Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Update your Family Room

Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Update your Family Room

Here are quick, easy and inexpensive ways to update your family room.  In our home we have one main gathering area.  It is open concept and large but needed some charm and character added to the space.  

These projects weren’t all done in a single weekend but we took our time adding subtle changes that each added to the unique beauty in the space and created something special.

Here is a list of all the projects we did in our family / great room.  I’m sure there will be something you will love and want to do in your space.  Don’t feel like you need to do everything at once.  Take your time and enjoy the process of making and creating something charming and unique in your home.

Project #1

We started by adding window trim. This project wasn’t terribly expensive and didn’t take a ton of time but created some beautiful results.

Whether you are framing just a single window or doing your whole house you will make a statement.  Have an idea about the style you are after and create something unique.  The options are endless.  I wanted a modern farmhouse (ish) look with clean lines and texture. 

To make your home look amazing you will also want to me consistent with your  window trim in each room of your home.

We did all our windows at one time.  It did take a couple days but once you figure out what you are creating and buy all the product you get rocking and rolling.

You can check out our window trim installation Here.  

After the windows were trimmed I added some beautiful curtains from Ikea.  Not only are they gorgeous but they’re so inexpensive.  I have these Ikea curtains in so many rooms of my home.  They are a beautiful neutral color.  The texture and weight of the fabric make them a beautiful addition to any space.  

Beautiful Curtains

Family Room Updates

Project #2

Our second project was installing the modern baseboard inspired crown molding.  This is not the traditional ornate crown molding that is super expensive at the big box store.  

We used different widths of baseboard to create the crown molding for a modern and clean look.  I love the results.  It’s easier to install then traditional crown and takes less time, in my opinion.  Traditional crown is really tricky to get the angles cut correctly.  This baseboard inspired crown is more straight forward.  

We purchased the longest lengths possible for our project to try and limit the seams.  Which looks nicer and is easier to install.

For more in depth instructions on how to install this baseboard inspired crown molding check it out Here.

Modern Crown Molding

Project #3

The next piece we worked on was our gas fireplace.  This is a huge unit in our family room.  I didn’t want to take it out and start from scratch but I wanted to improve the look.

We add some diy barn wood behind the tv.  Then some traditional crown molding to the top of the unit and some trim down the sides.  I wanted to add traditional crown just over the fireplace unit so it stood out and looked like a separate piece in the family room.  

We also added wood to the drywalled mantel and shiplap to the base.  It seems like a lot of projects but was things we did over time until we got the result we were after.  

I love the texture and uniqueness of this statement piece in our home.  Each element we added created something a little more special and unique.  

You can check out all the steps we took to create this piece Here.  

Finished Fireplace

Project #4

The final quick, easy and inexpensive project we did to update our family room was add shiplap to the piano / reading corner.  I love working with shiplap.  It adds so much texture to the space.  It can look elegant or rustic.  No matter how you work with it it always turns out great.

Shiplap is an easy medium to work with.  It isn’t terribly expensive and is super easy to work with.  We’ve added shiplap to different areas in our home.  Including on the ceiling which looked amazing. 

Check out all the fun areas we’ve added shiplap in our home Here.  

Shiplap your home

Shiplap corner

Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Ways We Updated our Family Home

We have done a lot of fun and unique projects in our family room.  They were all easy and quick and not very expensive.  We took our time and did the projects when we had a little time and the ideas came.  Not all of my ideas show up at once.  I usually do one project and live with it for awhile until a new idea pops into my head.  To be honest I have ideas popping in my head all the time but I don’t have the time, energy or money to do them all.  If I take my time and enjoy the space for awhile I then feel more confident about my decisions, knowing I will love the end result.

This space looks warm and inviting.  A place where I enjoy resting at the end of the day or visiting with family and friends.  It has taken a little time to get it to this point but I am loving the end result.  I love the wood elements we added with crown, framing the window, shiplap and the mantel.  I love the softness the new curtains added.  There is so much to look at an enjoy.  

Family Room Updates

Decor to the Door

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I also know how busy you are and taking the time to locate decor pieces that work well together isn’t always a priority.  You may want to have something unique and pretty but you don’t have the time to look for it.

Thats where Decor to the Door will work for you.  I have created beautiful seasonal collections and found individual pieces that are beautiful and would look amazing in your space. 

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