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Monte and I have learned so much as we’ve built and customized homes. I enjoy watching HGTV those never ending home remodeling shows. I’m always excited to see the finished spaces on the different shows but I’m surprised by the amount of money they spend. The main problem I face is I have more ideas then money and time but there is always a solution to my problem. I start with a wish list, then I decide what I want to work on and find ways to create what I’m envisioning that give me the result I’m looking for but not costing a lot and finally give myself some grace with time. There will be seasons when we can work hard and get a lot done and there will be times when projects have to wait.

We have moved a few times and enjoy the fresh slate a new home brings. My project list when we move into a new home is long and overwhelming. I’ve become better over the years at taking a breath, deciding on what I want to do first and coming up with a plan. How we’re going to bring my vision to fruition and not spend more then we’ve budgeted. With a little creativity and flexibility we’ve been able to accomplish our goal every time.

We have done so many projects that are high quality and look expensive without costing a lot. They have added value to our house and created a home by adding the character and charm that I love. We want to show you what you can do with some imagination, hard work and fun.

It will be fun connecting with you and showing you what is possible. How you can have the home you’ve dreamed about and love to spend time in.

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