Fall to Christmas Decor Ideas for your Home

It’s that magical time of year, the stores are filled with decor and we anxiously await one holiday after another.  So many beautiful decor options, it’s my favorite shopping time.  I love having a more minimalistic home with decor but I also love decorating for the holidays.  Here are some Fall to Christmas Decor Ideas for your Home that will help you create the magic without taking all your time and money.

The Prime Decorating Seasons

As soon as the calendar turns to September it is time to start decorating for these fun holiday seasons.  I start thinking about things before September.  I love that the stores start getting fall decor on their shelves early in the Summer.  It does feel weird to be 110° outside and seeing pumpkins lining the shelves at my favorite stores.  Walking around the aisles filled with pumpkin and foliage is how I enjoy spending a hot summer day.  

Being inspired but the new things arriving and falling back in love with all the pumpkins and fall colors.  

Creating an Island Tray

Creating a seasonal tray is the quickest, easiest and cost effective way to add seasonal decor to your home.  A unique and fun way to go from Fall to Christmas decor in your home without having to change everything.  

As soon as September arrives I pick a theme and create a tray for my island.  One of my favorite for September is apple picking.  It is prime apple picking season so creating a beautiful apple tray is so fun.  Using different colors and textures creates a warm and welcoming tray.

You could also create a tiered tray celebrating fall and the harvest.


Then when I’m ready to switch to Halloween it only takes a few minutes to switch from apple picking to Halloween.  Using a white dough bowl to tie the Halloween colors together.


I have a variety of trays that I like to use, depending on the season and color.  For Halloween I like to bring out my white dough bowl so it matches the Halloween colors of black and white.

After Halloween I like to bring in a little more fall with Thanksgiving.  Creating a perfect tray for your Thanksgiving appetizer set up.  

For Christmas I do decorate more than the other seasons.  You can create a winter wonderland with snow covered houses and tress or I have a beautiful metal tiered tray that looks so good with my Santa mugs. This is my favorite theme for Christmas. Creating a beautiful Hot Cocoa station.  Not only is it yummy it looks so unique and cute.

Here are some affiliate links to trays that I love and you can get delivered to your door.  Check them out Here, Here and Here.  I love playing with shape, textures and sizes.  Can you ever have too many trays?

If styling a tiered tray seems overwhelming or difficult.  Check out this blog post I wrote, you will have the confidence to decorate your first tiered tray. 

A Beautiful Seasonal Mantel

Another space in your home that is easy to decorate and change out season after season is your mantel.  I have a large tv and fireplace built in with a large mantel that is perfect for fall foliage, Halloween pumpkins and Christmas greens.

Sometimes having a large space makes it a little trickier to decorate but as you work with your space you learn how much decor you are going to need.  So when you’re shopping your home or stores you will know how much decor you need. You can also keep it super simple, you just don’t want to be in between simple and beautifully decorated.  

I love my fall mantel with wood bark leaves, natural beads, pumpkins and fall foliage.  A nice neutral color pallet.

A simple and easy way to decorate for the holidays.  This doesn’t take a lot of time to change and is a simple way to add a little seasonal decor to your home.

Changing your mantel from fall to Christmas decorating doesn’t take a lot of time which I love.  It also requires a more minimal amount of decor so you don’t have to deal with as much storage. 

I love having a loose theme to my seasonal decorating.  This year I had a bell theme.   Using Christmas greens, adding lights, Christmas berries and beautiful bells created a gorgeous Christmas Mantel.

You can grab some gorgeous similar large Christmas bells at this affiliate link Here.

A Gorgeous Holiday Entryway Table

If you have an entryway table it is a simple way to decorate for the holidays.  If you don’t have an island but you have an entryway table you can create a little vignette with holiday decorating.  

Check out this gorgeous pottery vase at the affiliate link Here.  There are so many options when you have beautiful pieces.

For Christmas I like to add more decor to my entryway table.  So I do remove a lot of the everyday pieces and create a beautiful Christmas welcome to my home.

For Christmas you can never have too many lights.  Sitting with the sparkle of the Christmas lights feels magical no matter your age.  

There are so many farmhouse Christmas signs available.  I love these ones that you can have delivered to your door with my affiliate links Here, Here and Here.

Shop Decor to the Door

If you need a little help finding cute and unique Holiday decor check out my shop Decor to the Door.  There are so many cute pieces.  You can use them with your tray decorating, on your mantel or even your entryway table.  No running from store to store trying to find something perfect for your home.  They are all ready and ship and will delivered to your door.  Shop Decor to the Door.   You will be able to go from Fall to Christmas Decor in no time and create a beautiful home.

This post contains affiliate links.  If you shop from my blog, I may be compensated for clicks or purchases that you make.  

Read my disclaimer page for more information.

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