How to Style a Kitchen Island Tray

If you’d like to update your kitchen decor I’m going to show you how to style a kitchen island tray.

A beautifully styled tray is the easiest way to add seasonal decor or update your home with something new.

How to Style a Kitchen Island Tray

The first step is starting with a beautiful tray.  Whether it’s a large round tray, or a unique tiered tray the tips and steps will apply to whatever you have.

I have a few different trays so I can change them out as my mood fits.  You can find so many beautiful trays.  One of my favorite is from the Hearth and Hand collection at Target.  It is a gorgeous large tray that gives me so many options.

shop Target

I also have a large rectangle tray that I built from wood I pulled out of a dumpster.  We cut it to size then sanded and stained.  To make it super cute I added handles.  Creating a beautiful tray that is so fun to style.  

style a tray

Tiered trays are also fun to use, I really like to decorated them in the fall during the busier decor seasons.  

Styling a Flat Tray

A flat tray is so fun.  My island is huge so having a large oversized tray is the perfect way to add seasonal and everyday to my kitchen island.

flat tray

Style a tray

I begin by gathering all the decor I may want to use.  This doesn’t mean I run to the store and buy all kinds of new things but it does mean I shop my home and sort through the storage tubs if I’m doing something seasonal.  It is rare when I need to buy something.  Moving decor from one place in your home to another space makes it feel new and exciting again.  

style a tray

After I have all my decor gathered I separate it into like pieces.

Doing things like putting all the candles holders together, or any greenery I may be using.  After I have it separated it’s easier to get a vision of what I’m trying to create.  

I like to have a color scheme for a nice esthetic.  It can be bright and cheery or more muted and natural.  Don’t be afraid of having something neutral one month and then more bright and cheery another time.  

Incorporate Different Heights and Textures

To create something unique and intriguing you will want to use different heights and textures.  I love wood decor but having a full tray of wood decor would seem a little heavy and uninteresting.  

 style a tiered tray

By adding some greenery and softer pieces like ceramics or glass will make the look of the tray so much more interesting.  In this tray I have a lot of beautiful wood pieces that are softened with a towel, greenery and faux apples.  

How to Make a Tiered Tray Interesting

There are so many creative options to style a tiered tray.  These are a couple of my favorites.  I like to use them during different seasons and with different decor.  

a tiered tray

 tiered tray

They can be filled with all kinds of Christmas decor or left a little more elegant and open with your everyday decorating.  

To create intrigue I use wood pieces to add height to pieces.  I have pretty wood coasters that I can stack up or wooden blocks.  They’re so versatile using as many as I need.  

When I do my Christmas tray I like to fill it up.  I always follow a theme for my seasonal tray.  For Christmas I like to do a Hot Cocoa display with cute Santa mugs.  Including candy poles, cinnamon sticks and Christmas picks.  

Christmas Tray

The options are limitless.  It is such a fun way to add seasonal decor to your home.  


tray decorating

A Variety of Tray and a Variety of Decor

I have a variety of flat trays which opens up the creative juices.  Making it a whole lot of fun.  You can also use a white dough bowl that is perfect for winter white decor.  

flat tray

seasonal tray

flat tray

I love to have a tray in the guest bathroom filled with pretty decor.  Making the space more special.  The options are endless, you could have a jar filled with q-tips or cotton balls.  Making it more practical.  The sky is the limit.  

seasonal tray

This wooden tray can be used with so many seasons.  When I am ready to put away the Christmas holiday decor I like to bring out the winter white and neutrals.  Making it a gorgeous winter tray.

seasonal decor

When spring is coming I like to add some pastel colors perfect for Spring and Easter.  Following the holidays makes decorating a tray so easy.

tiered tray

If you’d like a FREE guide to decorate a tiered tray I would love to send it to you.  Grab the FREE GUIDE HERE.  You will be inspired and have all the information you need to create a beautiful tiered tray.

Transitioning your home season after season can be a little overwhelming.  I’ve got a blog post that will help you with that.  Check it out Here.  

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