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When my son and daughter in law were expecting their second little baby we wanted to help them get ready for his arrival. So we got busy working on projects for them.

Monte and I love doing projects. We love it even more when we can help our kids. They’re all very capable, talented hard working men but we love lending a hand.

Building the wall

Our daughter in law wanted to make and create squares on her accent wall. We had done something similar in our guest room. Our squares were much smaller so it took a little more time and money but the end results were the same. A beautiful accent to a bedroom.

They used 3 1/2 inch baseboard to build their squares. Because their baseboards are smaller then what they were installing for the accent wall they began by removing the baseboard along the accent wall. They also didn’t match so to get the best results they started with a blank slate.


It takes a little time to figure out the size of the squares nothing terribly difficult just a little math and measuring. Obviously the size of the squares is dictated somewhat by the size of the wall.

This can longer then necessary. Whenever Monte and I are trying to figure it out we are coming from different directions. The result is always the same just the course we each take to get there is different. There isn’t a right way but it can get frustrating when we’re throwing out different numbers. He’s not understanding what I’m saying and I’m not following what he’s saying. I have learned or am still trying to learn to just listen and let him figure it out the way that works best for him even if it seems completely wrong in my head.


To begin they framed the outside of the wall. They started with the two vertical pieces then filled in with the horizontal ones. Pretty quick and easy. Because they were working with the wall exterior they were able to find studs to nail to.

After the wall was framed they ran a board vertically up the center of the room. This divides the wall perfectly in half and made the location of the next vertical boards super easy.

They then centered the next vertical board between the wall framed board and the one in the center. Then repeat on the other side of the center board. Finding studs to nail to can be tricky so they also used liquid nails along the back to make sure they were secure.

It was then time to install the horizontal boards.

grid accent wall

The horizontal boards were pretty easy to figure out. It was a matter of dividing up the final space in thirds. The boards were cut to fit into the space between the vertical pieces. I keep calling them squares which they mostly are. They’re not exact but pretty close and look amazing.


After they got everything installed they caulked all the edges and nail holes. Caulking the edges is important. It makes the project look complete and finished. They have textured walls so the caulking is even more important. It only takes a few minutes and dries really quick. Filling the nail holes makes a huge difference in the over all look. If you don’t caulk them they stand out and it doesn’t look finished and custom.


My job was to paint the wall. Painting accent walls takes more time then smooth flat walls. It takes a little more brush work then normal but not terribly hard or time consuming. Sometimes the hardest part is picking the paint color.

My daughter in law took a little time picking the paint color. She had an idea about the color just had a hard time deciding on the shade she wanted.

grid accent wall

I really wanted to use the roller as much as possible. I like the finished look of rolled paint better then brushed. It was necessary to use the brush along the edges along the ceiling and walls and carpet. I also had to use the brush around all the trim pieces that were installed.

After the brush work was done I got out the roller and filled in all the squares then along the face of the installed trim pieces. It really didn’t take too long to get it done. The brush work is what takes the most time.

The first coat of paint

painting a grid accent wall

The first coat of paint always takes a little long then the following coat of paint. I’m always surprised how terrible it looks after the first coat of paint. I really shouldn’t be but I have a moment of worry. I feel much better as the second coat of paint is applied. Have you ever used they paint that claims it covers in one coat? I’ve never been brave enough to try it. I don’t totally trust it will work and since it is so much more expensive I haven’t felt it was worth the investment.

Finished look

painting a grid accent wall
grid accent wall

It painted beautifully and looks so great. It added so much to their master bedroom.

Final look

grid accent wall

Part of the master bedroom project was refinishing their dresser and night stands. They worker really well in their space but when they purchased them second hand they weren’t very nice looking. I had a great time refinishing them and was super excited to see them with the accent wall. Their master bedroom looks so amazing. It is perfect for them.

grid accent wall

The colors that she chose were dictated by a couple of bedspreads she loves and rotates. Each one looks perfect with the wall paint and the nightstands look so pretty next to them and the newly accented wall.

I love taking a boring not very exciting room and doing just a little something to make it look personal and pretty.

This was an inexpensive project. The wood for the accent wall was less then $100 and only needed one can of paint with a lot left over. For under $150 they were able to make and create a beautiful accent wall in their master bedroom.

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