How to Choose a Whole House Color Scheme

Paint is the easiest and an inexpensive way to update and change the look of your home.  Do you find it hard to pick the paint color?  Let me show you how to choose a whole house color scheme.

My husband and I have owned 5 homes in the past 30 years.  The first home was a single wide but it was a start and has got us here.

Styles Have Changed

Over the past 30 years, the styles and colors in homes have changed.  My style has changed over the years as well.  I got married young and didn’t know my style when I was creating a home and starting a family.

Our single wide had ugly wallpaper in the kitchen, the first change I made in the home was removing the orange and brown wallpaper that had spoons, forks, plates, and cups on it.  Then I added a simple pattern.  I don’t even remember if I removed the old wallpaper or just wallpapered over it.

Since then I’ve painted walls hunter green, painted stripes, sponge painted and rag rolled.  I even created a denim wall with a hair pick.  Creating spaces that I loved at the time.

When we built our first home, paint was the only thing we could afford to do.  There were no accent walls, just rooms that were painted in unique colors and techniques.

The second home we built I put forth more effort in nailing down my design.  I subscribed to a home design magazine, cutting out pictures of what I loved and creating a mood book for each room.

Life is so much easier nowadays because of social media and Pinterest.

Choosing a Paint Color

We moved into our current home seven years ago, painting the rooms a beautiful gray.  Do you remember how gray was the on-trend color just a few years ago?  We have a habit of moving every seven years, but it isn’t in the works right now so I’ve got busy updating the color scheme in our home.

We didn’t pay to have our home custom painted because it is something I enjoy doing. Plus I wanted to add different colors, when you hire painters in a new build they’ll only let you pick a couple of colors. Because we didn’t pay for the painting we didn’t choose the paint the colors of the walls, doors, or trim.

The trend right now is accent walls and a monochromatic color scheme.  Our doors and trim are ‘white’.  The actual color is Dover White from Sherwin Williams.

paint your home

I don’t mind the color but as I have wanted to create a monochromatic look I began by painting the walls to match the trim.  It was ok in the first room, but the second room looked way more yellow than I wanted because there isn’t a lot of natural light in the room.  It looked more yellow than the brighter room.

I didn’t know what to do.  The plan was to work my way through our house painting each room as I went.  I grabbed a few samples of my favorite whites, colors I’ve used in other people’s homes.  But they made my doors look yellow which isn’t the look I was after.  Here are a variety of on-trend whites.  They would all look amazing in the right space.

paint for your home

Home Depot Color Specialist

At our local Home Depot, we have an amazing color specialist.  He knows colors and can fix any problem we’ve brought to him.  He has saved me a couple of times when the gallons of paint I’ve purchased in the past weren’t working for me.  A blue was looking purple and I didn’t want a purple garage.  I took the paint in a couple of times and he was able to add colors that gave me the look I was after.

He has also matched colors for us and created an exact match.  I took my problem to him, how do I find a color that coordinates with my doors and trim but doesn’t look yellow?  I wondered if he could pull some yellow out or if would it affect the entire look.  Pulling out or adding to Dover White would change the look, not keeping it in the same color family.

Because the paint color isn’t a Behr color he didn’t know the color as well as the Behr colors but was able to give me some great advice. He suggested I paint one shade up on the color swatch.  He had a Sherwin Williams color fan.  I was able to snap a picture of the two colors together.  Keeping it in the same color family but not quite so yellow.

home paint

I purchased a sample came home and tried it in a couple of rooms. I wanted to cry because it looked so good and gave me the look I wanted.

diy projects

The beautiful whites work so well in our office, creating a warm bright space.  I love the beautiful accent color I have used on the updated hutch.  You’ll find the color below.

Finding an Accent Color

I have two basic accent colors in my home.  One is a beautiful black, it is grounding and classic.  I have used it on our fireplace and on furniture we have painted.  It looks so good on our fireplace, bookcase, and hutch that I recently refinished.  This beautiful black, from Benjamin Moore, is Graphite and a color I’ve used for several years.

paint your home

You can see a few of the places we painted with the Graphite color here, here, and here.

paint your home

I then found another accent color that I love as a wall color.  Because I didn’t want my home to look sterile I wanted to add a few spots of color.  One day on social media a DIYer that I enjoy following shared a Sherwin Williams color that was exactly what I was looking for.

She described it as a dark gray with a beautiful undertone of green.  She had me at dark gray and green.  I love both those colors and knew it would be perfect for all the shiplap walls and ceilings.   Green is my favorite color, so a beautiful dark gray with a green undertone was exactly what I was looking for.

paint your home

This was the perfect accent color I was after.  It looks so good with my walls, trim, and doors.  I was able to create a beautiful monochromatic home with some accents.  I’ve used Thunderous on shiplap walls and ceilings.

paint your home  paint your home  accent colors

Choosing a Whole House Color Scheme

Choosing a whole house color scheme can seem daunting, but with a bit of planning and consideration, you can create a cohesive and beautiful look for your home.

  1. Consider the style and architecture of your home: The color scheme you choose should complement the style and architecture of your home.
  2. Look at existing elements: Consider any existing elements in your home, such as flooring, fixtures, or trim.
  3. Use a color wheel: A color wheel can be a helpful tool for selecting a color scheme. Analogous colors (those next to each other on the wheel) can create a harmonious look, while complementary colors (opposite each other on the wheel) can create a bold and eye-catching effect.
  4. Choose a neutral base: Start with a neutral base color, such as white, beige, or gray. This will create a cohesive look throughout your home and provide a backdrop for other colors to stand out.
  5. Select accent colors: Once you have your base color, choose one or two accent colors to add depth and interest to your home.

Painting Supplies to Update your Home

I love to paint, that might be crazy but it is so rewarding.  To give you a hand for with your painting projects I created a FREE PDF that I would love to send you.  It is a supply list of everything you need to paint your home like a professional.  

There are links to all the projects for easier shopping.  I can not live without my drop cloth.  It is a must when you’re painting a room.  Mine has been used hundreds of times and in many different homes.  

This post contains affiliate links.  If you shop from my blog, I may be compensated for clicks or purchases that you make.  

Read my disclaimer page for more information.

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