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I love a beautiful accent to a space. Wood has become my favorite product to work with over the years . I love old wood and new wood, rustic wood and classy wood.

In one of the bedrooms in our home I waffled back and forth trying to decide what I wanted. I knew I wanted something a little simpler and more classy.

I decided that adding some planks in the bedroom would be beautiful. We made our way to Home Depot to make sure we would be able to get what we wanted. It had to be long enough because I didn’t want seams so it needed to go the full length of the wall.

bedroom accent wall

Before the Upgrade

This is how the room sat for a few months. It was one of those spaces that we didn’t use unless we had company so it didn’t have any character or charm. The cute bunkbed has been a part of our home for years. We purchased it when I was pregnant with our 4th son so it has been around for a long time. We were living in a single wide trailer with 2 bedrooms so we had to start stacking the kids up.

It was time to move on from the bunk beds. A queen bed would be more functional for our family now but I have loved these bunk beds. The bunks have been a part of our family for so many years it was weirdly hard to part with them. They are solid wood and can be set up as a bunk bed or a double and single matching bed set. To achieve the vision I had for the room I needed to let the bunks go.

We decided to use 1 x 12 pine planks that we picked up at Home Depot. The pine wood is so pretty. After we brought the wood home it was time to start another fun project. Step one was giving it a quick sanding. The pine was a smooth cut so it didn’t require a lot just smoothing out any rough edges. I wanted a rich finish so I decided to use the Annie Sloan soft wax, it is one of my favorite projects ever. I love it. It is super easy to work with and gives the wood such a soft smooth finish. I have used it on so many kinds of wood and am always happy with the way it turns out.

One of my favorite products EVER

bedroom accent wall

We have 10 foot ceilings in our home so we just did a little math to figure out how to space the planks. There was an electric outlet we needed to work around. It wasn’t worth cutting around the outlet so it was our starting point and worked our way up. It was important to keep the spacing between each plank equal. As luck would have it we were able to space everything nicely.

bedroom accent wall
bedroom accent wall

Looks better then I imagined

We brought in the air nailer to hang the planks. Monte took some time to find the studs behind the wall so we had something to nail too. I wish finding the studs was a little easier but for whatever reason in our home it is a bit of a hunt. Since the boards were running the full length of the wall we had plenty to nail too we just needed to find them.

It was a little tricky getting the boards in place because we had a bunk bed in the middle of the room or as much out of the way as we could push it. We also needed a couple ladders for the top two boards, maybe top 3 boards for me. I’ve got pretty good at ducking out of the way as we brought in the planks board by board. Monte loves a tight fight which usually means he needs to cut a couple times. He measures carefully but always sides with it’s easier to cut more off then to add to. I told him if I had a dollar for overtime he said, “I just need to take off a saw blade” to make it fit perfectly I’d have a lot of dollars.

It was a fairly quick install which is always nice. I love a project that doesn’t take twice as long as I expect. It only took a couple hours from start to finish. Perfect project. After we got the wall done I was committed to changing out the bed. We were able to find someone who could really use the bunk bed so I know it went to a great home.


bedroom accent wall
bedroom accent wall
bedroom accent wall

I am so happy with the way the finished product looks. I love the depth and dimension the pine wood adds to the space. It is a beautiful addition to the room and makes it look charming and complete. It was sad to see the bunk beds go out the door but I’m so happy to have a queen bed in the space.

Have you ever decided what you want to add for decor but then not able to find what you’re looking for. I had seen windmill blades in several places and thought it would be a cute addition to the rustic classy accent wall. When I made the decision of what I wanted I went to my usual stores to find one. Do you think I was able to find what I was looking for, nope. It was a little frustrating.

I finally stopped in a cute little store, RodWorks. They happened to have something close to what I was looking for. After talking with the employee I found out they had a bigger one they could bring in from a different store in the valley. So I took a risk and purchased a half wind mill blade without actually seeing it. My biggest concern was the size. I wanted it to be big enough to not look out of place in the space.

Love the Finished Product

bedroom accent wall
bedroom accent wall

I love the overall look and am so happy with the feeling of the space. The cost to add the pine planks to the wall was $200. The pine was a little more expensive then rough cut lumber but I think it was worth spending a little more.

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