Open Shelf with Industrial Pipe

If you have a space that needs just a little more you can create something special.  I had one of those space and the best option was to add a charming open shelf with industrial pipe.  

This is one of those quick, easy and inexpensive projects that are so fun to try if you’re a beginner. 

Open Shelf Options are Endless

The open industrial pipe shelf options are endless.  You can definitely find some beautiful ones on Amazon.  

This beautiful open two shelf with industrial pipe is so pretty and would look adorable over a toilet in your bathroom.

floating shelf

I love the look of wood and industrial pipe but I wanted the one under my clock to be a little more elegant and simple.

Where to Find the Pipe

My husband and I have done a lot of looking and have found the perfect material you will need to create a beautiful shelf.  We’ve used black metal pipe from Home Depot and love the industrial look of it.  That is what I would use again if we hadn’t been building a gorgeous bookcase with industrial pipe and what Home Depot had wasn’t going to work .  Check out the bookcase build here and here.


We decided to check out Lowe’s and found beautiful made for this kind of product pipe.  It isn’t actually metal pipe used for gas fitting but painted black pipe that isn’t threaded but made to simply put together and create something beautiful.  We were doing the happy dance when we found it.  It is call SteelTek and is so easy to use.  The key is making sure you get the same size for all your pieces.  

shop Lowes

shop Lowes

To create the shelf all we needed was a 6″ pipe, floor flange and cap.  We also purchased lag bolts to hang it on the wall.  The opening they leave on the flange for the screw is too big for drywall screws, so we had to use lag bolts.  

Wood for the Shelf

I wanted a rustic wood shelf so I made my way to Home Depot and grabbed a 2×6 that is 4′ long.  All I needed to do was cut off a few inches to give me the perfect size shelf.  Did you know when they say 2×6 the wood isn’t actually 6″.  It’s more like 5 1/4″?  This is a standard so keep that in mind when you are doing a new project.  


When you’re looking for wood make sure you get one that is straight and really pretty.  I love beautiful wood, the grain and knots make each piece unique.  If you’ve been around for awhile you know my feeling about sanding.  It really brings a new or old piece of wood to life. My mouse sander is my favorite.  It fits into my hand nicely and does an amazing job.   You can grab a mouse sander Here.  And the Sanding pads make it even easier.  Amazon has every grit you will need.  Get them here.

After the board was sanded all it needed was some beautiful stain.  

Staining for the Win

I have been doing a beautiful stain that I love and looks so beautiful in my home.  It is a three step process but worth the effort.  Even though it is three steps it’s not terribly difficult.  The additional time is mostly waiting for each step to dry.



I have tried a couple different brands with the same colors but these ones work the best for me.  They are from Home Depot.  Grab the Varathane pre-stain, white wash and special walnut at Home Depot.  

I apply the pre-stain let it sit for a couple minutes then wipe it off with Scott Shop Towels.  These towels are so versatile and nice to have on hand.  That reminds me that I need to order some more from Amazon.  So much easier than trying to remember to get them at Home Depot.  

After the pre-stain add the white wash, let it sit for a minute and wipe off with the blue towel.

Check out the back of the can for the suggested wait times.  Then apply the special walnut stain.  The white wash makes the special walnut color more subtle.  Perfect for what is on point right now.  

special walnut

I love the look of the finished product.  It isn’t hard and the results are stunning. 

Hanging the Pipe

Hanging the floor flange is super easy.  It only took a couple minutes.  We were able to drill into the studs making it quick.  Because we drilled into the studs we didn’t need to use hollow wall fasteners.  If you can’t hit a stud  make sure you use a good quality hollow wall fasteners.  

After the flange is hung insert the pipe, tighten and pop in the end cap.  Nothing could be easier.  Then we plopped the wood onto the pipe.  

Since this shelf is in an area where the grandbabies spend a lot of time, I wanted to make sure it was secure and couldn’t be knocked off so we drilled into the pipe added a screw through the pipe and into the wood.  Making it good and secure.  Screwing from the bottom with a black drywall screw keeps it hidden, no one will be able to see the additional screw. 

pipe shelf



Simple and Pretty Decor

 I have a beautiful clock that I wanted to hang just above the shelf.  Because the clock is large I wanted the shelf to be an extension of the clock.

beautiful shelf

It did need a little decor but I also wanted it to be simple and elegant.  I went to TJ Maxx Home Good store to find a some greenery.  There are so many options, I had my basket filled with options but decided this beautifully shaped wicker basket with greenery and small white flowers was the perfect piece.

Here are a few I found one Amazon that would look beautiful in your home.  Check them out Here and Here.  

I then had some bead garland I laid on the shelf.  I wanted the decor to be something light in weight and pretty.  Our sweet grandbabies love to stand on the trunk so I didn’t want them to get hurt if something got knocked off the shelf.  

The greenery is light but so pretty and the beads will probably be dragged around our house but I’m ok with that.

beautiful shelf

clock shelf


Decor to the Door

Are you a busy mom who can not imagine stopping at Hobby Lobby or AtHome with a car filled with littles wanting to find the perfect decor pieces for your home? That is why I’ve created Decor to the Door.  I save you precious time and a few headaches by putting beautiful decor together and delivering it to your door.  No need to load and unload the kids in the car.  Opening your front door is so much easier plus you will have something unique and pretty.  You didn’t need to run all over town trying to find the perfect pieces for your home.  

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