How to update your bathroom with cute decor

I’m excited to show you how to update your bathroom with cute decor. Whether it needs just a little refreshing or you want to make some major changes decor and styling can update the space.

I remember growing up and visiting my grandma’s house. She lived about 3 hours away from us so we visited a couple times year. In her bathroom she had an over the toilet standing unit with a few shelves. On those shelves she had a lot of little trinkets and knick knacks. I remember my dad counting how many items she had displayed through out her bathroom. I don’t recall the exact number but I’m sure it was a couple dozen or more.

As I remember her bathroom I used to think it was so pretty. She had gorgeous fluffy rugs and I liked all the pretty things she had on display. I’m sure a lot of you can picture what I’m describing. A beautiful grandparents home in the 1970’s.

What kind of decor?

The kind of decor I’m talking about is not what my grandma had in her bathroom. I have fond memories of that time and her way of decorating but things have involved into a cleaner way of making and creating charm.

Wanting to update my bathroom with cute decor

I had kind of decorated the guest bathroom but I wasn’t really happy with it. After we had done some updates I was anxious to make it really pretty and fun. I’m excited to show you how to update your bathroom with cute decor.

Finding a new light

When we purchased our semi custom home it came with the cheapest vanity light every. I had changed out the light but I wasn’t really excited about what was in there the past few years.

When I was at Lowe’s looking for hooks and a new shower head I found this super cute vanity light that is so modern farmhouse pretty. I had done a lot of looking for a pretty light but hadn’t found anything I loved for a good price. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found this perfect for my bathroom light. I really loved it’s elegance but also it’s modern farmhouse vibe.

Loving this new light that will really update my guest bathroom

Quick and easy to install if you have some basic electrical experience.

Love the modern farmhouse vibe this light creates.

Adding a shelf

I wanted to add a shelve or two above the toilet. I pictured a floating shelf or one with pretty brackets.

From our last visit to our sons ranch I brought back a beautiful piece of old barn lumber that I thought of cutting and using for a shelf along with some gas pipe for brackets. I have used pipe in a couple projects around the house and love the rustic beauty. After standing in the space I decided I wanted to make it less rustic and a little more elegant.

On the same visit to Lowe’s where we found the vanity light I also found this pretty Allen + Roth shelf that would look pretty with a couple decor elements I had already found.

I waffled back and forth trying to decide if I wanted one shelf or two. Because I wanted to add some larger items I decided one shelf would work best in the space. Luckily changing my mind isn’t a crime and if I decide I want a second shelf I can add it. But for now I’m super happy with the way it looks.

Love the brackets and the color of the shelf. It’s going to really update my bathroom with the cute decor.

Updating the bathroom with cute decor

For me it’s always an adventure to find decor I love and works well together. It usually comes together when I find one piece that I love and then build from there.

That piece was my Rae Dunn sign I found at TJ Maxx Home Goods. You can check out the post here that has tips for finding pretty Rae Dunn decor. She’s pretty popular and her decor can be tricky to find.

When I found the ‘revitalize’ Rae Dunn sign I loved it and knew it would be perfect in our guest bathroom. Then when I found the Allen + Roth shelf with the same wood finish. I knew I was moving in the right direction.

In love with the cute ‘revitalize’ Rae Dunn Sign.

A cute bathroom sign

I wanted to add a cute bathroom sign on the shelf we installed. I looked at a few of my favorite stores but wasn’t having much luck. There are some signs that I think are kind of “cheesy” which wasn’t what I was looking for. I finally decided to make my own. Monte and I have got pretty good at sign making thanks to my Decor to the Door business.

I got on the site Canva to make and create the printable. They have a lot of free options, I have a paid membership because I was needing a little more versatility. The his and her bathroom sign took me less then 30 minutes to create. If you have a good quality printer and some cardstock you could easily print it at home but I wanted to make sure the print quality was good so I ordered it at OfficeMax. I love that you can upload and order from home and pick up at a designated station. No standing in line or waiting. The OfficeMax near me always gets my projects done really quickly.

I was also given this Hearth and Hand with Magnolia sign from Target as a gift that I love and was excited to add it to this space. One side says good day and it flips to say good night. A perfect addition. I’m not seeing this exact sign available but this one is also really cute.

Adding some greenery

I love adding greenery to a space. Always adding a natural element breathes so much life into a space. Even if it’s not an actual living piece. I found this living Boxwood topiary tree at TJ Maxx Homegoods. I came across it at the same time as the Rae Dunn sign. When I find so many pretty items that are exactly what I want it sure makes a shopping trip fun.

This boxwood doesn’t need a lot of care besides spritz with water every few weeks. Not only is it pretty it is low maintenance which is a win win in my eyes.

The pretty decor really updated my bathroom

I have loved the stages of creating this beautiful space. We have not invested a lot but have really improved the look of this guest bathroom. The final piece was finding new towels from Target and towel hooks on Amazon. The hearth and hand with magnolia collection had the perfect towels. They are so soft and looked perfect in the space. I had to do a lot of looking for this modern farmhouse towel hooks. After I purchased these ones I found another cute option from Hearth and Hand with magnolia that would have looked amazing too.

Loving how quick and easy it was to update my bathroom with cute decor.

It was so fun and not too difficult to update our bathroom with cute decor.

The new light might be my favorite addition.

Final thoughts

Decor is something I love to look for an find especially if I can do it on a budget. This guest bathroom was so beautifully updated with all the cute decor I was able to find. It’s one of my favorite rooms in the house.

If you need some help with your seasonal decor be sure to check our my site Decor to the Door. There is also a link in the header.

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