No Fail Updates to Bedroom Furniture

Have you ever heard the phrase reduce, reuse and repurpose?  That is something that has been instilled in me and something I love to do.  Yes I purchase furniture but when there is a good quality piece that just needs updating I love making them over.  I actually enjoy updating pieces so it fits two purposes.  Helps fill the need to be creative and the reduce, reuse and repurpose idea.  Here are some no fail updates to bedroom furniture.

Finding the Pieces

Sometimes you have the furniture in your home, pieces that are amazing quality but need a little refresh.  One day after living with a piece for years I will suddenly have a vision of all the possibilities.  It suddenly doesn’t work for me and I am wanting to create a new piece.

Other times there is a space to fill and a desire to update furniture.  So I start looking at Goodwill shops.  Not all second hand shops are the same, I have found my favorites that often have quality pieces perfect for updates.

You can also find great pieces at garage sales or on second hand apps like OfferUp which is one of our favorites.

No Fail Updates for Nightstands

Over the past few years we have updated at least seven nightstands.  They are quick pieces to makeover but the change they make in your space is remarkable.

They can be painted or stained or a combination of both.  Nightstands are so versatile.  If you are planning to stain a surface it needs to be sanded down to the raw wood.  My favorite look is modern with a touch of farmhouse.  It’s a stained top then painting the rest of the surfaces.

Before you decide how you’re planning to finish the nightstand check whether its hardwood which stains beautifully or if its mdf painting the wood is a better option.

No Fail Updates for Dressers

Like nightstands you want to know if you’re working with mdf or hardwood.  Then you’ll know the best way to update the piece.

Mdf is medium density fiberboard, engineered wood made from panels of wood fiber.  It doesn’t stain well, trust me we’ve tried.  Because it is a manufactured product it looks blotchy when stained but paints beautifully. I have stained mdf but I’m not always thrilled with the results so take this as a warning.

Updating a dresser is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to elevate the look in your home.

Second Hand to Beautiful

I was wanting to find matching nightstands for our guest bedroom.  What I had in there was too small for the room and didn’t work with my home design.  There were nightstands at stores I could have purchased but I was wanting to create and refinish some furniture.

You don’t usually find matching nightstand at a second hand store.  Luckily on two different shopping trips I found matching night stands.  One was cleaner but both were in great shape and perfect for a furniture makeover.

Furniture makeover   furniture makeover

With just a little elbow grease, sanding, paint and stain you can create something amazing.  Don’t underestimate the power in new hardware.  Crystal knobs are a perfect way to finish the nightstand.  These round crystal / glass knobs are a beautiful way to finish the nightstand.

Nightstand Makeover

Many years ago we purchased nightstands for the primary bedroom.  At the time they matched the posts and wrought iron head and foot boards.  Many years ago the head and foot boards were sold because we went a different direction.  The nightstands are large and fit the space well.  I also loved the style for function and look.

Like I explained earlier one day I’m ok with them and the next I am wanting to change them.  I wanted to make them more modern and less traditional.  They were well made and my vision was to stain them in a modern color and fit the new aesthetics of our home.  

The exterior of the nightstand was hard wood and would stain beautifully.  Unfortunately the interior was mdf.  Because I really wanted to stain it I decided with a basket even if it ended up a little blotchy it would be ok.  

The top was painted black and had a beautiful finish.  There are a lot of black accents in my home so keeping the top works with our home.

   nightstand makeover   nightstand makeover

Changing the hardware is a simple update usually, in this case the original hardware looked good and tied in the black top.  Keeping the original hardware was the right choice for this makeover.

No Fail Updates from OfferUp to Beautiful

My son and daughter in-law we needing furniture for their first home.  They were on a tight budget so some of their shopping was done on OfferUp.  An app where people sell everything under the sun.  They found nightstands and a dresser that I think was homemade.  The build was good but the finish was not great.  

It had paper glued on the inside of the shelf which was a beast to get off.  Getting it to the original state so it was ready to paint took some time.  The wood quality wasn’t great so painting was a much better option then staining.  

  nightstand update   furniture makeover

The hardware made this nightstand.  These black cup drawer pulls made a beautiful statement.  You can find the pulls here.  

No Fail Dresser Makeover

Updating a dresser in your bedroom is a great way to make your space more modern.  This dresser has been around for years.  It has had a couple updates, unfortunately there aren’t any pictures of the original look.  Back then we were still putting film in the camera. 

It was in need of another makeover to match the aesthetics of the updated room.  Check out the bedroom makeover here

The top of the dresser was nice wood so a perfect place to stain.  Painting the rest of the dresser was the best choice.  Painting a dresser is a not as hard as you’d think.  The prep work takes more time than painting the sides and drawers.

dresser makeover   dresser update

The new hardware made a huge difference to the dresser.  The black is elegant and timeless.  Check out the hardware here.  

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