Vintage Door Cabinet

Do you ever see a beautiful vintage piece and wonder if there is a unique and pretty way to create something amazing out of it.  

I wanted to build a unique cabinet so I went on the hunt for a perfect vintage door that I could turn it into something amazing.  To find the perfect door I went to my favorite antique stores.  It took a couple stops but I luckily found the perfect piece at Merchant Square in Gilbert.  

After finding the vintage door at an antique store for really cheap I knew it would be the perfect piece to create a gorgeous cabinet.

vintage door

We would need to cut the panels out which would leave the perfect opening to create a beautiful cabinet.  

Cutting Out the Panels

First step was cutting out the panels.  My amazing husband was able to cut them out without too much problem.  He used this Dewalt Hand Circular Saw.  He used a piece of wood as a guide so he could get a beautiful straight cut.

vintage door cabinet

vintage door

I was so happy with the vintage door.  It has a perfect amount of pretty chippy paint so I didn’t need to paint or sand it.  Just a little cleaning. 

Building a Cabinet Frame 

After we got the panels cut out we were able to build the frame.  I didn’t want the cabinet very deep.  Just something shallow but deep enough to display a few special pieces.

build a cabinet

It all came down to building a wooden box the same size as the door.  

vintage cabinet

Can you see how we created the shelves to match the openings left from the panels we cut out.  

vintage door cabinet

I decided to paint the box that we built.  The door was the perfect vintage chippy prettiness that I didn’t need to do anything with.  I was wanting the sides to be the same black that I have used a lot in my home and the door to be its vintage prettiness.

vintage door cabinet

Putting the Vintage Door Cabinet Together

The door looks amazing and the cabinet frame is painted.  We just need to put it together and add a little trim and handle.

Vintage Door Cabinet

It took me a minute to decide if I was going to leave the back in wood or paint.  I finally decided I like the wood look.  Also knowing I could  change my mind if I wanted down the road.  

We then added some pretty trim to the top and narrow subtle trim to the bottom.

vintage door cabinet

vintage door cabinet

The final piece was finding a beautiful vintage handle that I would work.

I went to a few antique stores trying to find one that would look beautiful with the new cabinet.  The one I found was a fraction small but it still worked.  I love the glass knob and the little locking latch.  If you’re thinking the know is on upside down you are probably right.  My husband installed it the other way and I had him change it because I wanted the little leaver on the top.  That is what I love about DIY projects.  You get to do what you want to do.  

vintage door cabinet

Styling a Enjoying this Vintage Door Cabinet

This cabinet was created with a specific purpose.  I love my heritage and like to display a few special pieces that I have been given from grandparents.  I also love old vintage pictures from my parents and in-laws.  There are wedding pictures from my parents wedding, my in-laws wedding and my two grandparents marriages. 

Vintage Door Cabinet

It is such a beautiful piece.  There are so many options with a vintage door cabinet.  I love how the vintage cabinet displays my vintage decor perfectly.

Decor to the Door

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Decor to the Door

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