Furniture Makeover Ideas Before and After

There are many ways to cultivate your home. One way is to be creative and do projects around the house. Money can sometimes play a part in why we do projects but it is also a fun and creative outlet. Great projects for those who are budget-conscious are furniture makeovers. If you have a desire to update your home but don’t want to replace all your furniture you can make beautiful pieces by making over what you have or with great second-hand finds.

Nightstand Updates

A nightstand is a great starter project. It doesn’t take a lot of time but you can achieve great results doing a weekend project.

There are a couple of options to update your nightstand. Update what you have or go to a second-hand store to find some good quality pieces needing a little facelift. Make sure the pieces you find are sturdy with good bones.

Finding matching nightstands on two different trips to a second store was pretty lucky. The first one was purchased for a guest bedroom. When we went looking for a matching set a few months later we hit the jackpot. There wasn’t a matching set but there was a match to a nightstand found a few weeks earlier. When you buy second hand they will require some cleaning, then sanding, then painting. The tops were sanded to the raw wood so they could stained. The body was also sanded but since they were going to be painted it didn’t have to be down to the raw wood.

The second-hand nightstand was less than $30. It was good quality and a great size and shape. It is amazing what a little paint, stain, and new pulls will do for a worn-out tired furniture piece. If you are an avid DIYer you will probably have the paint and stain on hand. Adding new pulls completed the transformation. With just a little work it became a beautiful modern farmhouse nightstand.

When the matching nightstand was found plus another great piece the same refinishing techniques were used to create more beautiful pieces. Modern farmhouse nightstands that look like high-end quality pieces.

The nightstands in our primary bedroom are beautiful pieces but a little dated, no longer matching the aesthetics of our home. To get the look I was after it required some stripping, sanding, sanding, and more sanding. Getting them to the raw wood so they could be stained for a modern look. It was a process but they turned out so beautifully. A fresh new look without having to purchase something new. Yes, going out and purchasing something new is easier but there is a lot of satisfaction in the creation process. Creating something beautiful, something different, and something that can continue to be enjoyed.

Our primary bedroom is a large space so the larger nightstands were the perfect size but the shiny dark stain made them feel dated. Keeping the black countertops did make the makeover a little easier. Black is one of the grounding colors in our home. Many of my furniture pieces are a beautiful black. The hope was if I stripped the stain, and sanded it to the raw wood they would look so pretty enough for a light stain. The easiest part of this project was protecting the top thanks to the plastic and painter’s tape.

Because these nightstands were stained, getting them to the raw wood took some time but it was worth it in the end. Removing paint is a lot easier than removing stains. The stain goes into the wood a little more than the paint. It is doable but takes a little longer to get the results needed for a beautiful new finish.

Updated Office Furniture

After finding a piece of gorgeous well-constructed office furniture on OfferUp that served us well it was time to make it more modern.

Before starting this BIG project there was a lot of time thinking about the project. Deciding how it was going to work and the steps I needed to take to get the results I envisioned.

The start of this project was taking embellishments off the unit. Removing doors, iron accents, and more. Separating the desk from the hutch unit was tricky. Some things needed to be figured out on the fly.

The thing that made this project doable was using my project planner worksheet. You can get your free project planner worksheet here. You can get the project planner here. It is FREE and a big help when you have a big project to tackle. There were a lot of steps to amazing results. Plus figuring out a few surprises as we went.

Before the sanding and staining, there was some deconstructing that needed to happen. Once it was stripped down with clean modern lines it was time to get sanding so it could be painted. There were a lot of unknowns with the desk, taking it from an attached piece to free-standing came with some challenges. Part of the fun of being a DIYer is figuring things out as you go.

The biggest concern was getting a strong finish that wouldn’t scratch or chip. Taking the time and doing it right ensures beautiful results. Do your research, use the right products, and don’t rush or skip steps. Here are the products used to sand, prep, and paint the hutch.

For more in-depth directions to this office furniture makeover check it out here.

Can you believe these are the same pieces? Removing all the ornate pieces, new hardware and modern metal legs for the desk make this piece a showstopper. Decisions were made on the go but the way it turned out is even better than envisioned.

Dresser Updates

Like a nightstand, a dresser is also a great starter piece. It is just a nightstand but bigger. A top, two sides with drawers on the front. Updating your dresser will change the way a room looks and feels without a huge investment of time or money. This project can be done over a weekend or spaced out over a few days as you find the time to do it. Painting a dresser isn’t too tricky because of the smooth sides and flat drawers.

A paint-stain combination on a dresser or nightstand is really pretty. Updating your furniture will update your space. Like all pieces you want to update, if they are good quality pieces they are going to look even better when it’s done.

You can get as creative as you’d like with the paint and stain colors. Use colors that match the aesthetics and style of your home. A curated home flows from room to room. Not an exact match but a seamless flow.

Table and Chairs Makeover

What do you do when you have a quality piece, that fits the space perfectly but no longer has the finish you love? You have two choices, you can either sell, donate, or give it away and find a new piece or tackle a big DIY project.

When you feel like there is more time than money or you love being creative you choose that latter. The table and chair project can be intimidating. Chairs that don’t chip and a tabletop that holds up to meals with the family.

To get a beautiful finish there would be a lot of prep. The biggest part of the prep was stripping and sanding. Choosing to stain the chairs and table required them to be sanded to the raw wood which was time-consuming because of the original finish.

Stripping and sanding all the chairs and table took a few days. When they were finally sanded it was time to remove all the sawdust so they would end up with a beautiful finish. Blowing them off with an air hose was the first step, then brushing them with a wire brush to remove all the particles of sawdust in the grain of the wood. Then wipe them with a tack cloth and damp lint-free cloth.

They are now ready to stain. A beautiful black stain was used on the chairs and table legs. A light matte finish to the tabletop gives it a modern updated look.

Was it worth it? YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! The updated look has changed the look of our dining / eat-in kitchen for a fraction of the cost of buying a new piece. This project took a lot of work and time but the results made it worth the time and energy.

Before and After

When you love a lot of things about a piece of furniture but are no longer loving the look of the piece it is the perfect piece to makeover. Planning and doing the research will make your projects so much easier. They are a lot of work but the pride that comes with a beautiful transformation makes it worth all the work you put into it.

If you’re a little nervous about a furniture makeover start small, like a nightstand or dresser. Be brave and know that you can fix things if it doesn’t work out exactly the way you expected.

Supplies to Get Beautiful Results



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