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I love to change out my decor with the seasons.  Nothing feels better then putting the winter whites away when the days are getting longer and the weather is warmer.

Even though I’m not a huge lover of Spring colors I am always ready for the bright and light decor.  I like to keep my Spring decorating more neutral with just a few pops of pastel Spring colors.

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Finding beautiful pieces that look amazing together and add beauty to your home are not always easy.  But have no fear I have created a Spring Decor Collection filled with beautiful, unique and high quality pieces that will look stunning in your home.  

This collection comes with pieces you can use season after season plus a couple key pieces perfect for Spring Decorating.

This collection comes with everything you see here, available at

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Gorgeous Metal Candle Holder

This adorable collection comes with everything you see above.  The pieces were hand picked by me to add beauty to your home.   Several of the pieces will look amazing season after season in your home.  The metal candle holders look so cute with candles or other seasonal decor you may have around your home.

You could even put the eucalyptus greenery ring and bunny on one of the metal candle holders.  So many fun options.  

Mango Wood Carrot and Bunny

If you like unique pieces that you can’t find at the big box decor stores these pieces will be perfect for you.

The bunny and carrot are made of solid mango wood and finished in white and natural.  They are so beautiful and amazing quality, pieces you will be able to enjoy year after year.

These pieces are so cute and unique.  You will love them so much.  They look even more amazing in person.  

A Candle from the Antique Candle Co

Who doesn’t love a beautiful candle?  I have included in this collection a beautiful candle from the Antique Candle Co.  

Yes you can hop over to the beautiful website which I hope you do because it is so fun. But I am including a candle in this collection so you don’t have to order or find a shop selling the candles.  I’m here to save you so much time and money.

You will love this beautiful Soy Candle that will make your home smell amazing and ready for Spring.  

I picked a Grapefruit scent because it is so light and fresh perfect for Spring.  It is also grapefruit season in AZ so it seemed like the best option for this collection.

What … a Dishtowel

I love beautiful decor but I also love beautiful practical pieces that we use everyday.  

If you are like me some items get so worn and ragged looking and I don’t toss them and replace them when I should.  Not because I can’t get to the store and find something pretty but because finding the time and remembering to grab it always falls on the back burner.

I am here to make life easier for you and so I decided to include in the collection a beautiful fresh dish towel that you will love.

I love a beautiful flour sack dish towel, they are a great size, pretty and so functional.

A Gorgeous Carved Wood Ball

I love beautiful pieces that look amazing in so many places in your home.  Pieces you can use over and over in different spaces.  This wood ball would look perfect in your tiered tray, mantel or even a bathroom tray.  It is the perfect piece to add to your collection of home decor.  A piece you will love season after season.

I love that it isn’t a perfectly round ball but has some character from the beautiful carving.

White Beads in a Variety of Shapes

Wood beads are a perfect addition to your home decor.  Like the wood ball you can use them over and over and over again.  When I found these wood beads I knew they would be perfect for you and your home.  The fun shapes make them unique and the white wash makes them versatile in so many areas of your home.

The beads are two feel long making them a beautiful addition to your home decor.

Eucalyptus Greenery Ring

For added texture in the Spring Decor Collection I’ve included a beautiful 4″ eucalyptus greenery ring.  It could be used as a highlight in the back or as a nest for the adorable easter bunny. 

It could also be used on the top of one of the metal candle holder with the bunny or a candle.

So many options in this beautiful Spring Decor Collection.   

Letter Boards for the Win

Did you remember that there are also gorgeous letter boards available at

These letter boards are so cute and unique and are a fun addition to your home.  You will love how versatile they are and how much fun they are to style if you purchase the Collection of Shapes that is also available.

You can check out this Blog Post filled with fun ideas to create a beautiful letter board.  

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