See how easy it is to make and create a charming bathroom?

Let’s see how easy it is to make and create a charming bathroom? It is so fun to update a space and make it personal and unique. The projects we did in this guest bathroom were easier then you think.

I’m excited to take you through the changes we made. The individual projects were not too difficult. They were done overtime but the end result is pretty amazing.

Making and creating a beautiful mirror

The standard for most homes is a huge mirror. I like having a good sized mirror but its not very pretty. I may change it later but for now framing the mirror was a huge improvement. That is part of the fun with DIY. When you don’t invest a lot because you’ve done the work yourself it’s not a problem to change it out later.

Framing the mirror is an easy way to make and create charm in your bathroom.

It didn’t take much time and was super easy to build. You can check all the details out here. We used primed baseboard in a design I liked then created the frame by adding quarter round. Monte and I put it together in the garage, carried it into the house and installed it on the big mirror. I love the update. See how easy it is to make and create a charming bathroom?

Making and Creating charm by replacing the builder grade medicine cabinet

Because this is a guest bathroom it isn’t used often which means there wasn’t much need for the builder grade medicine cabinet to hide all the personal items. I was excited to take it out and make that space look really pretty.

Updating the medicine cabinet is an easy and fun update to this space.

This was a super simple and inexpensive project. Because we used left over wood from other projects it really didn’t cost anything. Check it out here. Such an easy way to make and create charm in our guest bathroom.

Another easy way to make and create a charming bathroom, change out the shower shelf

Making and creating this charming guest bathroom happened in stages. We didn’t tackle it all at once but everything we did was intentional.

The builder grade shower shelf was something to be desired. It was ugly and not very functional. This project took the most time because we were doing something we’ve never done before. Thankfully we figured it out and have updated all of our shower shelves. Check them out here.

We loved doing the guest shower shelf so much we decided to redo it. This guest bathroom was the first one we tackled a few years ago. After adding the new wallpaper I realized how bad it looked. Thankfully my husband felt the same way and was on board to change it. It wasn’t the easiest thing to take out so I really appreciated his effort and willingness. The bathroom looks so much better now. You can see us redoing the shower shelf here.

Making and creating charm by updating the shower shelf

Don’t worry it had been awhile since we’d done the shelf the first time. That made it a little less frustrating.

Board and Batten adds so much charm to the guest bathroom

Our guest bathroom has a long wall that runs from the entry to the bathtub. It was boring and hadn’t been shown much attention. I finally decided what I wanted.

Board and batten in one of the easiest projects you can do in a space. It was an easy way to make and create charm in the guest bathroom. If you need a project that doesn’t take a lot of time, make a big mess, is easy and fairly inexpensive board and batten is the way to go.

Board and Batten is one of the easiest and inexpensive accents you can add to a space.

We’ve used board and batten in a few areas of our home. I love it all. I love that it installs quick, looks amazing and adds depth and charm to the space. It’s such an easy way to make and create charm in your home.

One project leads to another

This is where one project lead to another. After the board and batten was installed I loved it so much and would walk into the guest bathroom just to admire the space. On one of my may visits I suddenly envisioned beautiful wallpaper above the board and batten. I knew exactly which pattern I wanted to use.

Peel and Stick wallpaper is so pretty and fun to install.

I was off to Lowe’s for the gorgeous paper and got it installed. It is so pretty and really elevated the space. The next problem was the newly installed wallpaper made the shower niche look terrible. It wasn’t something I noticed until the wallpaper was up and the shower curtain pulled out of the way. I thought about leaving it but it looked terrible with the design.

And to another project

The shower niche update was worth the effort.

When we originally installed the shower niche a few years earlier I didn’t really have a vision for the room. I was just anxious to get the ugly builder grade shelf out of the space. I felt bad changing it but it was worth the effort and extra cost. Because we could reuse the ez niche we’d originally installed we only had to purchase a small quantity of tile. The cost was minimal but it did require a little effort removing the tile and frame but so worth the effort. Check out the niche makeover here.

The major projects are done now the fun stuff … decor

See how easy it has been to make and create our charming bathroom. I wanted to be very intentional with the decor. Taking my time to find the perfect pieces for the space. I’m not always the best at taking my time.

The struggle for me is always finding items I love for a price I love too. You can check out my inspiration for the final elements here. Lets just say Rae Dunn played a huge roll in making it happen. Thanks to an amazing find at TJ Maxx Home Goods.

Loving the simple but pretty decor pieces.

That’s usually how things work for me. I find a starting piece and roll from there. It’s amazing how things take shape. I’m not the type of person that has it all figured out. I do things in stages. When I get going the pieces start falling into place.

It was easy to make and create a charming bathroom

I am so happy with the end result. I love all the design elements and decor. It is a beautiful space that I’m happy to share with guests. It was easy to make and create a charming bathroom. Each element added more and more charm to the space.

Making and creating a charming bathroom is easier then you’d think

Love the unique and pretty charm.

For anyone needing help with seasonal decor I’m here for you. Decor to the Door is the perfect place to pick up unique and pretty decor pieces that will compliment your home. There is also a link in the header. Check back often as new pieces arrive very month.

If you need some tips and tricks to styling decor check out the link in the header. Five tips for styling an entry table.

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