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One of my favorite ways to be creative is upcycling decor projects for your home.  Whether it is something you own or you have been thrifting and found something amazing.

Falling in Love with Baking Powder Paint

I had seen the baking powder and paint trend all over social media.  It took me a while to try it but from the first time I tried it, I was sold and loved the results.

Not only does it look amazing but it is almost free, quick and so easy.  To date, I have added baking powder paint to lamps, glass vases, a porcelain bowl, and a clay plate.  Each time I paint with baking powder I love the process and results even more.

Baking Powder Paint Recipe

If you are someone who loves to be creative and do projects chances are you have paint in a variety of sheens and colors.  Make these projects free if you use pieces and paint you already own.


1 c paint

1/4 c baking powder

You can mix it a little thicker but I found it is more prone to crack when it dries.  I’m going to be honest.  I never measure the paint, but I do measure the baking powder.  It’s not an exact science don’t be afraid to eyeball it.

baking powder paint

Mix and Paint

I always mix it in a paper bowl for easy cleanup.  To start I pour in the paint and add the baking powder, kind of stirring as I pour it in then give it a good mix with the paint brush I plan to use.  Here are some great paintbrushes in a variety of sizes.

It’s cool because it gets bubbly and almost grows a little while it sits.  Every time I’ve done this I’ve always had plenty of paint for what I’m doing.  It has good coverage so don’t worry about running out unless you’re doing an enormous vase.

baking powder paint

Update a Glass Vase

I purchased a really pretty glass vase years ago.  I loved the shape but decided it would look even better on my gorgeous shelf if it was painted black.  Adding the baking powder to the black paint that was left over from our bookcase build gave me the look I was after.

home decor projects

I wanted the look of elegant pottery which is exactly what I was able to create.  To begin I didn’t paint the inside of the vase but begin but realized it needed to be painted.  Of course, I didn’t go the whole way down on the inside.  I painted as far as I could with the paintbrush.  To get the look I was after it required a couple of coats, letting it dry between.  Because it was thickened with baking powder it does require a little more drying time.

decor updates

I love the beautiful black vase.  It looks so good in our gorgeous bookcase.  If you want to see how we built this elegant modern bookcase check out the blog posts here and here.

Matching Nightstand Lamps

Like the gorgeous glass vase, I have matching lamps in our main bedroom that I was ready to change just a little.  Because I loved the size and shape but was over the shiny finish, painting them was the answer.

matching lamps

The tops of our nightstands are black so I didn’t want to paint the lamps black so I painted them the white that was used for our main bedroom accent wall.

decor upcycle

home decor

Thrift Store Finds

I was in the mood to be creative but didn’t want to undertake a huge project so I went to the thrift store to see what I could find.  There was a gorgeous glass vase that was a great size and would look amazing on our dining table.  Once I added some baking powder and paint to it, to get the gorgeous pottery look.

thrift store decor

Making the finished product under $5.  There is an additional cost to the moss but if you have some on hand the cost is almost free.  Here is the link to the moss.  I also used moss sheets to get the look I was after.  You can get the moss sheets here.

Porcelain Thrift Store Bowl

Because it gets so hot in Arizona having flowers in the summer doesn’t happen.  They all die from the heat.  To add a little greenery to my back patio I wanted a moss bowl.  I had the moss but needed the bowl.  I found a pretty porcelain bowl at the thrift store.  It was so easy to turn it into a beautiful piece of pottery that I filled it with moss and added some greenery to my brown summer desert yard.

decor update

Paint for a Magical Update

There are times things require a simple refresh.  The easiest way is to paint.  Whether you use a brush or spray paint.  I have beautiful lanterns that I love but were looking worn and drab.  So I grabbed a can of white spray paint and gave them a quick upcycle.  It is inexpensive and quick with amazing results.

spray paint

One of my favorite things about being a DIYer is upcycling decor pieces in my home.


I love having spray paint on hand for quick updates.  There are so many colors to choose from making something old new again couldn’t be easier.  You can check out spray paint colors here.

Home Decor Updates

Donate Donate Donate

A final piece to creating a calm home is donating pieces you are tired of.  Even if you still love them you can donate them, send them out into the world and let it be loved by someone else.

If it’s completely broken throw it in the trash but if it’s something you’re over and don’t want to upcycle it donate it so someone else can find the joy in a beautiful piece.

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