Update your Entryway on a Budget

Are you a creative that likes to fill the creative desire by doing diy projects in your home? I used to think something was wrong with me because I was always thinking of projects around the house.  Here’s what I learned, there is nothing wrong with me or anyone else.  We all have talents and passions.  One of my latest projects was update an entryway on a budget.  The change paint made will blow your mind.  It cost less than $100 to get these amazing changes.

Where it Started

Because it is a decent size there are some options.  A few years ago we added shiplap and crown molding to the tray ceiling.  We also added board and batten to the long boring wall.  The board and batted added texture to an other wise boring wall.

These changes and addition were done over time and were enjoyed for a few years.  I was now ready to change the look and feel of the space.  I still loved the shiplap ceiling and board and batten wall so paint was the way to get the changes I was after.

Do it Yourself

Entryway decor

Paint is Magical

Part of my journey the past few months and will carry into 2023 is changing the paint color in my home.  When we moved into our semi-custom home the first thing I did was paint. A few years ago grey was the on-trend color.  Not that you will do every trend that comes around but I loved the grey walls.  Now I am getting tired of the color and want to try something a little different.

I’ve been working my way through my house, changing things up just a little.  I’ve made some progress but have a long way to go still.  I’m taking my time and enjoying the process.  You can see how I changed up the look of a guest bedroom with paint here.

Update the Entryway on a Budget

Did you know white is the trend for walls right now, and did you know there are hundreds of shades of white paint?  I wanted to create a monochromatic look to the entryway but also a little drama.  This was super easy to achieve with paint, once I found the perfect colors and figured it out in my head. Finding the right colors can be difficult but when you finally figure it out it feels so good.  Here is a list of everything you need to get a professional finish to your paint projects. This free digital download is linked for easy shopping.

The walls are going to be white and the ceiling dark.  What, trust me it looks so pretty.  The first thing I did was repair any nail holes and or dings in the walls and ceiling.  The problem I had, if I painted a room with very natural light the same color as my doors and trim the room looks very yellow.  Not the look I am after.  I was very discouraged so I visited with my amazing paint guy at Home Depot and he suggested I paint the walls one shade below my trim color.  Genius, the color looks amazing with the trim and doors and doesn’t make my room look yellow.

magic of paint

My trim and doors are dover white and my walls are now whitetail.  A beautiful combination.  If I’m honest I wouldn’t paint my doors and trim dover white but that is what the builder chose.  I am not ready to repaint all my doors and trim so this is what works.  It looks amazing. 

Painting the Ceiling

I wasn’t too anxious about painting the ceiling.  I knew the color would be great but getting it done would be a little tricky.  It is so much easier to pre-paint your shiplap but it was already installed so I was just going to make it happen.  I recently painted a shiplap accent wall so I knew what I was getting myself into.

magic of paint,

Getting the dark paint in the cracks took a few coats of paint plus some touch-ups.  No matter how careful you are the brush isn’t going to get it completely.  I ended up using a small craft brush in the end when I needed a few touchups.  There was no need for a leg workout that day.  I was up and down the ladder many many times trying to make sure it was all painted but it was so worth it in the end.  I spent a lot of time standing on the ground with my head tipped back checking out the cracks, looking for any white spots.

shiplap ceiling

The gorgeous color of this ceiling is another Sherwin Williams color Thunderous.  It is the perfect grey color with a green undertone.  Green is my favorite color so I love this color so much.

Monochromatic Walls for the Win

After the ceiling was done I was ready to paint the walls for a beautiful monochromatic look.  The white I used is just a shade off from my trim and doors.  It has a little less yellow than is in my trim color but doesn’t distract from the previously painted doors and trim. Sherwin Williams Whitetail paint.

After painting the ceiling, painting the walls was super quick and easy.   Getting them done in no time.

sherwin williams paint

I even painted the board and batten including the baseboard the whitetail color.  I am in love with the look in this space.

entryway update

The walls were so easy to paint compared to the ceiling which was a real treat.  It wasn’t too much work and inexpensive to update the look in this entryway but the results are wow.

I took an already pretty space to something magical.  Have you ever painted your ceiling a dark color?

Final Look

The results are so good.  This is my new favorite space in my home.  The ceiling is magical a show stopper.  It makes a beautiful statement when guests come to our home.  

update your home

update your home

This space is so warm and welcoming.  I love it so much.  The colors are amazing.  It was so easy to update the look and very budget-friendly.  I love the round gold mirror in my entryway.  It is large and looks amazing in this big entry.  You can get yours here.  (affiliate link)

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