How to Transform a space with Paint Like Magic

How to Transform a Space with Paint Like Magic

Paint is magical, I’m excited to show you how to transform a space with paint like magic.  I am always amazed how much paint can transform a room or piece of furniture.  It is one of the cheapest ways to change up a space and makes the biggest impact. 

Painting a wall takes a little practice to get it right and look professional.  If you take your time and practice you will create something really beautiful and unique.  

Whether you want to update the space, change the design or its old and dirty paint is the key to making it happen.  I’m going to show you three different ways I used paint to transform a space.  They are all quick, easy and inexpensive.  

How I Updated a Laundry Room

My son and daughter in law purchased a beautiful ranch with a 1980’s home that hadn’t been treated very well.  The bones and layout of the space were great but the walls were dirty and in desperate need of cleaning and painting.

Their laundry room had old cheap cupboards that we pulled out.  They were left  with a good sized laundry mud room perfect for the ranch.  I don’t think the walls in the laundry room hadn’t been painted since the home was built.  They were dingy, dirty and damaged.  My daughter in law wasn’t ready for a total makeover but a few coats of paint on some cleaned walls would make an enormous difference.

I cleaned and scrubbed the walls with TSP.  Filled dings and holes then got busy painting.  Here is a great kit from Home Depot to use for filling the dings and holes. 

To start the window and door trim was painted black then the walls were painted white.  Perfect for a ranch house.  


update your space with paint

the magic of paint

magic of paint

Magic of Paint

Can you believe the difference a can of paint and a little work made.  Besides taking down the cupboards nothing else changed.  The window trim was painted black.  The walls and baseboard were then painted white.  They now have a clean usable space that will work for them until they are ready to add storage and change out the flooring.

For under $100 this dirty, yucky space was drastically improved.  

I have done a lot of painting.  It is always surprising how much better a space looks with a fresh coat of paint.  Here is another space I updated with paint and cute decor.  

The Magic of Paint on a Front Door

Paint is pretty magical when you are doing a whole room.  But you don’t need to paint the entire space to create something amazing.

I have a beautiful entry.  It is large enough when a group of people stop by.  I love the space but was wanting to improve it a little.  I’d considered painting the front door for awhile but was a little leery until I saw a picture I put on instagram and realized it could be so much more.

The first thing to decide was what color to paint.  Since I didn’t want to go too wild and crazy I figured black would look the best.  It was already an accent color  in my home so it was the obvious choice.  I didn’t want to add an additional color into this space.  Black is also fairly neutral so it was the best choice.    

Painting a front door is so quick and easy it can be done in an evening.  Once I decided to paint the door there was no stopping me.  The difference that a little paint can make is striking.  

The magic of paint

The magic of Paing

Can you believe this is the same door?  The depth that the black paint added is remarkable.  I love the results.  The space looks richer and special.  Paint transformed this space and created something really amazing.  I didn’t have to invest anything because I had all the supplies on hand.  That is my favorite type of project.  Practically free.  

The Magic of Paint and Furniture

Another favorite paint project is to update furniture.  With a little work and paint you can transform a piece of furniture.  Not only does it look amazing it saves so much money.  

Whether you have a quality piece in your home that you’re tired of or you are in need of a dresser or nightstand and find the perfect piece at Goodwill or a garage sale.  You can create something unique and save so much money.

I needed a new nightstand for our guest bedroom plus I was feeling the desire to be creative and do a painting project.  So I found the perfect piece at Deseret Industries a local Goodwill type store in our area.  It was the perfect size, pretty and great quality.  Finding the piece can be half the battle.  After some cleaning, sanding and painting I created a beautiful piece of furniture.  

The magic of paintPainted nightstand

Can you believe the difference some paint and new knobs created?  This tired worn piece looks fresh and new and so pretty.  For this project my only expense was purchasing the nightstand and knobs.  I had the paint and stain from previous projects so it was another inexpensive project.  The nightstand was $20 and the knobs were $5 each.  For $30 I created something pretty special.  

For more in depth instructions on how I update this nightstand check it out Here.  

How to Transform a Space with Paint like Magic

These three ways I used paint to transform a space are really magical.  Each project was inexpensive, quick and made a drastic difference in the space.  It takes a little time but in the whole scheme of things it’s pretty quick and easy.

Whether you paint a whole room, an accent or a piece of furniture it is amazing what you can create.  If there is a space you aren’t happy with or want to change just look to paint.  You will not be disappointed.  It is amazing how you can transform a space with paint like magic.  

 Decor to the Door

Another way to update a space is with cute unique decor.  Decor to the Door always has unique pieces.  You can purchase a seasonal decor collection or if you need a few key individual pieces I’ve got the perfect ones for you.  There are so many options of pieces and decor that is available.  They looking so pretty together or on their own.  

Check back often because new product arrives each season.  Quantities are limited so if you see something you love don’t wait.  Be sure to grab it before they’re gone.  

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