Simple Crown Moulding and Window Trim in the Master Bedroom

This simple crown moulding and window trim in the master bedroom will elevate your home and make it unique and pretty. It is something we have done in other areas of our home and I was anxious to add it in this space.

Our master bedroom is a light and bright room and on the larger size. I was wanting to create a space that is relaxing, elegant and warm. The perfect place to end the day.

Where to Start

Our bedroom had a large beautiful window over looking the back yard, a door opening to our back patio. It also has two small windows on the wall where our king bed sits.

When we built our semi custom home we upgraded the baseboards. It was the best money spent in our home. We love the wide flat baseboards. The patio door was trimmed but the windows needed a little love.

Simple Trim Around the Windows

Adding this simple window trim really elevated this space.

Trimming the windows is one of the easiest and least expensive things you can do to dress up a space. It takes minimal product and really not a lot of time. If you plan to do the whole house at one time it takes awhile but if you go room by room it can be a quick project.

The master bedroom had 3 windows needing trim. One large and two very small ones. By trimming the windows you really elevate the space and make it look custom and unique.

How to Trim the Windows

Deciding what to do can be the hardest part. The options are endless. I wanted to keep it simple and modern. The modern flat baseboards were our inspiration. I love these flat baseboards so much. I wanted the windows to coordinate with the baseboards so that was a no brainer.

We decided to run a trim around the inside of the windows then frame them. Extending the top and bottom pieces past the sides. I also wanted to create a small ledge with the bottom interior piece so it sticks out past the exterior frame.

The key to the project was the make shift tool Monte built. It made for perfect returns and saved a ton of time on measuring.

Nothing fancy but will save a lot of installation time

No need to measure. Gives you the perfect depth every time.

I love the ledge and the top casing that adds uniqueness. I didn’t want to add any fancy trim to the top but you could easily do that if you want to make things a little more formal and elegant. So many fun options.

Finishing up the Window Trim

After the trim is installed the key to making the project look amazing in caulk. Tubes of caulk are super cheap at Home Depot but it does take some extra time to make it amazing. Monte likes the hand held tubes. He cuts off a small opening on an angle. Giving you the perfect amount of caulking for your project. He also carries a wet paper towel to wipe over the caulk for the perfect finish. This is a step you don’t want to skip.

Trimming these windows makes this room look custom and unique.

Depending on how many windows you have and their size will determine your cost but this is a pretty inexpensive addition to a space that makes a huge difference.

A beautiful finished project.

After everything is caulked I give it a final coat of paint.

Simple Modern Crown Moulding

The baseboards add so much beauty to the space. We wanted to carry the modern flat trim look to the crown moulding.

I think the modern crown moulding really elevates a room so I was anxious to add it in the master bedroom. It wasn’t going to be a difficult installation. Just a little time to get it up.

After a trip to Home Depot to pick up the trim I set up a painting station in the garage. I like to give the crown moulding a coat of paint before installation. Making sure to get the edges really well so I don’t have to paint them against the wall and ceiling.

Modern Crown Moulding Painting Station

It will require a second coat of paint after the installation but only along the face of the boards if you get the edges painted well.

Installing the Crown Moulding

Because our bedroom is on the larger side we were going to have seams because we couldn’t get boards long enough.

We used 5″ wide boards along the wall and 3 1/2″ boards along the ceiling. To not make the narrower boards even narrower we put up the boards along the wall first. We started in one corner and worked our way around the room.

Before we install we take a few minutes and locate the studs and trusses so we have something to nail the trim boards too.

Marking the ceiling so we know where the studs and trusses are for nailing.

The flat simple boards that we use for the crown moulding are so easy to install. If you are using traditional crown you need to work with some difficult angles. Since we were using the simple flat trim it was much easier.

The Wall Trim First then Around the Ceiling

After we got the wall boards up we were ready to start around the ceiling. Luckily in this space the walls were decently square and straight so we didn’t much trouble.

The corners on the ceiling are cut to 45’s so it matches up and looks good with the previously installed wall trim.

This modern crown moulding is so quick and easy

We didn’t 45 the edges when it was the middle of the wall. We found it works better and looks better if you just butt the boards together and caulk it when finished.

Butt up the wall corner and 45 the ceiling corner for a professional finish

Making it Look Custom and Professional

The key to making this project look custom and professional is caulking. It is still a simple modern crown moulding but doing this final step will elevate the look.

Monte caulks all the edges and in between the two boards making it look like one piece. He also caulked the nail holes so they aren’t visible and any seams.

Wiping the caulk for a perfect finish

We have discovered that sanding the seams makes them truly invisible. Every once and awhile the house shifts a little and they become more visible but they can easily be touched up.

Second Coat of Paint

Caulking dries really quick. Painting the second coat only takes a few minutes so I wait until Monte is completely done before I start painting.

I like to use a small foam roller that easily gets into the edge so don’t have to used a paint brush plus a roller.

Final coat of paint. Using a small foam roller which will get into all the corners.

After it is painted it is done and ready to be enjoyed.

What it Adds to the Space

I love the look that this simple modern crown moulding adds to the master bedroom. It really elevates the space and makes it look custom and professional. A really beautiful space to end the day and relax.

Love the window trim and crown moulding together

I love the look of this crown moulding in all the areas of our home. You can check out the spaces here and here. It makes our home look unique and beautiful.

These little windows look so much better with trim.

A unique and custom way to finish our room

A bright and unique space.

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