Summer Front Door Wreath Ideas

The weather is warming up which means its time to add a pretty wreath for your front door.  Whether you make your own or purchase one here are some summer front door wreath ideas.

Front Door Size

Be sure to consider the size of your door.  I have a tall single door so it requires a wreath that is a bigger than for a smaller front door.  If you have double doors you will want matching wreaths in the appropriate size.

You can personalize your wreath based on your preferences and the overall aesthetic of your home.  Adding seasonal wreaths are always fun but finding one that fits the style of your home takes a little work.

Check out all the adorable wreaths I found that will be delivered to your door.  They are a variety of themes and styles, you’ll be sure to find one that looks perfect at your house.

Floral Delight or a Burst of Citrus

Floral or citrus are perfect additions for your summer front door wreath.

If you create a floral delight use an assortment of colorful summer flowers like sunflowers, daisies, lavender and roses.  Then fill in with greenery, like eucalyptus or ferns for a fresh summer look.

Summer isn’t exactly citrus season where we live but for the rest of the country it is.  Citrus looks so pretty.  A wreath filled with lemons, limes and oranges would be vibrant and perfect for summer.  Combining citrus with green leaves or herbs like rosemary or bay leaves for a refreshing and fragrant touch.

You can also combine citrus with some summer flowers like beautiful peony’s.  Here are a couple wreaths I found that are so pretty and perfect for summer.

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Here is the citrus wreath and floral wreath.  They would be a perfect addition to the summer front door.

Nautical Themed or Tropical Paradise

Nothing says summer like time at a beach or a lake.  We all crave a fun tropical holiday or time at the lake.  Adding a nautical or tropical wreath to your front door is a great way to bring summer to your home. 

Because I don’t live on a lake or bye the ocean my home doesn’t have the nautical or tropical vibe.  But I was able find some cute ones that fit these ideas but would work with a home in the desert.

Grab your nautical theme or tropical paradise wreath.  

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Adding a beautiful wreath to your home is the easiest way to create a warm and welcoming home.  There is nothing easier than hanging a wreath on your door.  It takes less than a minute to decorate your front door. 

Herb Garden or Succulent Serenity

I love the idea of creating your own herb garden wreath.  Something that not only looks beautiful but smells amazing.  If you have grown an herb garden creating a unique wreath with your dried herbs would looks so pretty on your door.  

This lavender wreath is gorgeous and perfect for summer.  

A succulent serenity wreath would be so pretty.  I live in the land of succulents, creating a wreath with silk succulents fits my home and this area.  Choosing different shapes, colors and textures for an eye-catching design.

You can create your own or find a succulent wreath here.  This one is so elegant and pretty.  I love that it isn’t a full circle wreath but a pretty willow branch wreath with the perfect amount of elegance. 

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 Patriotic Pride Summer Wreath

Summer Season is the perfect time to share your patriotic decor and the pride you have the country you live in.  A Memorial Day wreath carries into the 4th of July holiday.  

Create a wreath using red, white, and blue elements. Incorporate miniature American flags, ribbon, stars, and faux flowers in patriotic colors.

Check out these super cute patriotic wreaths.  The burlap wreath or using red, white and blue beads gives you two different looks but very patriotic.

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Summer Front Door Wreath Ideas

Your front door decor doesn’t have to be a round wreath.  You can be creative with a basket and create a beautiful patriotic piece.  It is so flexible, when the 4th of July is over you can remove the flags and star for a summer wreath. 

Add a few summer flowers to take it past the patriotic season. 

patriotic wreath You can find a cute basket Here.  It is so easy to create your own patriotic wreath.  

I can’t wait to see your summer front door wreaths.  There are so many options to create your perfect for summer front door.


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