Shiplap DIY Walls and Ceilings

I love adding texture and warmth to spaces in my home.  One of my favorite ways to achieve the warmth and texture I love is with shiplap.


The first space we added shiplap in my home was a back hallway.  It looks amazing but there was even more that we could do.  Let me show you all the shiplap DIY walls and ceilings we have done in our home after a quick guide for easy installation.


Shop Home Depot for Shiplap

I was so excited when I discovered the ready to install shiplap at Home Depot.  It is a beautiful and easy to use product.  The pre primed board is designed to look like vintage shiplap you would find in the beautiful historic homes.  Let me clarify, it doesn’t look vintage but it works like shiplap that you can find in the beautiful historic homes in the south.  

You get the look without having to move to the south and tear down walls hoping to find the hidden gem.  I love that shiplap can look old and farmhouse or beautiful and modern.  Depending on the way it is paint or even the direction has been installed.  

Paint Before Installation for and Easier Finish

Because you will see the space between the shiplap I like to give it a quick coat of paint before I install it.  Especially if you are doing a darker color.  It can be really tricky to get the paint into that gap if you don’t paint it before installation.  

I love using a small sponge roller, quickly rolling the edges then the face of the shiplap.  I set up a painting station in my garage and get rolling.  It only takes an hour or so to get it all done and then a short amount of dry time.  If you are painting a darker color it could require two coats of paint before you start installing.  


Locate the Studs in the Wall

Before you start the installation locate the studs in the walls and ceilings so you have something to nail too.  You can use a handy stud finder or use my husbands tap and measure method.  We use a stud finder now plus the tapping method.  This is the one we have.  But we always double check by tapping the wall.  There is a different sound when you hit a stud behind the wall.  That could me more out of habit.   

I’ve even heard of people using a magnet.  I’ve never tried this but it looks interesting.  Here is an example.  I’d love to know what you think.  

After you locate the studs, draw a line up your wall and ceiling so you know where to nail.  This will save you a lot of time and headache.  

DIY Shiplap Installation

It is so easy to install.  You need to remove the baseboards if they are not the exact same width and shape as the shiplap.  Lucky for me mine are the same so I was able to skip that step.  If you are able to use them put a small space above the baseboard before installing the first board.  This gives you the look of shiplap from the floor up.

We use a few coins because they are small, gives you a good space, something we have on hand and easy to remove.  

The Home Depot shiplap is so easy to install.  It is designed to automatically create the perfect spacing that is key to the look of shiplap.

After you measure and cut to size nail it to the wall on the studs.  

Fill Nail Holes and Seams

For a custom and beautiful finish be sure to fill the nail holes and seams.  We have always be able to get away without having seams.  The shiplap comes in a variety of lengths and the space has always be short enough that we don’t need to have seams which is really nice.  If you are doing a large wall or ceiling you may have seams.  I’d try to do it without seams but if you have to make sure you stagger the seams so it’s not as visible.

We have always used caulking but the next time we do a wood project I’m going to try wood filler.  I’ve learned it gives you a better finish.  The caulk is better for non wood projects.  I’ll keep you posted when I give it a try.

If you’ve used caulk we wipe it with a wet paper towel or wipe as we go.  If you’ve tried the wood filler you’ll need to let it dry and then sand before the final step.

Paint for a Beautiful Finish

And now comes the fun, paint.  It is so satisfying to paint a project that you’ve worked on.  Creating a beautiful end result.  I love to see it all painted.  Adding so much texture and warmth to the space.

A Variety of Shiplap Ideas

We have added shiplap to a variety of spaces in our home.  It has been installed to walls creating a cozy corner. 

shiplap walls


We have added it to ceilings for intrigue.  Honestly adding shiplap to the ceiling is my favorite.  No one expects it and it gives your home a custom unique finish.  

shiplap ceiling


I also used it to add texture to our very large fireplace. Check out the details to the fireplace shiplap installation Here.  



And don’t forget your laundry room.  I love having a pretty laundry room.  Mine isn’t big but I do love having a pretty space even though it’s not the funnest room in the house.

laundry room shiplap

Decor to the Door

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