How to install a quick shiplap hallway accent wall

Let me show you how to install a quick shiplap hallway accent wall. When you enter our home you will see a gorgeous entry way that is fun to decorate.

If you turn left you will be headed to another space that takes you down the hallway to our back bedrooms that we use for guests since our children have moved out of the house.

This space is larger then the hallway and just off the entry and I wanted to make a little more intentional and pretty. I’m not sure what the technical term for this space is but it’s off the front entry and leads to the back hallway.

Shiplap for the Win

I decided I wanted to add shiplap on the two walls that didn’t have and entry to them. There is also a small coat closet on the wall coming from the front entry which is perfect for coats. Well it would be perfect if we lived somewhere that required coats.

Our home has 10 foot ceilings but this small space has a drop down tray ceiling like the entry and family room.

To make the small space a little more unique I decided to only go part way up with the shiplap instead of to the ceiling. I didn’t want to go chair rail height and I didn’t want to split the space in half so I went about 2/3 of the way up. I also didn’t want to finish with a partial piece of shiplap so we factored in the height using the full width of boards.

It wasn’t hard to know when to stop. If we had gone any higher it would have looked weird not going all the way to the ceiling.

MDF Shiplap

Shiplap has been a favorite of mine since I started watching Fixer Upper many years ago. I didn’t have cable so I only saw episodes when I was visiting my parents or traveling. Chip and Joanna Gaines would often find shiplap hidden in the walls of homes they were renovating in Waco Texas. Because my house was a new build there would be no hidden shiplap.

I’ve seen may ways to create your own shiplap but was thrilled a few years ago when I found primed MDF shiplap at Home Depot. Check it out HERE. You can also get it in pine but it is more expensive. I love that they have some options.

Finding this shiplap has been a dream come true. No it’s not the unique and true shiplap you’d find hidden in the walls of an old home but this is a second best for sure.

Before we Installed the Hallway Accent Wall

The hallway before we added the shiplap

This was a cute space but I wanted to add a little depth and character. When I decided to do shiplap I was excited and ready to go.

The Prep Work

The project started with a trip to Home Depot for supplies.

The shiplap for the project

Thankfully for this kind of project it doesn’t require a lot. Mostly make sure you have the necessary nails for the air nailer and pick up what shiplap you need.

Because the shiplap has a lip on it to give the spacing I like to give it all a coat of paint before installation. Making sure to get along the the lip really well because I won’t be able to paint it after it is all installed.

I set up my painting station in the garage and get rolling. It’s pretty quick with a small roller or a foam roller.

My painting station. Oops I forgot to buy a paint tray.

Painting the shiplap for our quick hallway accent wall

Installing From the Bottom Up

Because we were working on two adjoining walls we started from the bottom and worked on both walls at the same time. I originally thought we’d do one wall then the other. Thankfully Monte was wiser then me and knew we wanted to work on them at the same time so we could make sure they were running straight. Something that is very easy to do if you’re working on them together.

Because our home has gorgeous 5″ baseboards that are the same shape as the shiplap we left them in place and just started building on top of them. If you want to be truly authentic you can add a quarter on top of the baseboard before the first piece of shiplap. This gives you the spacing. We used the quarter on one of our projects and not on the other because we forgot. I’ll be honest and say you can’t really tell the difference.

Working from the bottom up

Working Around the Electrical Outlets

We did have a plug to work around and the controller for the air conditioner. Thankfully that’s all we needed to cut around. To make the electrical plug work we added an extender. It brings it to the correct depth so you can add the cover and make it look good.

There are a lot of options at Home Depot. Here’s a sample. You’ll want to be sure to get the one that works best for your situation.

Adding the outlet extender

After we got past this plug we were able to really rock and roll. Until we ran into the air conditioning thermostat.

Quickly making our way up the wall

To deal with that Monte removed it cut a hole in the shiplap and ran the wires through the hole before rewiring it. This is one of those projects that might be better left to the professionals if you have no electrical experience.

The Shiplap Hallway Accent Wall

The shiplapped hallway accent walls

Getting the shiplap installed is decently quick and fun. We did have to deal with wonky walls but for the most part it goes up pretty quick and easy. To finish the top we added a small piece of trim that really isn’t noticeable. It’s just to cover up the raw edge. If you went all the way to the ceiling of course this piece wouldn’t be necessary.

Shiplap adds so much depth and dimension

I love pops of shiplap through out my home. It is one of my favorite ways to make and create charm in a space. You can see the charm shiplap added to our laundry room HERE.

If you aren’t doing too large of a space it is a unique and fun way without spending a lot to add some cute character.

Decor to the Door

I love adding these unique touches in my home but I also love unique and pretty decor. You can check out my shop HERE or also go to the link in my header.

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