Styling a Tray is Easier than you would Think

Did you know styling a tray is easier than you would think?  I love having seasonal and every day decor. But I don’t love having a lot of stuff around my house. Maybe if I had a beautiful storage room with tons of organized storage.  I don’t have tons of storage space so I like to keep things minimal.  

I have found having a beautifully styled tray whether it is a tiered tray, large flat tray or a dough bowl is a great way to have seasonal decor and not have a large amount of decor filling up my home.

Tiered Trays that I Love

I love a variety of trays and like to use them in different ways.  There are beautiful tiered trays that are so pretty.  I love two and three tiered trays in a variety of shapes and colors.  

Here are a few of my favorite tiered trays that you can get quick and easy from Amazon.

Tiered Tray

This rectangle wood tray is so pretty and unique.  

farmhouse tray

You can never go wrong with a beautiful white farmhouse tray. This tray would look amazing in so many rooms of your home.

three tier tray

This charming walnut wood tray is simple and elegant but really pretty.  I can see it as a desert tray for a party or filled with Christmas decor.  The three tiers make it very versatile.  

metal tray

Can you picture this beautiful metal tray filled with 4th of July decor and paper products for a summer picnic.  I also love this look for a winter tray.  

Flat Trays and Dough Bowls

Dough Bowls come in so many shapes, sizes and wood finishes.  I love them filled up with beautiful decor or leaned against my wall for additional texture and depth to the space. 

Here are a few of my Amazon favorites.  Who doesn’t love placing an order and having it delivered directly to your door.



dough bowl

A charming white dough bowl is a great anchor for your tray decor.  They are so nice to have even if they aren’t housing decor at the moment.  

ratan tray

For additional texture this round rattan woven tray would be beautiful on a coffee table or your island filled with summer seasonal decor.  

The tray options are endless.  I like to have a variety of trays so I am ready season after season or for party needs.  Not only are they a delightful anchor to your tray decorating they are practical and handy for different occasions.

How to Style a Tiered Tray

Styling a tray is easier than you would think.  In fact I have an easy to follow one page pdf guide I’d love to send you filled with tips and tricks to styling a tray.  Grab the FREE Guide Here.  

My first suggestion would be to have a theme in mind.  Are you decorating for a holiday or are you using everyday decor?  If it’s a holiday like Christmas be sure to have a theme in mind.  You don’t want to fill it full of everything Christmas.  My favorite Christmas tray is Hot Chocolate.  My reason for that is I have some Santa mugs that my grandmother painted 50 years ago that I love to display and use during the holiday.  I start with those then get creative adding new decor pieces and candy that go with my theme.  

Christmas Tray

I sometimes come up with a theme and then run to the store trying to find everything I need.  That is not my favorite way.  The best and least expensive way is to shop you home first and see what you have and start putting things together that way.  

tray styling

This charming everyday tray is a beautiful addition to your island, entry or guest bathroom.  

Where to Start with a Flat Tray

If a tiered tray isn’t your jam you can create a beautiful display with a flat tray.  You can produce something charming for holiday seasons or everyday decor.  A flat tray looks special in a bathroom, entryway table or on your island.

flat tray

tray decor


 Don’t be afraid to let the decor spill over the front.  It creates a beautiful effect and creates something special.  These holiday trays are so cute and a quick and easy way to add holiday cheer without having to decorate the entire house.  

Trays for the Seasons or Everyday

Holiday trays are so fun.  They are the easiest way to create holiday decor.  You can change them up every month.  I love fall tray is one of my favorite because it is coming into my favorite seasons.  Season since I became an AZ girl and have endured a lot of hot summers.

fall tray

fall tray

Your trays can be filled or left a little minimalistic.  I love them both.  

bathroom tray

Having an everyday bathroom tray is a beautiful way to take your bathroom from plain and boring to unique and exciting. 

If you’re still wanting help with creating a tray check out this blog post.  It will give you 10 easy steps to create a beautifully decorated tray.  

Decor to the Door

Finding the perfect tray is only half the challenge.  Finding the perfect decor for your beautiful tray is not easy.  That is why my shop Decor to the Door is the best place for you to start your shopping experience.  There are key pieces that will look amazing in your home season after season.  You will love everything available and want it all, so go for it.  The quality pieces are unique, pretty and fun to have in your home.  

This post contains affiliate links.  If you shop from my blog, I may be compensated for clicks or purchases that you make.  

Read my disclaimer page for more information.

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