How to Decorate your Entryway Table for Christmas

Here are the steps to decorate your entryway table for Christmas.  An elegant and beautifully decorated entryway table is so nice for the holidays. 

I have a nice sized entry with a large entryway table that is so fun and elegant to decorate.  I love having a beautifully decorated entryway with a perfect for me entryway table.  Check out the update I gave our entryway table Here.  It is beautiful all year but during the holidays I really like to make it special and magical.  These steps will help you create something warm and welcoming.

Size and Scale

Size and scale are so important.  Make sure you include decor pieces that are the correct size for the space.  We have high ceilings so that requires bigger pieces.  I love being able to use my every day pieces and then add some Christmas decor.

When it’s not the holidays my entryway table looks nice but it doesn’t have as much on it.  Keeping it more elegant with meaningful pieces instead of stuffed with knick knacks and clutter.  I didn’t remove any of my every day decor pieces but added seasonal decor making the space perfect for the holidays. During the holidays I’m excited to add more to it.

Color and Theme

I like to have a theme and color  that I carry through the house.  There are times I will repeat my theme which is fine by me.  Who can afford new decorations each year?  Who has the time to find all new decorations each year?  And who wants to store bins and bins filled with unused decorations?  Trust me I have more then enough but I try to be intentional about my purchases.  I don’t always get it right but thats called life.  I usually add new pieces each year and donate some too.  

My theme for this Christmas season was bells and I was decorating with a traditional red, white and gold.  Because I had a theme and color scheme I knew I had a starting point in my decorations for the entryway table.

Beautiful Sign

I wanted a beautiful sign that is large enough for my space.  There are so many out there and they can get expensive.  For something personal you will want to look on Etsy.  Check out my friend Gingers shop TealBarnSigns.  She has got so many perfect for the holiday signs to choose from.  I love this one and this one.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing a different theme next year which may or may not require a new sign.  Or maybe I’ll just want a new one and donate this one.

entryway table

This beautiful red sign was found at Kirkland’s and is perfect for the space.  I moved my mirror off center and used it as a layering piece.  Then added my beautiful new sign.  

It is always nice if you can layer your sign with something else for added depth.  As long as the piece behind your sign is slightly larger you’re good to go.

Garland and Lights

I wasn’t sure about the garland but decided I wanted to have some festive greens and lights in the space.  Laying a piece of garland in front of my ’tis the season to be jolly’ sign was a perfect addition.  I tried putting it behind the sign but it was too covered and didn’t look right so I moved it in front.  Using a wi-fi smart plug that you can turn off and on with your phone is a great investment.  It really makes the holidays so much easier.  No more climbing behind Christmas trees or awkwardly reach behind something to plug in the Christmas lights.  You can find wi-fi smart plugs at Home Depot like this one.  

holiday decor

Greenery and Beads

Adding some seasonal greenery and bead picks to the large vases that I found at Rod Works is an easy way to add seasonal inspiration.  It is an easy way to decorate for the holidays.  

There are so many options for these vases.  Because I didn’t want it to be too busy I didn’t add anything into the smaller vase but still looks pretty.  

You can add greenery like I did or you can just add picks with beads.  My second choice was adding white bead picks.  Either would look amazing, it’s always nice when you have options.

Seasonal Bells

Adding seasonal bells to the mirror is the way I tied in the the theme I was using in my home this year.  I had this beautiful bell garland with red and white bells that were really pretty. 

christmas decor

Adding the bells brought in more of the red and white color I was using and helped carry the bell theme from the Christmas tree and mantel into the entryway.  It’s really nice to carry your theme from room to room.  Especially if you have an open concept home and can see from one room to the next. 

Trees and More Trees

The final piece was moving the baskets to one side of the entryway table and creating a beautiful tree display.  The display is filled with a variety of trees that I’ve been collecting over the years.  They are different sizes and textures which makes for a more interesting display.  Placing the larger trees at the back.  If you need to add height you can use risers if you have to many that look about the same size.

Seasonal Pillows in your Christmas Entryway Table

Because I love having the large baskets on the bottom shelf of my entryway table an easy way to add seasonal decor to the space is adding a seasonal pillow into the basket.

You can find Christmas pillows everywhere.  I like to use pillows that are in my Christmas color theme and are nicely made and unique.  I prefer my pillows to have stitching instead of screen printing.  

holiday entryway table

Decor to the Door

If this seems like to much I have an answer for you.  Hop over to my shop Decor to the Door and you will find seasonal decor collections that are perfect for your entryway table.

Everything you need to take your entryway table from everyday to perfect for the holidays.  You can find whats available here or find the link in the header.  

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