How to Style a Letter Board

How to Style a Letter Board

Are you wondering how to style a letter board?  I’m so excited to show you some fun and unique ways to style these beautiful wood letter boards.

If you are looking for unique, pretty and sturdy letter boards that are timeless you will love these ones in my shop Decor to the Door.  

Take a Look at Some Unique LetterBoards

There are so many letter boards out there.  Depending on your wants and space you will be able to find something perfect for your home.  You can find these cute felt framed ones at Crate and Barrel.  Or this adorable marquee letter board from Twelve Timbers.  Or these wood ones in my shop Decor to the Door.

I love all the different styles.  Take a look at your home and see what style would look best in your space.  The marquee style letter board is very modern and would be really fun in a teenage girls room.  The felt framed letter boards would look get in a kitchen.

The wood letter boards are very versatile and would look amazing in a lot of home styles especially a modern farm house style home.

Style a Letter Board for a Special Event

A letter board is a great decor addition when you are decorating for a special event.  You can personalize the message or leave information for your family. 

If it’s a birthday, anniversary or graduation you will love the versatility of a cute LetterBoard.  A personalized message will make your loved one feel special.


LetterBoard and Your Seasonal Decor

Another fun and creative way to style a letter board is incorporate it with your seasonal decor. 


Did you know there are holidays and ways to celebrations each month of the year.  You can change out the saying and decor on your letter board month after month.

In January you can have a winter theme


February is all about Love and Valentines

March is all about the luck of the Irish.

In April we celebrate spring and Easter

May is for Mothers and flower gardens.

June is a great time to love our Fathers

We can be patriotic for the 4th of July and celebrate bbq and holidays.

August is all about swimming and the beach

September is back to school and welcome to fall 

Things get spooky when we hit October

We’re full of thanks for November

December is the holiday of holidays as we celebrate Christmas.

Chunky LetterBoard Shapes

Not only will you love the fun sayings you can create with a letter board Decor to the Door also has unique and fun shapes to spruce up your boards.

They make them even more exciting then just having a cute saying.

These fun shapes will take your letter boards from boring to fabulous.  You can be so creative and have so much fun coming up with cute sayings and incorporating the chunky shapes.

Finding Cute Sayings

I’ll be honest, my brain doesn’t come up with these cute sayings on my own.  My brain just doesn’t work that way.  I’m not creative verbally.  Thankfully there is an answer.  

When I’m wanting to restyle my letterboard I do what everyone else does.  Look to Pinterest for something cute and unique to add to my letterboard.

I usually have an idea but just need to find something cute and catchy.  

If Pinterest isn’t your thing there’s always Google.  You will definitely be able to find something perfect for the season and your home.


Stand Alone or Include with your Decor

These adorable wooden letterboards can be styled and left on their own or you can incorporate them with your tiered tray, tray, entryway table or mantel.  Check them out Here, Here and Here.


They are a unique and fun way to take your decorating to the next level.  If you want to take your seasonal decor to the next level consider adding a LetterBoard.

These beautiful wood ones can be hung on the wall or will stand on an entryway table or island.


Most of the ones I listed earlier will need to be hanging and cant stand up on their own.  

These ones in the Decor to the Door shop are so versatile.  You will love them so much.

Check Out these Adorable LetterBoards

I loved these super cute letterboards.  The square ones look amazing and are so unique.

If your looking for something a little more unique check out this hanging letterboard that is for letters on one side or is a wood sign on the other.  

Perfect for your home.  It is a beautiful sign when you don’t want or need to add a personal or seasonal message.  

Shop Decor to the Door

Decor to the Door has beautiful letterboards.  Did you know it has seasonal decor collections as well.  You will love the variety or decor pieces that are unique and charming.  

Head over to the shop and see whats new.  







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