Framing the Windows

I love working with wood and using wood to embellish a space. Our previous home was a two story home surrounded by two story homes. Each of our windows had venetian blinds that were installed before we moved in. We negotiated the blinds with our home purchase. Living in Arizona blinds are a necessity. They keep the sun out in the summer months and also provide privacy. Privacy is necessary if you’re surrounded by two story homes.

When Monte and I were deciding if we wanted to move and downsize one component to our decision was I wanted a single level home. So we started looking through show homes. I didn’t walk through any two stories because I was 100% sure we were going to be single level home owners.

I was super excited to find a home we loved and would be perfect for our family. The location was great and the lot size was favorable. The developer had single level and two story options. I begged the realtor at the model homes to not sell any two story homes around us so we didn’t feel like we were living in a fish bowl. That wasn’t something she had control over but would do her best to encourage and maybe persuade buyers to a different lot.

Surrounded by single level homes

We picked an available lot that had single level homes being built on each side. We held out hope the homes behind us would also be single level. I was thrilled when all the lots were purchased by single level home owners.

Curtain Free

Big beautiful windows that don’t need to be covered by blinds and curtains make me happy. Curtains and blinds are a necessity in some areas of our home but in big open living spaces I love the freedom of not covering the windows especially if you don’t need them for privacy.

The windows in our kitchen dinning and living area don’t need window coverings. They are beautiful large windows that I love. We don’t have sun shining in except one window for a short amount of time in the late afternoon. With high cinderblock fences and no two story homes next door we don’t need to worry about privacy.

The master bedroom is also at the back of the house facing north. The window in the master bedroom is big and beautiful and over looks our amazing backyard. The view is so beautiful that I don’t want to hide it.

I decided to trim out our windows to make them look amazing without covering them with blinds and curtains. I wanted to make and create trim for the windows on the sides, header and seal and frame it beautifully. We made our trip to home depot and got the supplies we need. I explained my vision to Monte and he got to work.


I had to go to my job so I left him home trimming windows. It was such a treat to make it home and see how much he was able to get done.

framing the windows
framing the windows

He knocked it out of the park. Monte created this ‘tool’ to help simplify the installation. He started by framing the sides, header and seal. Then Monte used his handy ‘tool’ / ‘gadget’ to install the framing. He was able to butt up to the gadget he made and nail everything in place. It saved him so much time because the measuring was already done. It helps place the trim pieces while nailing. Monte is so talented and is awesome at figuring things out.

framing the windows
framing the windows

I am so happy with the finished project. They windows looks so open and finished. I just noticed in this picture you can see the empty pool. We are in the process of emptying the pool giving it a thorough cleaning then refilling it for the warm weather that will be arriving soon. I was also going to clean the outside windows before I wrote this post but we got held up dealing with the pool. So please ignore the bird splat on the outside of our dirty windows.

framing the windows

Master Bedroom

We did the same treatment in our bedroom There is a large window overlooking the back yard and two smaller windows on the wall where our bed sits. We followed the same process and created the same framing through out the house. I decided to use 3 1/2 inch trim to create the frame and leave a ledge on the window seal. We also extended it past the framing just a little and wrapped the seal. I also had Monte extend the framing on the top of the window. It added some interesting dimension.

framing the windows
framing the windows

Working around the blinds

There are a few windows in our home that do require blinds. Those windows are in the bathroom. We decided not to wrap the interior of the window because they are deeper then the other windows. Pretty sure it must have something to do with the plumbing on the outside walls. Monte installed the blinds to the small bathroom window and framed around the window.

framing the windows

This project required the same finishing as other wood projects. I gave all the wood one coat of paint before Monte started installing. After it was installed I used a sanding block to smooth the rough patches. Monte caulked the seams and nail holes then I gave it a final coat of paint.

Window treatments

Curtains are a beautiful window treatment. For whatever reason I struggle with fabric. I am not great at choosing curtains or fabric to make curtains. When I have purchased curtains I’m not happy with my choice. There are beautiful custom window coverings but I’m not willing to invest in them. One day I may get to the point of hiring someone to make me beautiful window treatments. At this stage of life I love the open windows and their beautiful trim.

I am so happy with the finished product. I love looking out in our back yard. We live in a beautiful area where we have green grass year round and sunshine all the time.

This project went smoothly. Once I decided on the design Monte was able to rock and roll through the windows. We framed five large windows and 5 smaller windows for only $300.

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