How Do I Make My Hallway Look Pretty and Welcoming?

How do I make my hallway look pretty and welcoming? It took me awhile to decide how to decorate this space. Unlike some hallways that are long and skinny this space is more square. It’s too big to leave empty but too small to serve any purpose other then to look pretty.

I was up for the challenge of finding decor and furniture that would fit the space and look amazing.

How I Made my Hallway Look Pretty with Shiplap Ceiling and Crown Moulding

Our entry has beautiful shiplap ceiling and crown moulding in the tray ceiling. This back hallway starts at the entry and can be seen from our office. After the walls were shiplapped I one day decided I wanted it to match the entry ceiling.

We did have a couple of obstacles to work around but it was going to look amazing. The chandelier light and return air vent were not going to be that trick to manage so we decided to make it happen. Check it our HERE.

Shiplap and baseboard crown moulding

I was so pleased with the way it all turned out. The flow from one space to the next is much better and it looks so pretty.

What Decor to Use so the Hallway Looks Pretty and Welcoming

This portion of the hallway is a little more unique because it more square then rectangle. It is a bit of wasted space because you wouldn’t use it for anything besides a walk through.

I wanted to make it a little more cohesive with the rest of our home. I’m loving large signs right now. I decided I wanted to find some signs that would represent the way I feel about my family and also fill the space.

After some looking on Etsy I purchased a printable, got them printed at our local Office Max and then made frames for them. It required a little more work but the cost was a lot less. The end result was amazing.

Monte built the frames for me. I was needing three for the printables I choose.

Monte building the frames

I gave the finished frame a quick coat of Annie Sloan dark wax. I love the ease of this product. It goes on so nice, the color is amazing and makes the wood feel so soft.

Using the Annie Sloan Wax for the perfect finish

Because I wasn’t using glass in the frames I used Krylon matte finishing spay, that I picked up at Walmart just to protect the paper a little. I I don’t think it will last forever but it will help. When you create something that doesn’t cost a lot its easier to justify changing things. After the wax set we glued and nailed the sealed sign to the frame.

Adding a Matte Finish to the print

Attaching it to the frames

Because the space was large I was so excited to have it filled with this perfect for our family signs.

The perfect signs for the space

Attaching the Signs to the Shiplap Wall

Since we had just installed this gorgeous shiplap I didn’t want to nail anything to it. Patching drywall is easier then patching wood. I also know that keeping pictures and signs square can be a bit of a nightmare. These signs are light so we decided to use velcro command strips on the back of the signs and wall to keep them in place. It was a great way to keep them from moving and wont damage the walls.

Command picture hanging strips were perfect for this project

These command picture handing strips can be found everywhere. Heres some at Walmart.

Attaching the command strips

Hanging square and secure

I am loving these signs. They are perfect for our home and this space.

Key Decor Pieces

The final pieces to this space was some furniture. It’s not big enough to serve a purpose but too large to leave empty I decided to make it a focal point with a vintage door and chair.

Both of these pieces are pretty special. My mom salvaged the chair from someones junk pile because she knew it was a chair from the church she was married in.

It was a super small church that was turned into a house. The owner was tossing it out because it was broken. It is missing a piece. But I love the intricate detail and knowing this chair was used in the church that my mom attended and that my parents were married in is worth keeping even with a piece missing.

I also love this gorgeous door. It doesn’t have any sentimental value like the chair but I’ve had it for several years. I found it in an old junk yard.

It did have windows down the whole door but I wanted to cover up the bottom ones just for a more unique look.

I love both of these pieces together and am excited to have a space to display them. Even if the space can’t be used for anything other then pretty decor I love having it so I can enjoy this door and chair together.

Love the unique prettiness to the vintage chair and door.

A Run Down of the Decor Pieces

To get the look I was after I took some time to find a printable sign that I could use in this space. I wanted something that fit out family but also filled the wall. Having something too small would look out of proportion and off so I made sure I was able to print it large enough that it would fill the space and still look amazing.

By adding the door and chair it does give guests a place to sit and take off their shoes but it’s mostly just for looks. It adds to the space but doesn’t take from the function.

Decor to the Door

I love beautiful decor. It’s not always easy to find seasonal pieces that work well together. I have a store that will ship seasonal decor for your home. Without running from store to store a unique collection of seasonal decor will arrive at your home and be perfect for your entry table, mantle, island tray or centerpiece. It will save you so much precious time. Check it our HERE.



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