How to Create a Unique and Cozy Space with Shiplap

How to Create a Unique and Cozy Space with Shiplap

How to Create a Unique and Cozy Space with Shiplap

I’m excited to show you how to create a unique and cozy space with shiplap.  Shiplap adds dimension and texture to your space as well as warmth and uniqueness.  It is so versatile and can be installed in a variety of directions.  Making your space unique to you and looking amazing.  It also works in a lot of home styles.  It can be more elegant or rustic which ever works best in your space.  

Where to Purchase Shiplap

I have purchased all the shiplap we’ve used in our home at Home Depot.  Because I don’t live in a place where you’d find original shiplap hidden in the walls of a home we’re fixing up I purchase mdf shiplap.  It comes in one width but a variety of lengths so you’ll be able to purchase the perfect shiplap for your project.  When I’m hanging my shiplap horizontally I like to have as few vertical seams as possible so I purchase the length that works best for the project.

Shiplap Installation Options

There are a variety of ways to install shiplap.  The only way I’ve installed it is using Home Depot mdf shiplap and hanging it horizontally.  You can also install it vertically or on the diagonal.  Check out these cute installations Here and Here.  You can also create your own shiplap in a variety of ways like Here and Here.   I’ve never done these but they would save money and possibly look ok if they’re done correctly.  Not only have I installed shiplap on walls I’ve put it on a ceiling and it look amazing.  Check it our Here.  

Getting Started

To get started we measure the space we are going to install shiplap and figure out how long of pieces we need.  We then head to Home Depot to make our purchase.

Hoping what we need is in stalk and down where we can access it so we can get in and out.  I’ve learned to not try and grab products on the same day I want to start the project.  Getting everything a day or two earlier makes the project go much smoother.  

Shiplap Shopping

After we get home with our purchase I set up a painting station in our garage.  I like to give it a coat of paint before installation.  It’s much easier to paint the grove before it is installed then after.  I use a foam roller and run it along the edges first then across the top.  

Shiplap Installation

After it’s painted and dry we’re ready to get going on the installation.

Installation Prep

There’s not a lot of prep to add the shiplap but there are a couple key things that need to take place to get the custom look you’re after

  • First Look for the Studs in the wall and mark them.  You want you’re shiplap to be secured to the studs and not drywall

Marking the Studs

  • Second remove your baseboards if they are different then the shiplap.  We didn’t need to do this because our baseboards are the same width and dimension as the shiplap so we were able to keep them in place.

We did place a coin on the top of our baseboard to leave a gap between the baseboard and shiplap

  • Third if you have outlets or light switches remove the covers.  You will also want to purchase extenders to bring the outlet out so it is flush with the newly installed shiplap.

They come in a variety of options so grab the one that works best for your outlets.

Shiplap Installation

Start the Installation

It’s time to start working your way up the wall beginning at the bottom.  If you’re doing adjoining walls you’ll want to do each wall together.  It’s so much easier to keep running straight when you can level them as you go.  On this project we were going to a raw edge so we cut to the exact length and later added a trim piece.  

The shiplap will butt up nicely together in the corner and cut to the exact length on the open end or fit snug to your wall.

Shiplap Installation

Because you’ve marked your studs you will know exactly where to nail.  It will go up really quick.  If you need to cut around an outlet it does require a little extra measuring and cutting before you install.  

Shiplap Installation

For this unique and cozy space I didn’t want to take the shiplap all the way to the ceiling.  I took it as high as was ascetically pleasing to me.  It gave me the look I was after and created a beautiful corner.

Shiplap Installation

Finishing the Project

To finish this project we needed to add a small trim piece to the edges and along the top.  

You will also need to cut the shiplap lip off the final piece you install.   

Adding the trim piece is quick and easy.  Cut to length and 45 the adjoining edges.  Then nail it to the installed shiplap.

Shiplap Installation

The key to making your shiplap look custom and professional is caulk and paint.  You will need to caulk all the nail holes and adjoining edges.  Like where it meets in the middle.  We use this inexpensive caulk that we keep on hand and pick up at Home Depot.  

After the caulk is dry I give it all another coat of paint for a beautiful finish.  

A Final Look

I love the way shiplap looks and the texture and warmth it adds to the space.  It creates something unique and beautiful.  This shiplap corner is the perfect addition to our home.

Shiplap wall

Shiplap space

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