Shiplap Hallway

When the Arizona stay at home order was about to start I kind of panicked and wondered what we were going to do. I told Monte we needed to come up with a few projects and get to Home Depot before everything shut down not realizing Home Depot would be considered essential and stay open.

There were a couple places in our house I was wanting to add shiplap. We measured the space and headed to Home Depot with our supply list to get everything needed so we could complete the project. It was nice when we figured out some stores would remain open but I was a little worried about being in public and also wanted to stay home more then normal.


shiplap hallway
shiplap hallway

This is the beginning of our hallway leading to three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The hall is to the left of our front entry. We see this space from our office and front entry so I was excited to make and create a charming space. I also wanted to add new decor to the walls and elevate the space.

Garage Painting station

shiplap hallway

Painting is always my responsibility. I have it down to a science. I lay out some sheets and throw down some scrap wood to get the shiplap off the floor to simplify painting the first coat. My preference is to paint one coat before installation. I got them painted in the morning and Monte started installing after work.


shiplap installation

Monte started by locating and marking the studs so we would have something to secure the shiplap boards too. He uses his trusty hammer and taps on the wall listening for the change of sound for the studs. He then takes the hammer and nail to confirm he found a stud. We’re not worried about making holes in the wall because the shiplap will cover the damage. After he finds the studs he uses a level and marks the wall with a pencil so when I’m nailing the boards I just follow the pencil marks.

Installing the Shiplap

shiplap installation

These shiplap boards that were purchased at Home Depot install really quick. They are cut so they go together leaving a gap between each board like shiplap. I though we’d do one full wall then the other. When Monte started doing the second wall I realized how important that was so we could keep them level. We used an actual level on the first piece which is very important to start level so the rest go up perfectly. For each row after I just made sure they were matching in the corner.

The installation was a one night project. It goes up fairly quickly. Working in an area that didn’t require a lot of cutting around electrical or other outlets made the job go quickly.

shiplap installation

Horizontal or Vertical what to do?

I went back and forth trying to decide if I wanted to install the shiplap horizontally or vertically. I just made a decision knowing there was no right or wrong and was sure some days I’d wish I’d gone vertically instead of horizontally.

My vision of this nook was to not take it all the way to the ceiling. We have 10 foot ceiling so going part way up still makes a statement. Creating a unique space that would work with the decor I had in mind. To finish the top of the shiplap we added a piece of 3/4 x 7/8 mdf trim. I didn’t want a large ledge on the top so adding the 3/4 x 7/8 trim finished it off perfectly.

shiplap installation

I absolutely love the way it turned out. It is so pretty even without the final coat of paint. I’ve seen so many shiplap installs with darker paint which is so pretty but I decided I wanted to stick with the classic white. I painted it Benjamin Moore dover white.


shiplap hallway
shiplap hallway

I loved the chair and door that I had displayed in this space but knew I wanted to change out the wall decor. Monte built the frames for these super cute printables I purchased off Etsy. After downloading I printed them at Office Depot. I decided to print them on heavy card stock because I didn’t want a glossy finish. I did use Krylon Matte finish spray to protect them from dust. The clear finish spray dries quickly so we were able to glue and staple them to the frames we built the same day. I used my favorite Annie Sloan dark soft wax to finish the frames. I love the way they all turned out.

shiplap hallway

This amazing chair

shiplap hallway
shiplap hallway

Lets talk about this chair sitting in the hall. I love it so much because it has an amazing story. I was visiting my parents a few years ago and went in my moms shed looking for something when I saw this chair. It was love at first sight. I asked her what it was doing in the shed and where it came from. She immediately told me to take it home. She had pulled it out of someones garbage pile in front of their home in the hamlet of Aetna in Southern Alberta. My mom and dad were married in the Aetna Church which is no longer a church but someones home. Because the chair in the garbage pile was in front of the church / house she knew it was a chair from when it was a church. Where she attended growing up and was married.

shiplap hallway

It was in a few pieces but we were able to put it together. There is a piece of cross bar missing in the front but I don’t care. Monte and I discussed replacing the missing piece but decided just leaving it was the best. I love having it in my home. The detail on this chair is so pretty I absolutely love it. I haven’t done anything with it but clean it up. I love that it looks well worn. It’s a beautiful chair with years of history. Whenever I walk by it I think of my parents and grandparents. They sat on this chair for years as they worshiped at church and held parties and weddings.

The final look

Not only do I love this chair I love the way it looks in this space. The vintage door I pulled out of a dirty cobwebby pile and cleaned up and painted looks so cute with the shiplap walls.

I am in love with the final look. The cost to do the shiplap in our back hallway was $150. The Home Depot shiplap is a little more expensive then creating it yourself but worth the little extra. It creates such a beautiful space and is so easy to use.

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