How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Ideas

Tis the season to start decorating.  A beautifully decorated Christmas tree is all you need to add the magic of Christmas in your home.  The options are endless, whether it’s the shape and size of the tree or the color and decorations you use.  Here are a variety of ideas of how to decorate a Christmas tree.

We have used real trees in the past but switched to fake trees years ago.  I love being able to put them up earlier and not have to deal with watering, needles and disposal.  You do have to store a fake tree but for me that is less painful than real trees for me.  

Finding the Size and Shape to Fit Your Space

Having the right sized tree for your space is key.

Things you’ll want to think about, height of the ceiling and space to fill.  If you’ve got a huge bay window you can have a wider tree. 

If you have a small corner look for a narrower tree.  It’s so nice that we have so many options.  I found this really pretty slim / pencil tree.  It would be perfect in a tight space.

Slim Christmas Tree

When we moved into our current home we were excited to have 10 foot ceilings.  They are so nice but they made a 61/2 foot tree look way to small for the space.

Simple and Airy

You can find trees that are more bare, lots of space between the branches.  These beautiful noble fir trees are so pretty especially when they are decorated more minimal.  Beautiful narrow ribbon hanging from the branches with beautiful ornaments adding sparkle and beauty. 

Noble fir tree

These trees are scroll stoppers and make your home look elegant and pretty.  They are a beautiful way to decorate your home for the holidays.

Full and Covered

Full trees are always fun to decorate.  The biggest challenge with a full tree is taking the time to fluff it properly so it doesn’t look like it just came out storage.  

Decorating a full tree is different than the airy noble fir trees.  I like to use wider ribbon and tuck them into the branches.  Following a patter with the tucking and colors.  

When it comes to decor for a full tree I like to have a theme, especially with colors.  Every year or so I change up the color theme just a little.  I’ll be honest I prefer gold over silver for my Christmas decor so that is always the base color.  Colors I’ve done in addition to the gold is classic red, copper, apple green and white.  The options are endless.

Family Remembrance Tree

A fun tree to create is a remembrance tree.  Filled with ornaments from trips you’ve made.  Ornaments your children have made over the years.  Vintage decor from a grandparent.  Or just beautiful pieces you’ve collected over the years.

I love the memories a family tree brings into my home.  It is always fun to pull out the decorations and have your heart filled with memories from over the years.

Table Top Tree

If you live in an apartment or a small home a small table top tree is a great alternative.  They can be decorated so pretty and create a beautiful addition to your home.   I love this beautiful table top tree.  You can grab it Here (affiliate link)

Holiday Tree

Magic of Lights

My favorite part about the holidays is the lights.  I love having the Christmas lights inside and out.  Going to events where there are all kinds of lights is one of my favorite things to do.  The options of a pre-lit tree make decorating so much easier.  This one is so pretty.  Check it out Here. (affiliate Link)

Pre-lit Christmas Tree

Picking a Theme 

Once you’ve decided on the perfect Christmas it is time for the fun.  I always start with a color and theme.  

When it comes to deciding between silver and gold, there is no wrong answer.  I always choose gold.  No reason other than a personal preference.  There are so many fun options.  

Winter with snowflakes, ice, snowballs and other fun white decor.

Buffalo Plaid in reds, blacks and grey.  Adding farmhouse decor that ties in with your theme.

Vintage with bead garland, popcorn strings, orange slices and vintage ornaments.

Bells in all sizes, colors and shapes.

Think in Triangles

When it comes to decorating separate your ornaments and start putting them on in groups.  Meaning put all the same ones on at a time.

Then thing in triangles.  Spacing them out by colors and distance.

You will need to move things around but it is a great way to start the decorating process.  Keeping the larger items at the bottom of the tree and working to small items as you go up the tree.  You can definitely have large items all the way up the tree but if you have large and small balls be sure to place the large on the bottom and smaller at the top.

bell tree

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