Wall Frame Ideas for Printables

Free and inexpensive printable’s are a great way to add intrigue to your home.  I wanted to add some large very inexpensive printable’s to my home and needed frames.  Here are so wall frame ideas for printable’s that are quick, easy and an inexpensive way to update your home.

Finding the Printable

Finding the printable first is very important.  You don’t want to build the frame without knowing the size of the print.  When you are buying your print they usually have size options.  The ones I purchased had a few options so I purchased what would look best for my wall space.

After I purchased the printable I sent them to Office Maxx to get printed.  It was after we had the printable printed and in hand that we started to build the frame.

My favorite place to fine cute farmhouse saying and cute signs is on Etsy.  The options are endless.  You can get lost in the search but when I find something I love I save it, look for a little more then place my order.

They are so inexpensive and a great way to add beautiful wall decor to your home. Here are the ones I have ordered and love.  Here, Here and Here.  

Each of the ones that I have ordered cost less than $15 for each set of prints.  

Hurry over to Etsy and see what you can find.  


Deciding on the Style 

Take a look at your wall and decide the type of frame you are wanting.  For our home I made some simpler frames.  I wanted the print to be the focal point with gorgeous simple frames.  The style I was after was farmhouse with simple elegance.

I made sure to print the signs nice and large so it filled the space beautifully.

What Wood to Purchase

I didn’t want to use the router and create grooves or markings.  What I was after  was clean crisp lines.  

We grabbed some 1 x 2’s at Home Depot for the stained frames and a 1 x 1 to finish the painted frame.  They will give us the perfect shape and size we need for our printable’s.

Two of the sets were going to be stained.  It would look beautiful with the walls.  I had added shiplap and it was painted to match the trim and doors in our home. So the stain looks beautiful for the shiplap wall. 

 In our guest bedroom I wanted to paint the frame because it was going to be on a darker wall and would look pretty with the furniture.  There is a grid accent wall painted a darker color.  So the white frames are going to be perfect.  You can see how we added the grid wall here.  



Building the Frame

The wood was cut to length for the two horizontal pieces and the two vertical pieces.  We cut the ends to at 45 degrees so they would fit nicely together.  After the boards were cut I gave them a quick sanding so they were nice and smooth.  They are now ready to put them together.



For the stained set we stood the 1 x 2’s on their sides so the frames are a little deeper.  To build the white frames we laid the 1 x 2’s flat and built our frame then added a 1 x 1 on the outside to create so depth.

To put it all together we used wood glue and finishing nails.    

My biggest tip is making sure your get them square.  It would look really janky if you didn’t get them square.

Finishing the Frames

I used dark wax for two sets of my frames.  You can grab the wax on Amazon.  Check it out here.  It is so easy to use and the results are so good. 

dark wax

 These were going on shiplap walls painted in Dover White from Sherwin Williams.  



The other accent wall is darker so I painted those frames.  We built those ones just a little different.  Laying the wood down the opposite direction.  Then adding some trim around the edge. 


Preparing the Printable

The frames are build and finished it’s now time to get the printable’s ready to be put in the frame.  

Because the prints were printed at Office Max on paper I wanted to finish them so they wouldn’t get wrecked easily.  They were printed on heavier paper but still paper.  So I purchased Krylon Matt Finishing Spray.  You can grab it on Amazon. 


Follow the instructions on the can, it was super easy.  I spray the product on the sign.  Giving it a nice clear matte coat so it wouldn’t get dirty and wrecked as quickly.  I ended up doing about 3 coats of finishing spray.

finishing spray

Attaching the Printable to the Frame

The frames were built to have the printable glued and stapled to the back of the frame.  There isn’t a backing to the frame just the printable.  

We used wood glue and our air stapler.  Make sure it is square and straight so it looks good. You can grab some wood glue Here.  

picture frame


Hanging the Printable and Frame

These are really light so the best way to hang them is with command strips.  We  used the velcro command strips.  It was the easiest way to get them on the wall securely.  

command strips

printable with frame


Quick Easy and Pretty

These printable frames are a quick, easy and inexpensive way to create something pretty.  I love the look and because they are not a huge investment I’m not worried about changing them if I want to create something different. 

printable frames



Decor to the Door

For more cute and adorable decor check out Decor to the Door.  There are beautiful decor pieces you will love.  The beautiful decor available compliments these farmhouse frames beautifully.  Hurry over and check out all the adorable decor at Decor to the Door.

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