Fall Decorating Ideas for your Home 2022

It is my favorite time of year.  Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  They are all fun decor seasons.  Here are some fall decorating ideas for your home 2022.  You will be on trend and create a special experience in your home.  Creating a home you will enjoy through out the holidays.  

Simple and Clean

Let me explain.  If you have a huge home and an unlimited budget and holiday decorating is your thing.  Then go for it.  Go all out and create something amazing.  Even if it takes your weeks to decorate, if that is what you love, I love experiencing it by seeing what you have created.

I do not have an enormous home with an unlimited budget but I like to decorate for the seasons.  But I also like to keep it simple and clean.  What that means is I bring in a few key pieces and have a few areas that I add seasonal decor.  My home definitely looks like it is decorated for the seasons but it doesn’t look like I’ve been taken over by pumpkins, leaves and twigs.  Creating the perfect balance is personal and gets to be what you love.  I love simple and clean so that is what I do, but I enjoy others homes who go all out.  

My First Change …. Drum Roll Please … Fall Soaps

This is so easy and my favorite way to bring in the fall season.  Changing all the soaps in my home to Fall scents.  I love it so much.  Even if it’s still 100°  outside.  

Something about smelling the fall scents when I wash my hands makes my heart beat faster and makes me smile.  If they are in pretty bottles even better.  

fall soaps

I am one of those people who love EVERYTHING pumpkin in the fall months.  It really makes me happy.  I love to smell it and eat it in all the things.  Check out these adorable soaps Here.  Available at Amazon (affiliate link).  Bringing in fall scents carries me quickly into the season.  

Pillows and Throws

Changing your pillows and throws for fall is one of the easiest ways to decorate your home in 2022.  You don’t need to add pillows covered in pumpkins or corn stalks but fall colors make a huge difference.  Look for textures and a variety of fall colors you love. 

fall pillows


These beautiful burnt orange pillows are perfect for fall.  They would even work with Halloween and Thanksgiving Decorating.  Keeping things simple and clean in your decorating makes everything easier.  Grab the link to these pillow covers Here. (affiliated link)

For the Love of Neutrals 

I love many colors but I really like to keep things neutral.  I’ve seen beautifully decorated homes that are filled with pink or orange holiday decor.  It looks fine but that is not my style or taste.  I like keeping things more neutral and adding hints of color if I find something I love.  Fall is all about the browns, red,  yellows and oranges.  I am not a huge yellow person so I don’t incorporate that into my home decorating.  I have found keeping the base design and color in my home more neutral works best for me all year long.  Then adding seasonal colors if I want to make my home ready for Fall.  

Fun Farmhouse Signs

I love a cute farmhouse sign.  There are so many options for fall.  You can make your own, look on Etsy if you want to get crafty or find something super cute on Amazon. 

fall signsThis cute farmhouse sign is simple, clean and is interchangeable.  You can make a single investment and have something for all year.  Check out the Amazon affiliate link Here.  

Seasonal Tray Decorating

My favorite fall decorating ideas for your home in 2022 is tray decorating.  A simple way to create something unique, makes you feel like you’re ready for the holidays and have something beautiful to enjoy.  It is also a simple way to keep it all contained.  

fall tray

My biggest tip is stick with a theme, use items you already have so you don’t feel like you need to purchase a lot of stuff.  Unless you want to have a fun shopping trip.  This fall tray has a cute apple theme.  I’ve included a variety of textures.  Woods, faux fruit, faux greenery, metals and a wood bowl candle. 

Having a variety of textures create intrigue and gives you a beautiful finished product.  Another key to a beautiful tray is to add a variety or heights.  Low and high keeps it interesting. 

If you’d like some help decorating your tiered tray check out this post giving you all the tips and tricks you’ll need to create a beautiful tray.  

Pumpkins, Pumpkins and More Pumpkins

You really can’t decorate for the fall without incorporating pumpkins.  They come in so many shapes, colors and sizes.  

I love beautiful white pumpkins or the muted misshapen ones for my decorating.  Sometimes the bigger the better but you can also replace candles on your candle holders with smaller pumpkins.  

Don’t be afraid to paint your faux pumpkins.  If you have a tub filled with orange ones, you can easily paint them to a more neutral color if you would like, that will coordinate in your home.  You can be so creative because there are so many options in the world of decor.  

I absolutely love these beautiful fabric pumpkins from Amazon.  (affiliated link)

faux pumpkins

Shop Decor to the Door

Did you know my shop Decor to the Door has adorable Fall and everyday decor ready to ship to your home.  It will take the guess work out of pulling it all together.  Decor to the Door offers you unique high quality options that you will not find in the big box store. 

fall decor

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