How to Style Your Entryway Table

Lets take a look at how to style your entryway table.  Having a beautiful entryway or console table is a great way to welcome guests into your home.  They can be styled season after season but I’m going to show you how to style your entryway that you can leave all year.  

Steps to Style an Entry Table

If you follow these steps to style your entry table you will have something beautiful and welcoming.  Your family and guest will love the beautiful elegance in your home.

Step One:  Find the Proper Sized For the Space Entry Table

Find an entryway table that fits the size of your entry.  If you have a smaller entry you will want to use a small console table like this one.  If your entryway is larger like mine you will want to make sure your table is to scale. I love this larger one.  

When we first moved into our house I moved the entry table I had with us and put it in place.  The old table was way to small for our entry and looked kind of funny.  I quickly started looking for something bigger that would fill the space.

You can see our beautiful entry Here.  We’ve added shiplap to the ceiling and created a warm and welcoming space.

Step Two: Be Sure the Style of Your Table Fits the Style in Your Home

Style is important.  It needs to be something you love but you also want to keep the overall style of your home consistent.  I like a lot of different styles but my overall theme would be traditional with some modern farmhouse. My entry table was a little more rustic then I was wanting so I did a little updating.  

Entryway table

My entry table is the perfect size but I was tired of the style.  A little paint and adjusting would change the look from farm house to modern farm house which was what I was after.

I could have gone to the store and found a new one but wasn’t ready to take the plunge for a whole new table or I hadn’t found something I loved for the price.  I love love love repurposing furniture.  If the update project isn’t working out I can always get rid of it and find something else.  Luckily I am loving the updated entryway table.  I am keeping my eyes open for something amazing but for now I’m really happy with the updated look.  

Step Three:  Finding the Right Decor 

If you’re someone who isn’t on a budget finding the right decor is an easy step.  If you’re like me and need to keep the budget in mind it can take time finding all the right pieces.  

Have an idea about what you’re after.  Keep your eyes open and take your time.  If I’m ever in a rush I have a hard time finding the right pieces.  It usually takes me awhile to find the right pieces.

Step Four:  For the Love of Baskets

I love beautiful baskets.  They are an easy way to add texture in a space.  They are also great storage.  Be sure to get baskets that are large enough for your entry table.  

Baskets can be used if you have a bottom shelf on our entry table or just sitting on the floor under the table.  The basket options are endless. Some of my favorite places to shop for baskets is World Market, TJ Maxx and Target.  I could have added three baskets or 2 large square ones but I wanted to have a little open space on the bottom shelf.  Our little grandson loves sitting on it.  

I thought about getting taller baskets but decided I wanted some space between the tops of the baskets and the top of the table.

Entryway Table

Step Five:  Make Sure Your Pieces are Large Enough

Because our home has 10′ ceilings I need to have pieces that are large enough in the space. 

If things are too small it will not look intentional, elegant and custom.   Things don’t have to stay forever but be sure to purchase something you will like for awhile so you’re not wasting time and money.  

Entryway Table

Step Six:  Symmetry

You can have your entry table with each end exactly the same or you can create balance and symmetry without it being an exact match.

My original plan was to add lamps on each end.  Since I wasn’t able to find something I loved and really didn’t need two lamps in the entry I decided to use beautiful vases and a lamp.  

Creating balance and symmetry without it being an exact match.

Entryway Table

Step Seven:  Mirror or Art Work in the Center

An easy way to finish off your entry table is with a beautiful mirror or unique piece of art.  I found this mirror at TJ Maxx Home Goods store.  It was originally a silver color but I love the size and beveled edged and it was a great price.

After living with it for a short while I decided to paint the frame and elegant black.  That way it would coordinate with the door and back barn door hardware.  

I do have a piece of art work I love that looks amazing on the entryway table.  It’s a simple and quick way to change the decor.  Take the mirror down and add the art piece.  Until I’m ready for another change and switch it out again.  

It’s fun to change if you like but also looks amazing if you leave it as it is .

Decor to the Door

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An entryway table is also a great place to add seasonal decor if you like.  You can change things out season after season or keep it classy and only add little pops of the season.  

Head over to the shop and see whats available at Decor to the Door.  It takes the guesswork out of putting it all together.  Saving you time and money.  

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