Steps to Create a Unique and Beautiful Dining Space

Steps to Create a Unique and Beautiful Dining Space

Here are some simple steps to create a unique and beautiful dining space.  I  really wanted to update the space and make it a little more modern and unique.

I didn’t want to invest a lot of money and do major projects but doing a few inexpensive, easy and unique projects would make a huge difference.  There are so many simple things you can do that make a huge impact.  

Frame the Windows

One of the first things we did in this space was frame our windows.  In fact we framed all the windows in our home.  It was a weekend project that my husband was able to manage on his own while I was at work.  

I decided what I wanted and went with it so it was consistent throughout the house.  Keeping the windows consistent helps with the flow in your home.

You can check out how we framed our windows Here.  

frame the windows

Modern Crown Molding

The next step we took to create a beautiful dining space was add beautiful baseboard inspired modern crown molding.  This was a project that I loved and created amazing results.  We had installed crown in other areas of our home so I was anxious to create a beautiful dining space with this easy to install modern crown molding.

Check out how we installed the crown molding Here.

crown molding  

Board and Batten Accent Wall

We then created a unique and beautiful dining space with a simple board and batten accent wall.

dining room

We have installed board and batten in a few areas in out home.  It is a simple, inexpensive and quick project that adds so much uniqueness and texture to the space.

I wanted to keep it simple but add a little dimension.  We built it around the window so it required minimal product.  We were able to install it in just a few hours but the results were amazing.  You can see the steps to install board and batten Here and Here.

Create a Unique and Beautiful Space with Lighting

One of the key projects to creating a unique and beautiful space was update the lighting.  The one that I had was fine and still looked good but I was ready for something newer and more modern.  It took a little time finding the perfect light but I’m loving this new modern light.

I find lighting to be an easy and quick way to update a space.  Beautiful lighting really makes a space look amazing.  When I was growing up my parents won a swag chandelier light and installed it in my bedroom I shared with my sister.  I loved the light.  I thought it made our bedroom seem more elegant and special.  It is obviously something I’ve been attracted to.

Thanks to my very handy husband we were able to install this gorgeous light.  I’m loving the change the this new beautiful light made in my dining space.  You can see the steps to install a chandelier here and find a information about chandelier size and the height to hang it above the table.  

dining room

Beautiful Centerpiece

Having a beautiful centerpiece is a great way to update your space.  I have a beautiful wood tray that is unique and heavy on our table.  We found the wood in a dumpster.  I sanded it, stained it and added some unique handles.  It’s now the perfect piece for our dining table. 

It’s a great base to add cute decor for the table.  Whether you change it up every season or find something beautiful and classic that looks beautiful season after season.  I love that it is a unique piece.  It can’t be purchased at the big box store.  It’s also beautiful to look at and is a conversation piece.  

Unique Centerpiece

Gorgeous Kitchen Decor

Finally adding gorgeous kitchen decor you will see while in the dining space.  My table is open to the kitchen so having a beautifully decorated space makes it so perfect.

I wanted to keep the decor over my kitchen cabinets simple, elegant and modern.  I spent some time finding the perfect decor pieces for over my kitchen cabinets.  There are not a lot of pieces but the ones I have are large and make a statement.  I love a minimalist approach to decorating above the kitchen cabinets. 

You can see how I styled my kitchen cabinets Here.  

kitchen decor

A Beautiful Dining Space

The steps I took to update my dining space were all easy and inexpensive but made a huge difference.  

If you take your time and do things one step at a time you will have some beautiful results that you will love for a long time.

I am still liking my dining table and chairs so I wanted to keep them but down the road I will probably want to change the style and update the space again.  That’s why I love DIY so much.  It saves so much money and allows you the freedom to make changes when every the desire hits.  Fortunately or unfortunately for me that is fairly often.

dining room

Decor to the Door

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