How to Decorate the Space Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

How to Decorate the Space Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

How to Decorate the Space Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

Do you ever wonder what to do with that dead space above your kitchen cabinets and how to decorate that space.

I’ve wondered and felt the same way.  In all the homes I’ve lived in we’ve never had kitchen cupboards that go all the way to the ceiling.  I like that look but it wasn’t what we had so I’ve always had a dead space above the cabinets.

The first home we built had a beautiful vaulted ceiling so we had a lot of height up there.  So much in fact that I’d have one of my sons stand on the upper cupboards to wash the wall.  Back in the early 90’s the style was to fill up the space with all kinds of stuff.  I had a collection of old bottles that we’d pick up in the fields.  

But that isn’t what I want now.  I still see homes with a lot of decor above their cabinets which looks fine but I’m excited to share another option with you.  

I was excited to decorate the space above my cabinets because we had installed the modern crown moulding.  It was going to look so good.  You can check it out Here.  

How to Get Started

  • STEP ONE – Start With a Clean Slate

If you are wanting a whole new modern simplified look start with a clean slate.  Take down all the decor you may have above your cabinets.  Now is a great time to wipe off the top of the cabinets.  

Because they’re so high they get ignored and not cleaned but can get really dusty.  Especially after cooking, not only do they get dusty but greasy has will settle and the dust will adhere even more.

I like to use Clorox wipes or  Mr. Clean on the cabinets and wipe it off with a paper towel.  You need something that will cut through the grease and built up dust.  

A damp cloth will not work.  

ANOTHER TRICK – cover the top of the cabinet with wax paper.  It wont be seen and makes for easy cleaning.  Throw it away, give things a quick wipe and add a new layer of wax paper.

You’ve Got a Clean Slate Now What

Now that you’ve got a clean slate lets start having some fun.

  • STEP TWO – Scale is really important

You need to take the amount of space above your cabinets into consideration.  In some homes with lower ceiling there isn’t a lot of space.  My home has 10′ ceilings so we a decent amount of space above our cabinets.

Because I have a good amount of space I want to make sure the decor pieces I use are large and scale appropriately.  You wont want to add a bunch of small items trying to fill the space.  

Look for decor pieces with some size, that are modern and will not look too small for the area.

Decide on a Theme or Style

There are so many kitchen decor themes.

  • STEP THREE – Pick your theme or style

If you have a love for farm animals you will be able to find many classy decor pieces.  Whether it’s a long horn bull or chickens the options are endless.  

The style I settled on here was modern rustic barn wood.  I wanted a few rustic pieces that were a good size plus something a little more elegant.  

Start Looking for Decor Pieces

  • STEP FOUR Keep your eyes open for perfect decor pieces

If you’re like me finding the perfect pieces takes some time.  I usually find things I love when I’m not looking.  If I’m out looking for the perfect pieces I always come up empty.

But if I have ideas in mind I’m more apt to stumble upon the perfect pieces.

I knew I wanted the top of my cupboards to be rustic elegant.  When I was visiting my sons ranch I looked threw some old wood piles and found a key piece.  

I also found some window frames in an old about to fall down barn that he let me take.

window panes

barn wood window panes

window panes

Even though I didn’t have the exact measurement for the space I knew the window panes would work.  If they wen’t going to work one direction I knew they would work the other.

Take Your Time and Build as You Go

  • STEP FIVE – Add pieces as you find them an keep going

When we made it home from my sons ranch where I found a unique metal disc attached to an old piece of wood and a couple window panes.  I put them in place, stood back to see how they look and decide what else I needed.

Cupboard Decor  

ANOTHER TIP – Add scrap wood blocks to bring up the height of your pieces.  There is several inches of dead space between the top of the cupboard to where it can be seen.  Adding blocks helps bring decor up so it can be seen.

If you have crown molding along the top of your cupboard you will need to elevate pieces so they can be seen.  If you’re standing on the ground, looking up makes it even harder to see the decor.  Another reason you need to think about scale.

cupboard decor

Don’t Be Afraid to Use the Wall Space

  • STEP SIX Don’t be afraid to nail a picture of sign to the wall

We often time think we can only have decor pieces standing on the cupboards.  Finding a cute picture or sign that goes along with your theme is another way to decorate above your cabinets.

I found the perfect for my kitchen sign at Rod Works in Gilbert.   It was one of those times that I wasn’t looking for a sign but found the perfect one.  I knew it was the perfect addition as soon as I saw it.  

cupboard decor

I was looking for something as I wandered around the stores but hadn’t found anything. So I stayed patient, let the space sit empty until I found exactly what I was wanting.  Even though I didn’t know what I was looking for.  Tell me I’m not alone on that one.

Final Thoughts

  • Step Seven – Layer your pieces

I love the layered look.  My window panes would look boring if they were up there alone.  Adding a tobacco basket in front or another old piece is a fun way to add uniqueness and depth.  There are so many tobacco basket options.  I love THIS one and THIS one.  

I am loving the more modern, simple look of the decor above my kitchen cupboards.  

It doesn’t look busy or cluttered but elegant and classy.  It has been a fun way to update the look in my kitchen without spending a lot on the space.

cupboard decor

cupboard decor

Decor to the Door

Don’t forget that Decor to the Door is the perfect place to find unique and pretty seasonal decor.  If you want some help with your kitchen island, mantel or entry I’ve got you.  

Its a simple and quick way to change out your seasonal decor.  

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