How to Build a Platform Bed Base Using Laminate Flooring

Here are all the supplies and steps needed to build a platform bed base using laminate flooring.  I was wanting to get rid of the old out of date but still loved by our sons water bed.  I kept it around years longer then I should but he loved it when he came to visit.

But I was ready to make the room more versatile and modern.  The room has some uniqueness making it a little awkward.  I finally figured out a plan and got busy creating something amazing.

Deciding Where to Put the Platform Bed

The bedroom has 3 doors and a window.  To complicate things the window isn’t centered in the wall.  Making my original plan not doable.  There is the door to enter the room, the door to the jack and jill bathroom and the door to the closet.  Leaving only two walls able to fit a twin and double bed.  

To be honest there was only one wall that would work and it was my last choice but I guess thats better then no choice.

Where to Position the Beds

This took a little figuring.  The first wall I wanted to put them against didn’t work because one of the beds would have stuck out into the doorway leading to the bathroom.  Which is not a great look.  So I settled on the only wall that would work.  The wall with the window. 

The room has a gorgeous wood plank accent wall but that wall has two doors so there was no way to situate the full and twin beds.  So the plank wall gets to be enjoyed from across the room.  You can check out the steps I took to create the wood plank wall here.  

You would think that putting the beds on the wall with the window would be an easy solution but the window isn’t centered in the wall.  It is also tall and narrow so I needed to keep that in mind with my design. 

After measuring and looking I decided it would be ok with a few adjustments to our original plan.  The off center window has plantation shutters on it so I wanted to keep the beds below the bottom of the window so we could still open the shutters if necessary. 

Supply List for the Twin and Double Platform Bed Base

We built the base for the twin bed 39″ x 76″ and used plywood that we had ripped at Home Depot.  The full bed base was 55″ x 76″.  To make it look amazing we purchased laminate flooring to wrap the base and onto the top.

This is everything we purchased to build the bed bases for the twin and full sized bed.

shop home depot

shop home depot

Ripping the Plywood for the Frame and Braces

We had the plywood ripped at Home Depot for ease of hauling and building.  My husband and I had the ability to rip the plywood at home but the Home Depot saw is much bigger.  It was a lot easier to have them cut the big sheets of plywood.  We had planned a head of time and figured out the cuts to make the most of each sheet of plywood.  

For the twin bed we needed

  • 2 pieces 13 1/2″ x 76″ for the sides
  • 2 pieces 13 1/2″ x 38″ for the ends
  • 3 pieces 13 1/2″ x 38″ for the supports in the middle

For the full / double bed we needed

  • 2 pieces 13 1/2″ x 76″ for the sides
  • 2 pieces 13 1/2 x 54″ for the ends
  • 3 pieces 13 1/2″ x 54″ for the supports in the middle

shop home depot

Ripping the Plywood for the Tops

We purchased a thinner plywood for the tops that had one finished side to make it a little nicer for the mattress to sit on.

For the twin bed we ripped a piece of plywood to the needed size 39″ x 76″

The piece we ripped off was exactly what we needed to add to the full bed.  Cutting the end off at home to the proper length.

shop home depot

Getting everything cut at Home Depot saved us a boat load of time and work.  Because we arrived home with everything cut we were able to get right to work building our frames.


Building the Frame for the Platform Bed

Because we had all the pieces cut to size before we got home the putting it together was super easy.  The hardest part was making sure it was square.  Using a framing square is really helpful in checking as you go along.  You will want to make sure everything is square and level.   It makes it so much easier when it comes to adding the laminate.


We used the wood glue on all the edges for added strength and then nailed it all together.

After we built the frame we added 3 brace pieces on the inside.  Gluing and nailing them in place.  We put the first piece in the center then put a piece between the center and end pieces on both sides.

Add the Top to the Platform Bed Base

This was pretty simple because we had the top 1/4″ one sided panel ripped to size at Home Depot.  The twin bed was the exact size so it was a matter of glue and nails.  

For the full sized bed it required a full piece of plywood panel plus the piece we had ripped off the twin.  

diy project

diy project

The Finishing Touch Adding the Laminate

I decided to finish the platform bed with laminate flooring for a unique, rustic and elegant look.

This step was a little trickier then I expected. I thought we’d be able to throw it on quickly.  But the uneven garage floor played a part in getting it on straight.  We assumed the floor was level enough but it was off just enough causing issues with making it match up as it should.

diy project

After some frustration we put some scraps of plywood under the bed as we tried for a second time to get the laminate flooring on.  We also thought it was a good idea to do the bottom piece all the way around the bed then start on the second level.  It wasn’t our best idea.  We ended up taking it off and working our way around the bed finishing each side as we went.  We worked on one end then started onto the side of the bed, connecting it with 45 degree cuts.

The second bed went together so much faster because we learned from our mistakes.

Wrap the Laminate around the Top of the Bed

I decided to wrap the final piece of laminate on the top of the bed because I knew it would be seen a little.  It was an easy way to finish the laminate on the bed base.  

diy project

My husband cut the top piece on a 45 degree then matched it as we applied the laminate flooring to the bed base.  It made it look like the flooring was wrapped up the side to the top of the bed.  

This was my favorite part of the project.  Because I wasn’t planning to have the bedding hang over the bed base I needed to have a finished edge for the mattress to sit on.  You will see some of the bed base under the mattress so I wanted it to look finished and elegant.

diy project

The Finished Platform Bed Base with Laminate Flooring

I am loving the beautiful bed base we built using laminate flooring.  It looks amazing in our space and will be the perfect for the bedroom.  These beds will be fun for the grand babies and give us extra space for guests.

The beds look elegant and a little rustic.  They were an inexpensive way to change out what we had in the room.  

diy platform bed

diy platform bed

We built the twin and full platform bed bases for $240.  

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