Inspiring Home Office Ideas

Creating a pretty inspiring home office can be accomplished in just a few easy steps.  Here are some inspiring home office ideas.  A beautiful office makes a work day more enjoyable.

Inspiring Home Office Idea 1

Having natural light in your space helps boost your mood and makes the work day nicer.  Bring in a touch of nature with a beautiful plant.  A plant and a beautiful pot are a nice addition to your office space.

If you have a large office it can be a larger plant with a cute pot and a stand but if it’s a smaller office space a nice succulent on the desk adds a pretty touch of greenery to your office.  My husband has a large home office, it doesn’t have as much natural light as my office but he has more space so he has a large plant in a beautiful pot.  I loved the pot so much but wanted a plant stand so we built one to fit the pot.

inspiring home office   inspiring home office

Home Office Inspiration Idea 2

If you are spending the day at your desk a comfortable chair is a must.  Even having an ergonomic desk will give you a break from sitting and is healthier for you.

Having a comfortable chair is important but if it’s pretty that is a win win.  Check out these beautiful office chairs that can be delivered to your door.  This one comes in a variety of colors and this one is more stream line and will be a little cooler with the mesh back.

I need to take my own advice and find a comfortable chair that will offer more support. The chair I have is pretty but after a couple hours I begin to slough and add pressure to my low back.  I also need to get my husband a desk top that he can lift so he can stand on occasion.  It would be so much better for him, our bodies aren’t meant to be sitting for eight hours a day.  Something like this is what we need.

Inspiring Home Office Idea 3

Having usable office storage is a must.  A desk with drawers for pens, paperclips and sticky notes keep the space clean and calm.  If you don’t have drawers baskets or dough bowls to hold supplies.  This butcher block desk is one of my favorite builds.  I love the way it turned out, it is so pretty and functional.  You can check out how it was built here.  When the desk was complete I purchased a variety of baskets, bins, trays and dough bowls so I could see what looked good and what worked best for the desk and what I needed.

home office storage

Use shelves, drawers and filing cabinets to keep your workspace organized and tidy.  If you have shelves add baskets so you have a place to store items you need, keeping the space functional and pretty.    

home office storage

You can have so much fun with office storage, there are so many pretty storage options.  To figure out what you need take out everything you have and edit out what you don’t need.  Then you will know what is needed to create a work space that is pretty and functional.  When you edit your office stuff you’ll be surprised by what you can toss, don’t forget to check all the pens.  Toss those that no longer work.  

Here are a few storage items that will make your office pretty and functioning.  Look at them here and here.

Inspirational Home Office Idea 4  

Adding personal touches to your work space makes it feel inviting and inspiring.  This includes artwork, photos or a favorite quote. 

Adding a quote or image you love will help you create an inspiring home office.  A great quote helps you stay motivated throughout your work day.  

Being surrounded by personal items that you love makes your work space so much more enjoyable.  We love family pictures, nothing feels better than seeing beautiful pictures of children and grandchildren.  

Home Office Inspiration Idea 5

Choose a color scheme that inspires creativity and productivity.  If you don’t have a large space with a lot of natural light paint the walls a light color so you don’t feel closed in.  

I am not an expert on color psychology but I’ve heard blues and greens promote focus and calmness.  When you have a calming space that promotes focus your day will be so much more enjoyable. You can incorporate blues and greens with decor and accents, don’t feel like you need to paint the walls blue or green to create a calm focused office.  

Inspiring Home Office Idea 6

Embrace a minimalist approach to your home office, with clean lines and uncluttered surfaces.  This is key when creating an inspiring home office.  My personality does better in a clutter free space.  Creating a clutter free home is one of my goals this year.  I edit my home a lot but I really want to take it to the next level.  There will be a lot of fun posts coming with ideas to create a calm organized home.  

Now there are a few select people who function really well in chaos.  I believe they are few and far between.  Taking the time to edit the space and remove what isn’t needed, intentionally adding personal touches will make your home office peaceful and lovely.  Creating a special and inspiring home office space. 

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