How to Transform Your Master Bedroom with Easy DIY Projects.

Let me show you how to transform your master bedroom with these easy, quick and budget friendly DIY projects. No matter how big the space you will be able to make and create something amazing. Most master bedrooms are a little boring until you make and create a little charm by adding personal touches.

Our master bedroom is very light and bright but was a little boring. We started by framing all the windows. The space had a large window looking into the back yard plus two smaller windows that are high so you can’t see out of them. They are nice because they bring in natural light but don’t serve any other purpose. Well I guess they do add some ascetics to the space. They did mess up my original design idea for that wall but I embraced them and figured something else out. Luckily I came up with something I love even more.

Project One framing the windows

The first master bedroom transformation project that we tackled was framing all the windows. Our bedroom looks into the back yard that has a 7 foot fence and no two story homes near by we really don’t need privacy. I love having the windows open so I can see the beautiful yard and sunrise.

By framing the windows you add depth and texture to the space but don’t take away from the openness. Even if you have blinds or curtains it is a beautiful way to add character and charm to the space. You can check out how we framed our windows here.

Framing the windows is a easy way to transform a space

How we transformed our Master Bedroom with Crown Moulding

The windows are framed and now to add some custom modern but easy to install crown moulding. Our home has beautiful ten foot ceilings. Having high ceilings really opens up the space but I was wanting to anchor it a little and not make it look so open and empty.

I love the look of crown moulding but I didn’t want to add ornate traditional moulding so I created my own. We used 5″ and 3 1/2″ trim to make and create the modern look we were after. Not only was it easier to install it was substantially less expensive. It does require working your way around the room two times but you don’t have to mess with the crazy angles that traditional crown moulding requires. This trim moulding is sold by the board for a fraction of the price. Traditional crown is sold by the foot which really adds up.

I love the modern clean look this crown moulding created in our master bedroom. Not only does it look custom and modern it really elevates the space and looks high end. If you have higher ceilings then we do you could use even wider trim to create this gorgeous crown moulding. We’ve done this is several areas of our home. You can check it out here and here.

Modern crown moulding transformed our master bedroom.

An Easy DIY Accent Wall

The windows are trimmed the crown is installed we were now ready to add a unique and beautiful accent wall. My original plan was to do the full wall but because we were dealing with two small windows I couldn’t figure out how to get the look I was after with the windows.

I went back to the drawing board and came up with this gorgeous and unique bed accent. I really love beadboard so I was excited to use it in such a fun unique way. Home Depot has different options but I decided to stick with the smaller spaced beadboard to get the look I was after. This is what we used from Home Depot. You can see the installation process here.

This project was quick and easy. It took a little mental energy as we worked to figure out the pattern and sizing. I love the finished look so much. We did cheat just a little and the bottom panels are smaller then the top six. I created the size I wanted and fudged the rest. Because they are behind the bed no one will every know. You can see the beadboard accent steps here.

This unique and pretty accent wall was the perfect way to transform our master bedroom

Decor and Finishing Touches

The main construction projects are done now it’s time to add some finishing touches and decor. I decided to add curtains to the large window that would be strictly decorative and build a vintage door cabinet that would be perfect to display some very special to us items.

I was really happy with our bedding so I didn’t need to change any of that but I felt like we needed just a couple more key pieces to really transform this space. Ok I wont lie. I loved the bedding when we got it a few years ago but I’m ready for something new but I haven’t been able to find what I want. I do have a summer bedspread that I love and am ready to put on the bed as soon as the weather gets warmer.

We started with the cabinet which is one of my favorite projects. After finding the perfect door we built a simple cabinet using the door measurements and openings as guides to size and shelf spacing. I gave it a quick painting then we put it together. To finish the piece we added trim to the top and bottom and ended up with this special piece that looks beautiful in the space. You can check it our here.

A beautifully transformed vintage door to a unique cabinet

This piece looks amazing next to my dresser that is decorated with a gorgeous sign and family pictures and the perfect layering frame. Because this is such a large space we have plenty of room for these big pieces without it looking crowded.

Adding the Window Treatments

The window treatment was a beautiful way to transform my master bedroom

Adding the curtains to the window was the final piece to completing this space. I love beautiful drapes but I don’t love their price. These curtains were shared on Instagram. Because textiles is not my strength I decided to give them a chance. There were purchased from Ikea for under $50. They look amazing and hang beautifully. Not only are they a great piece to anchor the room but they add another layer of texture and design. I found the curtain rod at Lowe’s. I couldn’t be happier, the curtains and rod look amazing.

Decor to the Door

A beautiful home makes me happy and fills me with so much peace. I like a home full of character and uniqueness. If you need some help with your seasonal decor check out the seasonal collections available at Decor to the Door.

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