty they offer privacy and cut out the natural light.

Before we moved in I started doing some research looking for nice planation shutters that wouldn’t break the bank. I found the perfect website that had a variety of options, amazing customer service and looks perfect, Blinds.com.

Plantation shutters make every room better

Picking the Perfect Shutters

I didn’t originally plan to add shutters in this room because the window isn’t seen from the outside of the home. The window in this room is along the side of the house really close to the cinderblock wall. You have to squeeze past the air conditioners to even get down there. Privacy was not an issue.

I’m so glad I realized I wanted the inside of the house to look pretty even if they wouldn’t be seen from the outside.

I knew I wanted white. I wanted to keep it light and bright. Dark wood shutters are also very pretty but wasn’t the look I was going for in this home.

Trying to decide which shutters to buy was a little overwhelming because there were so many options and quality. The thing I love about blinds.com is they off specials all the time so if you’re patient you can get an amazing deal.

To make the buying process easier I called their customer service to get some help. I was set up with a gentleman who helped me make decisions and figure out what would work best for the space and the best product to use. Their customer service is the best of the best.

What Plantation Shutters I Choose

I decided to go with the faux white wood shutters. For this window I wanted them to open in the middle to each side. That way they could be moved right out of the way if I wanted. I also wanted the shutters to slide open on the top and bottom. I decided to have a space in the middle that didn’t open so there is an option to open the top half, bottom half or all four if I want to let in a lot of light. It’s a great way to manage the light and privacy.

They are custom made to size. Thankful my husband is handy with a tape measure and was able to get all the measurements they needed to build the perfect plantation shutters. They are also very easy to install.

Are Shutters All You Need?

The shutters come with a trim that finish the window nicely on the inside and out. They look really good but if you want to elevate the look just a little you can add a pretty curtain to the window. Adding a curtain will be only for looks with plantation shutters because the shutters do all the work. They solve the privacy and natural light issues.

Adding a Curtain

I didn’t want anything to crazy in the space. I wanted to keep the curtain light and bright and not a bunch of crazy colors. So I went to may favorite curtains that are inexpensive and look amazing.

You can find them at Ikea. I’m not a huge Ikea shopper but I saw these on IG being used by an influencer. The price is amazing and the quality is over the top. I have used them in my master bedroom and love them so I wasn’t afraid to use them again in the guest bedroom. You can see the Ikea curtains being used HERE.

They are sold in packages of two so they work out to less then $25 per curtain. The fabric is just the right amount of heaviness so they hang nice without looking bulky. Plus the texture is so pretty.

Hanging the Curtains

The curtains are purchased and I found a beautiful curtain rod. It’s time to get it all hanging. I like to find curtain rods at Lowe’s. They have a great in store selection.

Installing the curtain rod.

A couple tips for hanging curtain rods. Take them as high up as possible not just above the window. Also take them wider then the window too so it makes the window look bigger and adds pretty texture to the space.

I hang them the same height as the ones we have in our master bedroom. Remember this is for looks, they don’t need to function because we have the shutters for privacy and light management.

They looks so good. Just need to hem and iron them.

Final Look

I love the way this corner looks with the new shelve and now the new curtains. It is a cozy place to relax and read stories to sweet grand babies. This is such a beautiful space that is so light and bright.

Beautiful window bedroom window treatment

Shutters and Curtains

Finish off the space beautifully

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