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Can you believe it’s the beginning of a new year?  To celebrate the arrival of 2023 let’s look back at the 2022 home DIY projects on a budget.

Not all do-it-yourself projects need to be major overhauls.  The large ones make a big impact but the smaller budget-friendly projects make a big difference as well.

Furniture Updates

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to update your home is refinishing furniture.  It can be an old piece you’ve had for years that needs an update or a quality piece you find at Goodwill.  Painting furniture is a little easier than staining because it requires less prep but they’re both great ways to update your home.

This year I’ve done some of each.  Painted dressers and nightstands and also stripped and stained nightstands that are good quality pieces but now look even more amazing.

This dresser makeover changed the look and feel of the room.  Check it out Here. It was a dresser we’ve had for years but was still in great shape so updating it made perfect sense.  The top was solid wood so I was able to stain it and then paint the remainder of the dresser.  To finish it off change out the hardware.  Changing the hardware is the easiest way to change up your furniture even if you don’t want to paint or stain.

dresser update

The next piece of furniture I updated on a budget was a Goodwill nightstand.  Cleaning, sanding, and painting created a modern piece that looks amazing in our guest bedroom. These solid wood pieces went from dated to timeless pieces.  Check it out Here.

update furniture

I also updated our main bedroom nightstands.  This was the biggest furniture project we did this year.  Because I wanted to stain them a more modern color it required a lot of stripping and sanding.   I loved the size of the nightstands so refinishing them was the ticket to getting exactly what i was wanting.  This changed the look of our bedroom.  Check the update here.

furniture updates

Accent Wall on a Budget

Adding an accent wall to your space is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to update your home.  A perfect home DIY project on a budget.  I was wanting to change the look of our guest bedroom so I removed the existing wood wall and created something more modern.

This was a very inexpensive and easy project that took very little time.  You can see the transformation Here.

budget accent wall

Shiplap is a fun project.  It can look very farmhouse or can be painted dark colors for a more modern look.  Here are all the places we’ve added shiplap in our home.

The shiplap was added a couple of years ago but  I was ready to update it.  This home do-it-yourself project was very budget-conscious because all it required was paint to create a whole new look.  The shiplap on the wall and ceiling was painted a dark moody color for a beautiful modern look.  If you want to try your hand at do-it-yourself projects paint is the perfect place to start.  If you’ve never tried painting and need a starting point I’ve created a FREE digital download with a list of my favorite products needed to start a painting project.  Everything is linked for shopping ease.

shiplap, modern

paint shiplap

Build Your Own Furniture

Another home DIY project on a budget is to build your own furniture.  Building your furniture takes more time than buying obviously but you can create exactly what you need.  It is rewarding to see something you’ve built with your own hands.  It also saves you money because it’s less expensive to build than buy furniture.

For our main bedroom, we built a bench for the foot of our bed and a coordinating desk that is the perfect size and style for the space.  You can see the building process here and here.

bench, build your own

build your own desk

Stretch your Budget with Paint

My favorite way to stretch the DIY project budget and change up the look of a room is with paint.  Whether you’re adding color, creating a monochromatic look, or adding a bold accent wall paint is an inexpensive way to change the look of a space.

paint a room

I’ve created a free download with a list of everything you need to paint your bedroom like a pro.  You can grab the free PDF here.  It has clickable links for easy shopping

This year I’ve painted some rooms to create a monochromatic look.  I am loving the update to the rooms, creating a brighter space.  Paint is the easiest way to update your home because it takes very little money and not much time.

monochromatic paint

Small But Stunning Budget Friendly Projects

Sometimes the small projects make the biggest difference. If you need to get out of a rut and be creative these quick and easy-to-do projects are just what you need to fill the creative hole.  

My favorite new thing I’ve tried this year is the baking powder paint on glass bowls or vases to make them look like gorgeous pieces of pottery.  Both of the pieces I did were purchased at Goodwill.  So very budget-friendly with beautiful results.  They were less than $5 a piece because I used paint I had on hand and baking powder in my cupboard.  

diy project

budget projects

DIY Projects on a Budget

I tried something I’ve never done before and loved the results.  I purchased fabric paint and painted the cushions on my patio furniture.  The results are wow and worth the effort.  An inexpensive way to update your patio furniture.  The Rustoleum Outdoor Fabric paint was easy to use and the results were amazing.  Here’s a link to the paint, with a variety of colors. The cushions are still old but they have new life breathed into them.  

patio update

Our mantel is a gorgeous piece my husband built a few years ago.  I had used a dark wax on it but was now ready to lighten it up.  To change up the look I sanded and refinished it for a more modern look that I love.  

mantel update

The final project of 2022 was a simple shelf.  Adding depth and character to the space.

modern shelf

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