How to update a recessed medicine cabinet

I am so excited to show you how quick and easy it is to update a recessed medicine cabinet. Do you have builder grade medicine cabinets in all your bathrooms? We do and they’re not that pretty.

Recessed Medicine cabinet

A couple of our medicine cabinets are being used and making them over isn’t feasible or I haven’t figured out a way to make them function and look prettier. I’m going to figure it out but for now I wanted to show you a quick and easy way to turn a builder grade medicine cabinet that doesn’t need to be stuffed with stuff into something cute and functional.

The medicine cabinet in our guest bathroom wasn’t being used for stuff so it was the perfect place to start on a DIY recessed medicine cabinet update.

The start to updating your recessed medicine cabinet.

I love our guest bathroom. I loving having a space where our guests can be comfortable and use as their own. Finding ways to update a cute space is one of my favorite things.

Updating a recessed medicine cabinet is easier then you think and pretty inexpensive. It’s easy because it’s not a large space and inexpensive for the same reason.

We started by taking out the building grade mirror medicine cabinet. It was the easiest thing every. It is secured in place with 4 screws then siliconed along the outside. All you’ll need to do is take out the four screws and use an exacto knife to cut the silicone they used to adhere to it in place.

Removing the 4 screws. We should have taken out the selves. It would have been a lot easier.

Cutting the silicone on the bottom.

Cutting the silicone on the side

It was at this point that the recessed medicine cabinet fell out. It caught us by surprise. Luckily it didn’t hit anyone and didn’t break. Cleaning up broken mirror would not have been fun.

We were not ready for it to fall out because Monte had only cut the silicone on two sides. We made the assumption it would be siliconed on all four sides. So be a little careful because you never know exactly what you’re dealing with.

What was behind the medicine cabinet?

We were pleased to find a framed space behind the cabinet that would work perfectly with my DIY plan.

A perfectly framed space.

When the builder grade mirror medicine cabinet is being installed the builder needed to frame a space for it to be supported. That is exactly what we were hoping to find. Getting rid of this recessed medicine cabinet is going to be so quick and easy. Making and creating something pretty is my favorite.

There were 2×4’s framing the space. What we saw at the back was the back of the drywall for the linen closet in the bathroom.

Notice the drywall backing.

We also found drywall dust and debris from when they were building. It drives me crazy that they don’t do a better job of cleaning up.

Do you love Beadboard?

I am a lover of beadboard. I love the way it looks and the texture it adds to a space. We had some extra laying around from other projects so this simple project was going to be almost free. It is pretty small so it doesn’t require a lot of supplies. That is a definite win win in my books. Beadboard is easily found. We pick ours up at Home Depot. There are a variety of sizes that make doing projects so much easier. I like the smaller spaced beadboard then the wider space especially for a small project like this one.

You can buy 4 x 8 sheets or smaller sheets which work perfectly with smaller projects.

The design plan was to add bead board to the back of the space. We then planned to frame it so it looked finished and most importantly pretty. We planned to frame the inside as well as build a beautiful frame around the outside making a beautifully finished unit.

Beadboard makes it look so nice.

This super easy recessed medicine cabinet makeover

Projects that don’t take a lot of time or cost a lot of money are my favorite. If it looks amazing it is a victory. This project definitely falls in that category.

I think this is a beginner project. A great place to try your hand at DIY.

Have fun with the shelves

You can have a lot of fun with the shelves. If you know what you want to display on the shelves it will give you an idea of what you need.

The new medicine cabinet with shelves.

We decided to just put in 2 horizontal shelves. We placed the top one a little higher so the open space would be a little narrower. I knew I’d wanted a few taller items on the bottom two shelves. You could even have fun with some vertical and horizontal shelves.

Let your imagination run on this one. You could put a cup with toothbrushes in a taller skinny space or a cute taller plant.

It adds so much to the space

This simple project looks so beautiful in the space. It looks so much more elegant and less builder grade.

Now the real fun. Finding the unique and pretty decor pieces. There were a few practical items I wanted to include and then some pretty and fun decor pieces. Most people when they travel come with everything they need but I like to have a few odds and ends available incase they forgot or didn’t have room for something. I also think items like cotton balls and q-tips can be really pretty if displayed in a cute container.

Having fun with decor.

From builder grade recessed medicine cabinet to something pretty.

Elegant and pretty.

Here it is finished and beautifully decorated. I love the pieces I found. This Rae Dunn sign is one of my favorites. I found it at TJ Maxx Home Goods store. Rae Dunn is becoming more popular so a little more difficult to find. Here’s a link for tips to finding Rae Dunn items. I was able to search for Rae Dunn in the TJ Maxx Home Decor site.

If you’d like to see a couple other projects where we used beadboard check it out here and here. The beadboard backsplash was something I loved and was very cost effective.

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