Spring Decorating Ideas for the Home

Whose ready for spring?  Are you ready to create a bright and cheery home with some spring decorating ideas for your home?

Many of you know I am an Arizona dweller now and have been for 13+ years.  Before that I lived in a small town in Southern Alberta.  The place where I was born and raised.  Living in two very different areas creates different feelings about the seasons.

I loved, loved, loved spring when I was in Alberta.  Well I loved it when we actually got spring.  I have an April birthday so I have a lot of memories about the weather that time of year.  Some years it was warm and bright and I was playing outside without a coat.  Other years it was snowy and cold and you would have thought it was December.

One thing that is the same living in Arizona and Southern Alberta is the desire to change up my home decor and add some spring decorating.

What to do First

The first thing I like to do is create a clean space that is ready for some spring decorating.  

Decluttering is always my starting point.  Putting away winter seasonal decor then cleaning where things have been.  

My friend Jen from @reset_your_nest is an amazing organizer.  She had a post on IG that describes my feelings perfectly.  


“you cannot add to your space without first subtracting”


So clear out and clean up.

Put Away, Donate or Discard

After you’ve cleared out decide if some of the decor you have needs to be donated or discarded.  I do keep a lot season after season but there are times I have had something for awhile and I know in my heart that I am over it and am ready to move onto something new.  

If it’s worn and not worth anything put it in the trash.  If it’s still in good shape donate so someone else can enjoy and love it.  

I am more of a minimalist so getting rid of stuff isn’t a problem for me.  Sometimes I wonder if I will want it again.  If my brain is fighting me I take a minute to think about it and usually end of giving it away even if I’m not 100% sure I’m ready to let it go.  

I learned a really great rule from the Minimalists.  It’s their 20 20 rule.  If you think you need to hang onto it just in case look at it and determine if you can replace the item in 20 minutes for under $20.  This really works for me but I know I’m a get rid of stuff person more then others.    

Assess What You’ve Got

I have my seasonal decor stored in storage tubs.  To keep it easy I keep them separated by seasons.  My spring decor isn’t mixed with my Thanksgiving decor.  So I can open the spring storage tub and quickly see what I’ve got and come up with ideas about where and how I want my decor to look.  

I’m always surprised by what I find.  I don’t always remember what I have each season so it’s a little like Christmas seeing things I’ve forgotten about since last year.  

Less is More

I don’t like to have a ton of stuff.  Trust me I have plenty but I try not to get buried in things.  

Having key areas in your home that you change up seasonally makes things so much easier.  

My favorited place to add spring decor is a tray on my island.  It is the easiest way to add a little pop of spring without having to invest a lot of time and money in seasonal decor.  

In my decor business Decor to the Door my goal is to provide beautiful, unique decor but not overwhelm clients with a ton of stuff.  

Shop your Home

After checking out what I have I will shop my home and see if there is something I can move around and reuse in a different area.  Reusing what you have makes it new and exciting again.  It also saves a lot of time and money looking for new items to create a fresh new look.  

For example in my guest bathroom I have a cute tray with pretty decor.  I can pull something from there and use it on my mantel, island or entryway table.  Saving you time and so much money.

Create a Beautiful Tray

For some designing a tray or tiered tray can feel intimidating.  You’re in luck I have created a one page pdf with all the tips you need to create a beautiful tiered tray.

Check it out here.  I would love to send you the FREE Guide so you too will be able to create a beautiful tray.

My grandbabies love seeing the changes I make to my island tray.  I also love to add some greenery and birds to my piano tray.  

spring tray

Light and Bright

Colors are key for spring decorating ideas for your home.  After a long grey, dreary winter we are ready for something light and bright.  That is why spring colors are bright and cheerful.  I’ll be honest I am not a huge fan of spring colors but I am always excited to see the new babies and flowers that start to show up in Spring.

I like to keep the colors a little more muted then bright but I do love making the changes in my home.  It makes it feel fresh and new, something I love to do.  

spring decor

Add a New Wreath

Don’t forget to update the exterior of your home.  I love to take down the winter wreath and add something springy and fresh.  Adding a new wreath is the easiest thing you can do get your home decor ready for warmer days.  

spring decor

Beautiful Spring Flowers

Do you have a favorite spring flower?  My favorite spring flower is tulips.  I love the shape and the colors.  But what I love most is the sign that spring is coming.  When you live somewhere where that it is wintery and cold it’s nice to see flowers popping up from the frozen earth.

Head to Costco, Trader Joes or Walmart and pick up a bunch of spring flowers.  You do not need to be a florist to make them look amazing in a vase. I love the wildflower, picked from the garden look.   

spring flowers

Incorporating Letter Boards in your Spring Decorating Ideas for the Home

Another super easy but fun way to add spring decor to your home is with a beautiful letter board.  Lucky for you I have letter boards available in my shop Decor to the Door.  You will love how cute and unique they are.  They look so pretty even when they aren’t decorated for the season.

You will love the versatility of the letter board and how creative you can be.  It is the easiest way to change up your seasonal decor.  

Spring Letter Board

Spring Letter Board

These letter boards come in a kit that includes the wood board, letters, numbers and symbols.  You can also purchase cute shapes separately.  Creating beautiful options for your letter board.  

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